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  1. I know, I know. Just old man yelling at cloud here.
  2. 8 years since TH, and then a comeback with another remix of Pattons half-assed side project Nevermen. Go back to cataloguing the BOCset or make another album, guys. Don't let yourself be treated like prositutes.
  3. Amazing match. Probably no face masks and social distancing at the afterparty in CPH last night. So far Denmark and Italy(!) are the most fun to watch.
  4. It's a tough life. Luckily you have those spong baths in Valentine. 🥰
  5. Late to the party with RDR2 as well. Started two months ago, and with job and family I don't have a lot of spare time, but I have an hour or two now and then, and I just recently completed the story missions. After playing shooters since I was a kid, I've enjoyed more open world history driven games for the last few years. I don't have another game waiting, and I have no hurries finishing this one. I enjoy just being in the Wild West riding around doing sidequests and bountys. A few nights ago I had a few single malts and just roamed around and was ambushed twice at camp and in a forest at night, scaring the hell out of me. It's funny how strange things happen if you decide to travel without any particular goal.
  6. I really enjoy this. I know Phillip Jeck but not Faith Coloccia. Is her solo stuff or as a part of Mamiffer good? Any recommendations?
  7. You shouldn’t be watching this shit, even ironically. 🙄
  8. The problem is not ambient. The problem is bad ambient. For loads of the good stuff: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/52731-ambient-the-megathread/
  9. I took a break after Beaucoup Fish and started listening again when Barbara was released, so I have no idea what 2000-2015 sounds like. If Rah and Lowburn from Barbara are total bangers. Drift was a mixed bag imo, but I suggest buying some glowsticks and a playlist with: -Another silent way -Universe of can when back -Appleshine (Film Edit) -Threat of Rain -Brussels -Soniamode -This must be drum street -Listen to their no -Schipol test -Border country -Give me the room -Appleshine Continuum (the 47 min version)
  10. I hear you marcjday. He releases his annual almost decent X-mas track, and then let people wait seven months for the b-side. And it's a half-assed nine minute dolphin/whale noise ambient track with vocals about dolphins from a nature documentary or something. The last five years I've been listening to his releases thinking "Ok, it's not good, but not...THAT bad?" But then I listen to his 2006-2012 output and it's just something completely different. One of his best ambient pieces? Come on guys. He has a handful of ambient pieces and none of them are particularly good.
  11. Blackdown tracks are bangers. Burial tracks not so much.
  12. Yep. Running Time for the original (a real banger!) was 63:45 so I guess you'll miss around 20 mins. As far as I can remember there was no suitable point for a fade in/out. Will the purchase of the vinyl/digital give you download of the original set, or the new album-fit set?
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