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  1. 10 year anniversary 3LP version coming up Featuring remixes from Joy Orbison, Floating Points, Caribou, Roska and Jon Hopkins
  2. The new Motorpsycho album is a friggin masterpiece. 84 mins with prog, psyc and metal. Highly recommended.
  3. I don't care much for HoO or Sparkle Division, but this track tickled me the right way. I just want Basinski to put out an album or two with droney loopey stuff every year.
  4. For a 1-0 match, I found it very entertaining. I have no feelings for Bayern, but PSG doesn't deserve anything.
  5. What will be Trumps prefered nickname on twitter? Commie Kamala? Cameltoe Kamala?
  6. Atalanta-PSG Leipzig-Atletico Barcelona-Bayern City-Lyon --- Atletico-PSG City-Bayern --- Atletico-Bayern Right?
  7. I fucking love this thread. I started on top of this last page, and I'm currently at all those lovely mountain albums from David Parsons. Amazing abience, perfect for home office working. Although I'm a bit concerned about my own listening preference changing from more complex and up-tempo music to ambient techno, then to pure ambient and droney stuff, and now mostly sorta new age space ambient. If this continues I guess will listen to whale noises only in a few years.
  8. Ah. Just realized there will be no winner of Ballon d´Or this year.
  9. So Ronaldo/Juve is out. Can't see Barca win against Bayern. So who will win CL, and who will win Ballon d´Or this year?
  10. Temp ban for people who bumps of quotes posts older than a year. I will not be held acountable for things I said in the distant past. It was a differnet time back then. You wouldn't understand.
  11. Mixing of artists with the same name happens on Spotify from time to time.
  12. Hot af. And the only thing that’s not black and strong in my fridge is....red and strong. 9% BA Kriek. Wold kill for a pale ale or even lager.
  13. @Squee I've played the first Dishonored and (new) Wolfenstein, so I sorta know what to expect. I'm not entirely through Doom, but I guess I'm gonna buy eternal at some point. What I find so great about Far Cry is the opportunity to explore, and to some extent choose when to go into battles. Doom is fun but exhausting. A lot of good suggestions. I guess Titanfall and Prey looks most interesting. I've been thinking of Dying Light, but like Doom, I'm not sure if it's good for my blood pressure. It's most about running away from zombies? Generation Zero really looks like somthing I'd enjoy, but the reviews seems really poor.
  14. Need suggestions for what FPS I should play next. -I have no interest in online/co-op gaming. Only singleplayer campaigns. -1st person only. Not a fan of 3rd person games. -Exploration/open world is nice. Some story is nice too. I like Far Cry better than DOOM. I bought a PS4 right before the Corona lockdown, and what I've played so far is Far Cry5/New Dawn (I absolutely love FC), Metro Exodus (ok, but had some flaws), DOOM, COD WW2 (ok, but I've played too many war games). Thinking about Dishonored 2, and the latest Wolfenstein, but I'm open to suggestions.
  15. Grizzly Bear should also be on the list. I've always had one foot in the electronic world and the other in pop/rock, but the indietronic/psychedelic electronic pop fusion thing has never really hit me. I've listened a bit to Animal Collective, but it's really not my cup of tea. Of course it fits the description for the topic. The first album from The XX should also be mentioned, and also the early stuff from Home Video who released a few EPs on Warp, and had a good sorta electronic pop debut album. John Maus and Ariel Pink could also be labelled hipsterindie, or...?
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