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  1. Can anyone with stereo knowledge explain the Helsinki incident? Of course you can blow speakers, but systemic meltdown because of Autechres music?
  2. Going over for AE as well. I'm curious if there is still any covid restrictions? Mandatory face masks? Other stuff that's useful to know?
  3. Thanks! The concert is in excactly one month from today, so YouTube it is.
  4. Yeah. The triad is good as well. At first I skipped a lot of the tracks since i prefer my PDP without vocals, but just a few months ago I decided to listen to the whole album, and really "discovered" Chasing Vapour Trails. Excellent track.
  5. So, I've just barely dipped into their pool of music. Now I'm gonna see them live at The Barbican warming up(?) for Autechre. But where can I really dig into their stuff? Are youtube or pirating the only options?
  6. Going to London to see a fotball match. Checking out if there is something happening the day after. AE @ Barbican. Two tickets left. BOOM! Sometimes everything just falls into place.
  7. It's ok, but I don't appreciate the change of style he did with conference of trees. This is more of the same i dunno... new age tribal IDM? This Bliss and Black Noise are just so much better.
  8. A recommended 2022 release: Postcards by Sweatson Klank. Downtempo and ambient with a slight new age touch.
  9. Great stuff. Back to the Blade Runner soundscapes.
  10. scumtron

    Hanal Gig

    Good old Hanalarse. 🥰
  11. I love Home Stories. Hope it's more of the same stuff.
  12. New album by Taylor Deupree "Harbor" should be checked out. Etheric ambient glitch!
  13. His first album really struck me back in the days. Glitchy, dubby ambient techno. His follow up was also pretty good. I always check out his new output hoping for some of the old vibes, but I'm not into big techno bangers any more.
  14. Last six episodes are aired from july to august 2022.
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