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  1. This as well. You accuse me of generalising then generalise everyone reacting to a certain situation the way you would/ the way you think people would corresponsing to the people you know etc. My neighbourhood is extremely close knit despite being in a big city so it's easy for me to imagine cooperation between people. Different societies around the world rely on community in different ways. The insane car culture and having empty streets due to unwalkable communities and having to drive everywhere in most towns and cities in the USA is an example of this. Nobody is immune to the fact that they are a product of a localised society unless you were raised alone by wolves or something.
  2. Everyone is a product of their environment. Most of us westeners see things the same way that's all I'm saying - It had to have come from somewhere and it won't end overnight.
  3. You're showing capitalist realism here. You're American and were born (?) and live in a society far more individualist than the vast majority of countries in the world. It's easier to envisage some barbaric end of the world than people working together because of an insanely individualistic culture you (and I to a lesser extent in my opinion) experience daily.
  4. Well the banding together ought to happen before the "freeing" - that's what made the revolution in Vietnam, China or Cuba successful, the opposite (banding together afterwards) causes vacuums of power which many greedy opportunists are more than ready to fill. This is why ideology is important.
  5. ummmm becuz violence against fascism makes u a fascist sweetie ❤️ u have 2 vote out the fascists hillary clinton style 😄 pokemon go 2 the polls!!!!!!!!
  6. Big up the racists at sony!! Apparently you're not allowed to move country so I had to create a whole new PSN account to be able to switch my location/country so that payments on the store worked for PS+ - you can't set your console language to a language that isn't spoken in the location you set either. No way to transfer achievements or game progress either 😄 😄 😄 😄
  7. Backrooms sci-fi horror series - really good watch Edit: The creator is only 17 years old, he's definitely gonna go far. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVAh-MgDVqvDUEq6qDXqORBioE4Yhol_z
  8. Well stupid people like me who want a "cheaper" option end up getting shafted. Digital only is very greedy imo.
  9. It's download only so it's a scam on that front. Not being able to buy second hand games/ sell games you no longer play is expensive and the console only has 500GB. As for the games sure there's a lot but Xbox games are pretty shit on the whole, got a load of second hand exclusives today (Spiderman games, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet and Clank) and having loads more fun than any other widely available game I would've been playing on the Series S. Forza and Halo are seriously overrated and I prefer Gran Turismo anyway. It's clear people there's very little demand, a lot of cash converters around my area are offering about 20% of the retail price to buy it off of you, whereas they offer around 50-60% for the PS4.
  10. Sold my Xbox Series S because it's a shit console with shit games and got myself a PS4 again. If anyone would like to add me I could always put my username here. Wanted a PS5 since it came out but thanks to scalpers I can either pay £500 for a digital only (one reason why I got rid of the XSS) and £750 for a normal one!! WOW 😄 !!!!! :-))) Might just be able to get my hands on one by the time the PS6 comes out
  11. Pretty much goes for any centrist/ right leaning parties. Any "left" policies they have are purely for show and for them to have a sense of moral superiority. There's never any action however.
  12. Had an omlette with a nice tall glass of pastis earlier at dinner time.
  13. An old friend of mine is playing as a session musician at Glastonbury this year, so happy for him!
  14. S4E3 now, it's almost comedic how disgusting nearly every character is and it gets worse season by season lol
  15. Found a really cool and cheap place in the city that sells french local and nationwide beers to buy some for my uncle and ended up getting a bottle or two for myself. 5.2% 8.5% and tastes amazing anddd The range of Lyon beers (6.6%)
  16. The thread is worst album covers not worst albums ever!!
  17. I'm back in London next month I'll definitely check it out.
  18. Seven Forty Seven from the Warp20 compilation is also extremely high up on my list.
  19. Watched S1 when it first came out and never touched the show again - is it worth it?
  20. Currently on Sopranos S3E2 - this show, whilst its great, it's extremely painful to watch. The writers really did a good job of making 95% of the characters beyond vile.
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