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  1. FK Bodø/Glimt-AS Roma 6-1. Mou is furious!
  2. Far Cry 3,4,5,New Dawn, Primal and Blood Dragons. Waiting for Far Cry 6. Early reviews suggest more of the same, and that sounds perfect to me. Can't wait to explore the world, liberate outposts and do endless sidemissions while delaying those story missions for as long as I can.
  3. Out today. Brilliant. Won’t post track. You need to listen to the whole thing. Fucking brilliant. Possible AOTY after the first listen. HEY WHAT by Low
  4. How TF do one embed youtube vids. Asking for a friend.
  5. Out now. Vinyl and Cassettes already sold out. Home Stories by Hainbach
  6. Promising previews. The track titles though. Sounds like shuffled words from Kirby/Caretaker-titles. "In The Great Pity, I Will Carry The Woman Like A Mud Pony Across The Sky"
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