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  1. scumtron


    Saving it for the whole album. Wonder how the "one man" band Swans will sound.
  2. Can't see this mentioned? Released in july. More of the same soundcapes and soft beats. Just what I need. https://dreamcatalogue.bandcamp.com/album/lost-fragments-2
  3. 17 is an unlucky number in Italy. One anagram of the Roman numeral XVII is VIXI, which in Latin translates as "I have lived", with the implication "My life is over" or "I'm dead".
  4. For me, listening to music, has really changed the last decade because of streaming and family life. Ten years ago, one of my favourite activities was opening a beer friday evening and browsing through everyting(!) from Boomkat the last week. Then pirating/buying everything I liked. The more obscure the better. Nowadays I listen to music at work, travelling and hiking. If it's not available on Spotify, it doesn't exist. New Rolando Simmons? Oh, nothing new on streaming since 2017. I miss out a lot of new stuff, but at the same time, I've always had a foot in alternative rock, which is very accessible on streaming platforms, so there is always more than enough. A new thing is listening to more old classic. Five first Neil Young albums? Five highest RYM rated albums from 1981? Also, listening at work, travelling and hiking=more calm and harmonic sounds are appreciated. More ambient, more piano. Or maybe I'm just getting older. Great new discoveries since 2010: Beach House, Leyland Kirby, 2814, Swans, Ben Frost, Arca, Grouper, OPN, John Maus, Nils Frahm, Actress, Jon Hopkins, Kurt Vile, Sharon Van Etten, Agnes Obel. Some gems: 2010: Beach House: Teen Dream, The National: High Violet, Deerhunter: Halycon Digest, Kvelertak: s/t, Four Tet: There is love... Laura Veirs; July Flame, 2011: PJ Harvey: Let England Shake, Tim Hecker: Ravedeath, Grouper:AIA, OPN: Replica, The Caretaker: Empty Bliss, Bon Iver: s/t, John Maus: We Must..., SQP:Ufalubum, 2012: Swans: The Seer, Beach House: Bloom, Godspeed: Allelujah, Andy Stott: Luxury Problems, Dinosaur Jr: I bet on sky, 2013: Boc: Tomorrows Harvest, AE: Exai, Tim Hecker: Virgins, Jon Hopkins: Immunity, OPN: R+7, Kurt Vile: Walking, Daft Punk: RAM, Agnes Obel: Aventine, 2014: Swans: To Be Kind, Aphex Twin: Syro, The War On Drugs: Lost in the Dream, Sharon Van Etten: Are We There, Iceage: Plowing..., Andy Stott: faith in Strangers, Spoon: They want my soul, Plaid: Reachy Prints, Clark: s/t, Ben Frost: Aurora, Arca: Xen. 2015: Sufjan Stevens: Carrie and Lowell, 2814, Jamie XX: In Colour, Balnck Mass: Dumb Flesh, Kurt Vile: believe..., Arca: Mutant. 2016: Bowie: Blackstar, Nick Cave: Skeleton Tree, Swans; The glowing man, Ae:Elseq, Car Seat Headrest: teens of denial, 2017: Mt Eerie: A crow looked at me, Slowdive: s/t, Blanck Mass: World Eater, GAS: Narkopop 2018: Daughters: You won't get, Against All Logic 2012-2017, Beach House: 7, Tim Hecker: Konoyo, Low: Double Negative, Ae:NTS, Skee Mask: Compro, The Caretaker, GAS: Rausch. 2019: So far... Weyes Blood, Blanck Mass, Plaid, Rafael Anton Irissari,
  5. Some of their early stuff is a bit too fluffy and light for me, but I had a short and intense period around Dear Catastrophe Waitress and The Life Pursuit. Haven't really paid any attention to their new synth pop stuff.
  6. Time to move back to T? -m
  7. Been around since Joyrex.org and Aphextwin/Autechre.nu (99? 2000?) and that description is pretty accurate. I'm lurking like hell though. I never visit Xltronic anymore, and I doubt even Phobs does it. But i check out new and upcoming releases at least one time a week, and I make gigantic Spotify-playlists when you guys sums up the year.
  8. Very good indeed. I haven't really paid much attention to him since his debut, but this is really the music I need right now.
  9. What's wrong with the world today: 1.Climate change 2.Trump 3.People who says the lukewarm dissappointment 1000th window is better than the master piece Mezzanine in any way.
  10. Discussion in subforum. Delete this pls.
  11. Out 26th July on Throttle Records. He dumped Warp? Warp dumped him? Instagram
  12. I feel sorry for the geeks over at Twoism. *chuckles*
  13. Can't be bothered to read the whole thread, but how is this 100+ hours?
  14. I guess it's the best release since Truant/Rough Sleeper (almost 7 years now). So how can it still be meh?
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