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  1. Very good indeed. I haven't really paid much attention to him since his debut, but this is really the music I need right now.
  2. What's wrong with the world today: 1.Climate change 2.Trump 3.People who says the lukewarm dissappointment 1000th window is better than the master piece Mezzanine in any way.
  3. Discussion in subforum. Delete this pls.
  4. Out 26th July on Throttle Records. He dumped Warp? Warp dumped him? Instagram
  5. I feel sorry for the geeks over at Twoism. *chuckles*
  6. Can't be bothered to read the whole thread, but how is this 100+ hours?
  7. I guess it's the best release since Truant/Rough Sleeper (almost 7 years now). So how can it still be meh?
  8. Doctor: Last question. Could you give me an example of simple, fun dance music? Springymajig: Hmmm...I think the Blanck Mass album "World Eater" would fit that description pretty good. Doctor: OK. Good news is that you have a bitchin taste in music. Bad news is that you are definitely on the spectrum.
  9. Good: Plaid, Nivhek, Weyes Blood, The Caretaker, Sharon Van Etten, Fennesz, Jessica Pratt, Aldous Harding, Chemical Brothers OK: The National, Big Thief, Tim Hecker,Nils Frahm, Basinski, Son Volt Meh: Deerhunter, Lambchop
  10. Decent stuff, and certainly better than their last album. But why isn't this thread in the subforum?
  11. Amazing stuff. Perfect for a monday morning.
  12. Post: Tortoise, Swans, Explosions in The Sky, Goodspeed! You Black Emperor, Talk Talk, Stereolab, Mogwai, Sigur Ros. Math: Battles, Daughters, Slint.
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