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  1. I don’t understand why it was inevitable. Was there any bad blood at the end? Sad news. Enjoyed most of their stuff, and I was also quite comfortable with the RAM shift in style.
  2. 94-99. I discovered Ae in 99. This was before file sharing, but I worked at a small indie radio, with (at that time) a massive record archive. I bought myself a MiniDisc-player and copied as much as I could, including whatever warp/rephlex I found. Although I'd gradually moved more and more frm pop and rock into more experimental electronic music, I still remember the feeling walking around in my own bubble listening to what seemed like something genuinely new. I can't remember that feeling ever since. Although I appreciate almost everything they've done, the period from Amber (wasn't much int
  3. Wasn´t there some bad blood between AE and THT after the 03/05-releases? Something about AE not getting paid.
  4. What’s the story behind the «Jazzband» expression?
  5. That messageboard... Twoism fanbois are the IDM-equivalent if Q-anon followers.
  6. Out today. For Dark Ambient fanbois. Samples sounds really good: Boomkat
  7. Perhaps mentioned already, but considering the two party "problem". Seems to me like it's more likely that a third party will grow out of the Democratic Party. That probably means that you'll be stuck with a republican president "for ever"?
  8. Just put on Signs Under Test and enjoy the next hour.
  9. Did not enjoy! Rob&Sean, PLS!
  10. Just remembered that John Maus had a connection to Sam Hyde/Million Dollar Extreme.
  11. So it would be possible to put some of these folks behind bars or ban travelling. Aren't you arguing for the opposite?
  12. @chenGOD Ask your lawyer friends how one can surveil potential terrorists, thus prevent terrorist attacks, but not prevent right wing nuts who openly are planning to get in to the Capitol building with guns. EDIT: A lot of these guys have been arrested before.
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