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  1. Yep. Running Time for the original (a real banger!) was 63:45 so I guess you'll miss around 20 mins. As far as I can remember there was no suitable point for a fade in/out. Will the purchase of the vinyl/digital give you download of the original set, or the new album-fit set?
  2. Blackdown is a new name for me. What's his previous stuff like?
  3. Looks like the lot are backing out. What a shameful mess.
  4. Yeah. I Remember the anniversary for all his other albums where we got boxsets with outtakes, b-sides, remixes and alternate takes.
  5. Never heard of this guy. Clips sounds really soothing and nice. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Incel foru... I mean Twoism is still all over this. The last BOC-album was released after a mysterious and very BOC-like market campaign with unannounced vinyl release and codes, and whatnot. Why the fuck would they start a new circada-like marketing puzzle with a photosphopped bad teeth Whitney pic?
  7. This is very good. A mix of bangers and more playful stuff. Subtle playful sorta. Not in-your-face-Scooter-funny like their earlier stuff.
  8. I wonder how many of these samples are cleared with the original artists? I mean, if you sample Sesame Street or Hair OST, I guess you can get into some trouble.
  9. This is very good. Not so tape loop heavy this time. More drones and guitars. Some tracks gives me Fennesz-vibes.
  10. White pizza with prusciotto, pear, blue cheese and some honey or nuts at the top. You can't have pics, cuz I ate it. Google it and make one for yourself.
  11. Albums +ep collection available on streaming now. Also available to order from official website.
  12. Alcofribas really nails it. I will never understand the need some forum members have to join a topic they don't care about, just to tell that they don't care in multiple posts. There's always the funny pictures thread, you guys.
  13. Ceiling Granny sounds like a Siamese Dream outtake. I mean that as a compliment.
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