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  1. worthers originals

  2. i thought the acting was brilliant but the story just dragged on and on and on and some points just felt so irrelevant and left me wondering why it had been left in
  3. its my favourite album of theirs by far, anything afterwards hasn't reached its level in my opinion
  4. i was gonna say lol. like flies on shit. vile cunts the lot of em, jbp too
  5. bruv what on earth happened to the default dark theme font
  6. Holy fuck, I saw a lot of this shit happen in 90s Japanese films but never realised this shit actually happened in real life. What a piece of shit.
  7. The new season will be upon us in under a month's time on the 13th Aug. Teams are as follows (alphabetical order): Arsenal Aston Villa Brentford Brighton & Hove Albion Burnley Chelsea Crystal Palace Everton Leeds Leicester Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle Norwich Southampton Tottenham Watford West Ham Wolverhampton Anywayzz COME ON BRENTFORD
  8. Came here to post muslimgauze but you beat me to it!
  9. Been in central london for a few days now visiting a mate and it's been packed the whole time I've been here. 19th July is adding salt to the wound imo.
  10. thanks for the heads up, i'll avoid the sequels then!
  11. Been meaning to watch magnolia for a while now. that has only made me wanna watch it more lol Also - just watched 300 (or sat through, rather) what a crap film. onto the matrix trilogy next which i somehow have managed going my whole life without seeing
  12. humans r very bad at using hindsight
  13. It's worse than you think.
  14. 3 weeks clean off tha ganja after smoking shitloads since i was 16 and feelin good!!
  15. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7967748/ https://www.thefuturescentre.org/signal/chemical-and-plastic-pollution-risks-causing-an-infertile-world-by-2045/
  16. How the fuck does Jean Michel Jarre look so good????? He is in his late 60s/ early 70s in all of these pictures. EDIT: dunno why the forum software has squished some of the pics, click on them to get them in the right dimensions
  17. All attacks on the Tory party are 100% justified, especially now. Anybody who reads the Torygraph is a cunt + look at this article lol, talk about hypocrisy. The lack of self awareness that was required to write this horseshit is astronomical. Priti Patel literally bashed the England team for taking the knee then complains about the racist backlash against the black English player. She's a vile racist cunt and everyone is seeing through this considering her tweet got 16k likes and Tyrone Mings' tweet got 550k likes, but obviously the bourgeois media are scrambling to defend a load of rich racist cunts, especially that dickhead MP Andrew Rosindell who got fucked up online lol. rant over. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/07/13/appalling-twitter-attacks-priti-patel-prove-touch-social-media/ (TURN ON YOUR AD BLOCKER, DONT GIVE THESE CUNTS ANY £££)
  18. i want the freedom for my kids to die of preventable disease
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