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  1. ate that acid this morning. was feeling a little apprehensive about it last night so i only took one hit instead of both, kinda glad i did in retrospect. tripped as hard as i wanted to. was a serious one this time. like it was fun and funny for like the first hour and then it got kinda intense and super introspective. first time tripping alone. paced around constantly. took a few pages of notes. listened to Geogaddi on the come up, really started feeling it around Alpha and Omega, and completely forgot about the "yellow" and it really caught me off guard and made me laugh my ass off. The hypnotist voice during The Devil is in the Details was making me laugh too, like it just seemed really over the top at the time. Really beautiful record though, was a good peaceful start despite all the dark ominous stuff in it. listened to syro and most of quaristice too. syro has so much like, crazy wriggling shit in it, was really digging it. quaristice sounded completely alien. like in a good way. like "wow, people made music that sounds like this. how???" after that i played a little piano
  2. this saturday when i wake up im gonna sit a couple of hits of acid under my tongue, wait about 30 minutes and then go sit on my back porch and listen to Geogaddi. im sure im gonna listen to a bunch of other stuff throughout the day but that's how im gonna start it and i cant wait
  3. if SIGN doesnt have any lowride-style piano samples im going to be sorely disappointed
  4. lol yeah it's practically pop music. which i think is why i prefer it over amber so much, cuz it's a little cheesy but at least it's catchy and accessible, and sometimes really beautiful (444). Amber is just kind of uninteresting imo...
  5. i feel like as far as the mainline albums go, Incunabula and Amber are the only ones that sound in any way dated. Amber sounds like the early 90s, but starting with Tri Repetae it just sounds like Autechre to me
  6. lol a1-d1 and skull snap are silly but fun. i like em. and saying any of the quaristice and oversteps material represents a slump is really odd to me idk...
  7. lol i think broken home is a pretty good track...
  8. i remember the pitchfork review of this being basically "this sucks, who the fuck has four CD players?" lol. which i mean, yeah
  9. eh its alright honestly the bird whistle sound is kind of grating
  10. yah no play for me......keep getting slo bird whistle instead
  11. the md strider port is so janky lol...prolly was amazing at the time though
  12. is this LP's title and its companion LP/EP/whatever going to be another dumb sean/rob pun
  13. NTS Sessions is about as literal as it gets
  14. im so fuckin hype. this is the next level shit. new post-exai/elseq/nts system thing, built from the ground up....
  15. column thirteen really clicking for me rn
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