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  1. Yes. Young people are gonna young.
  2. The Ableton site is so much more interesting when you read in French.
  3. Which makes sense from their point of view because it doesn’t really affect them all that much. Unfortunately “stay indoors because if you don’t you will feel really bad for a couple of days and there’s a one in 20 chance you might kill your grandparents” isn’t such a strong public health message, really.
  4. Lolwut? Even music albums get prequels now? Didn’t know actress was run by a bunch of lazy Hollywood execs.
  5. Oh, yeah, I got that. Falun Gong are dicks *as well* as idiots. Still, the US doesn’t harvest Tom Cruise’s organs, so ...
  6. It’s not just dissidents, it’s that the lives of prisoners, political or otherwise, don’t count for much in China. Organs, in the other hand, can be useful, so do the math. BTW, I’m not sure if this organ harvesting thing is just a rumor or if it was ever confirmed. Regardless, of course, Chinese prisons are nasty places. Edit just did a five second Google: it’s true: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/17/china-is-harvesting-organs-from-detainees-uk-tribunal-concludes
  7. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Falun Gong was one of many mystic sects operating in China and, like all the other ones, was pretty much left alone. Then one day they show up on Tian an men square to stage some sort of event which really pissed off the government because they hadn’t seen it coming (to fair, it *is* kind of threatening, to have hundreds of people appear on your doorstep out of the blue). So now they’re on the Chinese gov’t shit list. Which mean they go to jail and everyone in Chinese jail, not just Falun Gong members, runs the risk of getting their organs harvested.
  8. rhmilo


    Uncle Danny came to visit for “an Ambient space trip concert” tonight. Really good stuff, especially the soundscapy bits.
  9. Crazy dry digital construction work. Kind of reminds me of early Alva Noto in a way, only thinner and drier.
  10. So maybe it's just posturing, then?
  11. Years ago I made the mistake of buying some mangosteen, aka the most wonderful fruit in the world. They were disgusting. The durian you bought is probably nowhere near as good as fresh either. You’ll have to try again when you’re in SE Asia, I’m afraid.
  12. Thanks for this. Really cool. Question: how come virtuoso bassists don't pull faces as much as virtuoso guitarists do?
  13. That would be a first. At the very least, they have tons of Uyghurs to use for this. I'm sure they would if they could.
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