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  1. Watched Gone Girl yesterday and I'm not sure whether I enjoyed it or not.
  2. Wowowow so many responses! Thanks for all the recs I'm getting through them all one by one!
  3. social media is always more enjoyable when u make it exclusive. just set up a private profile on instagram and let ur close friends / people you like follow. i must only have around 60 followers on insta who i want to be seeing and interacting with my posts
  4. dammmmm.... them white boyz sexy :0
  5. my guys and gals at the manchester branch of the young communist league joined the march against the conservative party conference the other day. beautiful stuff ❤️
  6. Mate we've been killing it, a draw against Liverpool and an away win against West Ham. chelsea r gonna get it in 2 weeks time
  7. pretty sure that's virgil abloh on the right in the blue moncler jacket
  8. Im still using an X, haven't got round to downloading it yet.
  9. 100% - Brighton have had an impressive season so far. Not too optimistic about our game against Liverpool later today though 😞 Maybe luck will help us out!!
  10. watched loving vincent earlier today, i absolutely loved it
  11. i only ever liked start up and teenage pregnancy, not a fan of the other tracks and yeah i've heard it referenced as vaportrap but the video game samples, general sound and aesthetic kinda make it vaporwave for me at least.
  12. found this track 6 years ago and i cannot ever get tired of it
  13. 9th in the league so far - ivan toney is on fire ❤️
  14. Very nitpicky but I'm watching No Country for Old Men and there's a few scenes where you can see graffiti tags (the film is set in Texas in 1980) and there's one that says 2006 next to it. Found it funny but good film regardless.
  15. got some obsidan nike air max plus 3s yesterday
  16. no clue i always just assumed it was techno
  17. i rlly like it so plz share some!! i like dopplereffekt, drexciya and the other people place (various james stinson and gerald donald projects)
  18. for real lol i wish the democrats were 10% of the "communists" people make them out to be hahaha american liberals are hilarious just look at the look on her face, democrat politicians are still rich business people who are out of touch with reality and the working class. i don't see how any of them are "fighting for americans". they "fight" for the wealth of their friends and themselves
  19. yeah good observation cause my opinion is right and yours is not!!!!
  20. im going to guess you're an american lol
  21. this is why philosophy is fucking dumb please live in the real world and stop using big words mate 25,000 people are starving every day
  22. kanye said universal released the album without his permission and took the track he did with dababy off the album too
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