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  1. Plone-Puzzlewood: I didn't have very high expectations, but still. Serpentine Prison (Matt Berninger solo): Really anemic and dull. Same with the new Kurt Vile ep. Jason Molina-Live at La Chapelle: All those beautiful songs sounds like they were recorded through a phone from the back row. Amazing shitty sound. Alva Noto-Xerrox v4: Not bad, but 1 and 2 was way better. Arca-KiCk i: No Four Tet-Sixteen Oceans: Some really nice tunes, but bloated with boring tracks. Pantha Du Prince-Conference of Trees: Pretty much the same as for Four Tet
  2. Rewatched Sopranos last year. Was kinda surprised how well it aged. Currently watching "4 Blocks". Kinda Arabic klan Neukölln Sopranos. A good gangster/mafia-story. Some of the characters are well known from the numerous gangster/mafia series and films we've already seen, but it has nice twist and turns, and you never really know who will survive the next episode. A 8,2 IMDB rating.
  3. After a 104 year wait, my team, Bodø/Glimt finally won the Norwegian Premier League. Read the NYT article and the article in The National News an even the piece in Kicker before you LOL.
  4. I never listened to PostTruth. I read some grumpy comments about how it sounded like old musicians tried to keep up with the new trends and that the old TBD sounds were completely missing. But perhaps I should give it a spin.
  5. scumtron

    SIGN or PLUS?

    I'm with kirm on this one. I wish I could say this was a close race, but for me, SIGN is more cohesive and just better. Imho PLUS sounds a bit like the track that didn't "fit". Still good, and I'm very grateful this didn't just end up on some hard drive forever, but a clear victyory for SIGN in my book. AE does everything right.
  6. Radio Scarecrow and Further Vexations are very good of their recent (oh wtf it's over a decade already) output. Some fillers, but the best tracks are amazing. I could listen to "Skin clock" 1000 times and not be tired of it.
  7. Yeah, I know it's early, but it's always so nice to pick up some of the goodies I've missed, so do your thing WATMM! PS! Gonna post my list later. PPS! Yes you can also post your favorite EP, maxi-single and what not.
  8. Wait... didn't Drumf and little cokehead Jr tell us that all the corona talk would go away after the election?
  9. I love most of it, but gotta admit that those opera tracks at the end is kinda annoying.
  10. Gotta bump this. A really pleasant trip, this record. Looking at his 132(!) record list on rateyourmusic. I've listened to Structures From Silence before. Other albums in bold (regarded his best) are Mystic Chords and Dreamtime Return. Other recommendations?
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