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  1. St Vincent, Feist, Kwamie Liv, Lisa Hannigan, Agnes Obel, Debbie Harry, Nadine Shah, Ruth Radelet, Hannah Reid, Liz Harris.
  2. TL;DR Was obituaries for IDM-lords dead dads one of the options?
  3. Celebrating the 40th birthday of "Forest" by The Cure, Alva Noto releases a remix12 inch on Bleep and curates an NTS radio The Cure special available in one hour. (Original track is dope, btw.)
  4. 1 hour+ with only(?) new material. https://blanckmass.bandcamp.com/track/live-stream-1-mind-killer
  5. Arca on RYM has three "bootleg/unauthorized from 2020". Probably from the last show? Does anyone know how to get them?
  6. New mix on Arcas Twitch stream in a few hours.
  7. The Trump fuckery has to backfire this time, right?
  8. Out now. First listen is quite promising. It's the right time for happy bell techno IMO.
  9. Fascinating to compare Norwegian and US numbers. Norway has 429 confirmed, almost half the 1039 in the US. Until yesterday the government was pretty sure they tracked all the cases, but now it seems to be out of control. We still have no deaths, while US has 29 confirmed. I wonder how many cases the US really has. 10.000? 100.000?
  10. Max Von Sydow from The Excorcist, Star Wars, GOT, and all those old Bergman-films has passed away at 90.
  11. "It’s compiled from material recorded at various points since the “lost second album”, right up to the present day." Can someone confirm if these tracks are the same as those floating around @ soulseek ten years ago or so?
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