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  1. Living in a big city in the south of France makes it ridiculously easy to find and is cheaper than weed. Does that work?
  2. hashish is the way forward. haven't smoked weed in about 6 months - only the CACA
  3. RIP. spurs looking primed for europa league qualifiers though but too early to say. Ekambi is the top scorer in the Europa League. Allez les Gones
  4. 100% what an insane finish!! Fuck spurs but I have to hand it to them that was an insane comeback fair play boys
  5. I'm a simple man, I see an Amen Lare post, I laugh in pity. What a cunt lol.
  6. infinite growth in a finite world was never a good idea to start with. the capitalist class destroyed our planet for their own luxury.
  7. Love how you mentioned the British DJs on page 37 in the same order as The Streets does in his track Weak Become Heroes.
  8. This song provided the exact same thing to me, I listen to it with a smile on my face remembering all the happy times I had with my mate over our childhood and teenage years.
  9. The girl I had been seeing for the past 2 months is now my girlfriend!!
  10. Have had this for years with firefox too.
  11. Very sad today. There's a book shop that's run by volunteers that I spend so much time at (all books are donated and sold dirt cheap, all profits go to keeping the lights on and the rest goes to charity). The selection the book shop has is absolutely astounding. From lots of 60s editions of classic French novels, to 70s music magazines, old coffee table art books, obscure books on esoteric science, auction catalogues from the 90s, etc. Not only that but it's such a cool building. It's small but is on 3 floors and has a spiral staircase running down the middle of it. I overheard a conversation last week about volunteering at the book shop so I thought I'd swing by today to ask if they needed any more volunteers. The lady at the shop told me that the owner of the shop (lovely old man who would always say hello to me in the street and would always tell me about his visits to England every time he saw the Barclays logo on my bank card) passed away last night and that the shop would be closing down some time in the next few months. Never got his name but rest in peace Monsieur.
  12. lyric analysis: in the track "antidawn", the lyrics "i'm in a bad place" could potentially reference burial being from south london.
  13. Only 3 games lined up for matchday 18... fucking covidddd
  14. Lyon remain unbeaten with the most amount of points in the Europa League so far!!!! Waiting for the playoffs to end in February so the round of 16 can begin
  15. He lost the all gas no brakes youtube channel a little while ago and now runs channel 5
  16. I 100% agree, Come Down To Us is a perfect example of this.
  17. Hoping Mount Kimbie release something this year, haven't had an album from them in almost 5 years now.
  18. anyways its just as good as i was expecting it to be 😄
  19. Yesss that's the one!! It's brilliant
  20. Forgot I made a JCL thread so I'll put this here (late) - He released a short album with Felicia Atkinson called Un Hiver En Plein Été last month if you didn't catch it. https://shelterpress.bandcamp.com/album/un-hiver-en-plein-t
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