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  1. Let's all be rompis (this is actually the most rompis forum ever existed)
  2. Krem

    170871 50

  3. Everyone knows it's Robocop doing vocals ?
  4. Krem

    Syro on acid

    Released: 20 Jul 2018 Nina Kraviz's TRIP presents Don't Mess With Cupid, 'Cause Cupid Ain't Stupid, a double 12" compilation featuring AFX under the Universal Indicator alias with 15 c7 is pure Rephlex acid techno of the mid 90s variety. Loaded up with uncertified bangers from the extended TRIP family, alongside AFX there are tracks from PTU, Bjarki, Pilldriver, Shadowax, Roma Zuckerman, Exos, DEKA and of course, Nina Kraviz herself. ' Uh, old news...
  5. Was scrolling the bleep site when the layout suddenly changed
  6. As Indulin mentioned over here ^ daddy 5d a1 ! your 5 hours behind uk. I would like to go back to NY, not been there for so long, I bet it's quite different. Looking at some gigs there in April after coachella which im pretty sure is on now. Shelly 5d a2 ! Hi Rich!! I live a few hours outside the city and it's not expensive here, and no I'm not rich haha although one day if i ever finish school i hope to be:) or rich for me anyway. *when* i finish school… so your playing coachella!! Was i the first person who knew?!?!! Haha jk:) if you come to NY in April I will definitely be there!! OMG daddy 5d a1 ! thank you ironmoon-human. I always felt my brother who died at birth called, the 1st Richard helped me. ha yeah u were the first person i told on't internets. i guess with acid etc your losing your ego and so u get to experience things without the social conditioning, oversimplification I know but these boxes are small !
  7. Footwork in Norwegian is fotronk, and ronk means jerking off. So two stinky, sweaty feet drenched in semen: Nice footwork indeed. Wanna go to Chicago and see som fotronk battles
  8. Can't decide if AFX or Sect Pig is the best 2018 can offer. Both are great for running. Looking forward to running tomorrow in deep, dark forests at flac speed vs 96 speed. And the switch to some eugenics swine speed
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