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  1. Any specific reason why one wouldn’t just use Renoise? (genuinely curious)
  2. ^ Interesting and very accessible article
  3. Cool and therefore interesting: an archive of old book illustrations. This site will give you a random illustration from the collection: https://perchance.org/old-book-illustration Here's some background info and a link to the complete collection: http://www.openculture.com/2020/02/old-book-illustrations-download.html
  4. Amusing premise: immigrant mothers all across Europe are giving birth to blonde, blue-eyed children. The story, unfortunately, sticks rather closely to tried and true Hollywood thriller formulas, with virus outbreaks, brave journalists and evil mega corps, and the art is a bit bland, but there’s enough odd quirks to keep this interesting. Blurb here: http://www.europecomics.com/album/the-danes/ Preview here: https://bdi.dlpdomain.com/player/dqdzuIxryB6Cj6n1To1Whmw16ye5FCMj.html
  5. Been practicing inking with a brush, old-fashioned cartoon style. .
  6. They play you Music Has The Right To Children and if you manage to sit it out without throwing up, you’re handed your voting license. Not sure which candidate would win in such a world.
  7. No, Hitler had tards killed. Also, no Trump voters in Nazi Germany. So ...
  8. Ooh ... I forgot about that ... dude is perfectly ok with profiting off Behringer's work but complains about Behringer profiting off his.
  9. Salsa, apparently. At a local charity event some Syrian refugees were giving salsa demonstrations.
  10. Probably not super fit, though, after all he'd been through. Still: good point. This thing might not be as innocent as it's claimed to be.
  11. This is different, though ... it's a guy milking a thirty year old invention that is little more than a minor extension to someone else's forty year old device. Only reason he could make a business out of it because most people don't like taking a soldering iron to their electronics.
  12. If someone lifts my melody and manages to make it palatable for public consumption, they've put in an enormous amount of work so as far as I'm concerned they deserve everything they get. Ideas are cheap. Execution is not.
  13. Yeah, and the Devilfish guy's pricing model seems to be: whatever the market will bear for soldering a couple of bucks worth of components. So: shrug. Nice for him he managed to build a business out of it for thirty years, but now it's back to reality.
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