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  1. Just came back to say: f. you @zkom for drawing my attention to this. Spacemacs was the perfect gateway drug to get a taste of an editor with working vi keys that *can* do things like auto complete, spell check, auto fill without it feeling like it was hacked on with brittle tape adhesive. And org mode: oh my god that is fantastic. It is, however, insanely slow to start up. Understanding everything it's doing is probably impossible. And for my minimalist-because-years-of-using-vim-makes-you-that-way tastes it attempts to do far, far too much. I really don't have any need for things like Helm and the gazillions of space bar based shortcuts. So I have now spent at least three evenings (and who knows how much of my boss's time) creating my own Emacs config from scratch. Pretty fun little project and I now have an editor that does everything I need, can be easily extended if I decide I need more. Which I'm sure to do because, as it turns out, futzing with your editor config is really, really addictive. Thank you for ruining my life 👍
  2. Yeah, this annoys me to. It's not like these are super special designs or something. Just put out cheap mults, mixers, etc and put a generic design on them. No need to do this nudge nudge wink wink thing.
  3. System 100 (see Namm 2020 thread for video): awesome. Too bad they had do be dicks and rip off Roland but in principle: yay Behringer for bringing the price of stupidly simple basic modules down to less outrageous levels. Let Behringer do the boring stuff (cases, utilities) in bulk for cheap and let the boutique people do the fancy stuff. Only “boutique” manufacturer I kinda feel sorry for is Doepfer. They invented the format, sell basic modules for really not at all extortionate prices and now Behringer is going to eat their lunch. Ah well, such is progress, I guess.
  4. That might be fun. Not too expensive either (well, d'uh, it's a simple computer, but still ...)
  5. Good stuff* Off to checkout the Conditional Records catalog. Thanks! * D'uh, it's on CPU.
  6. That doesn’t make Solo Electric Bass a good record though ...
  7. The Aphex Twin one is a better fit for Luke Vibert, IMHO. Also, no idea about the Plaid one. It does look a bit like Ed in that recent “In the Studio with Plaid” video, though.
  8. For some reason that looks nowhere near as gross as the original photograph.
  9. Good question. Was going to ask this question myself but you beat me to it. What I’ve found so far: Limbik Frequencies : IDM. Mostly older / classic stuff. Soma FM cliqhop : IDM, I guess, but often of the non-threatening, background muzak variety. Some other Soma FM channels are decent, too. Sonic Universe does modern slick jazz (what used to be called “acid jazz”). Personally I’m rather partial to Illinois Street Lounge: 1950s easy listening and lounge. Fun for about thirty minutes.
  10. Probably mayonnaise and ketchup. 🤮
  11. This is awesome. (The Vatican making accessible what might very well be the largest collection of pre-modern Western European art and science anywhere in the world, that is, not the knee jerk “hur-hur pedo” nonsense).
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