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  1. At this price point a laptop with Ableton Live and a pad controller makes a lot of sense. The software is pretty much guaranteed to work better: Ableton has been at it for far longer than whoever currently owns the Akai brand. Also: VST support.
  2. Pros: it’s fun to play with. It sounds really good. You’ll get something musical out of it with almost no effort at all. The assortment of available gadgets is really well thought out. Cons: it traps you into that one loop like you wouldn’t believe the way many fantastically easy tools do (though it’s perfectly possible to create complete tracks with). You will not make sounds that the designers intended (all sweet spot, all of the time). Very big con: it doesn’t come with a lot of gadgets, you’ll have to buy more using in app purchases. Finally, but that’s pretty much a given with iPad music making: no mixing and mastering. You’ll have to export your tracks to somewhere else - which is really easy to do.
  3. Metal may have been where all the interesting things were going on in 2015 but right now it’s back to what it always was: cheesy cliché-ridden party music with corny vocals. As opposed to IDM which is now, and has always been, cheesy, corny and completely and utterly unsuitable for parties.
  4. Couldn’t find anything of yours on the first three pages, so, sorry, no.
  5. Came to the shocking realisation that in nearly [a long time, redacted] of messing around with electronic music making, I never once touched the amen break. So now I did. Unmastered, probably needs mixing, most likely a lot of other things as well, but I had a lot of fun making it. Thoughts?
  6. Just picked up my copy from Clone. It is excellent. Vintage, instantly recognizable Vibert in places, lovely sparse analogue-ish sounds in others.
  7. All movies should be made with dwarf actors. Period.
  8. Just gave up after one and a half episodes of The Dark. My goodness this is terrible. Laughably bad dialog, a cliché in ever scene and gratuitous 80s references all over. It’s like it was created by a committee that gets paid for how many pop culture references they can shove into the least amount of time. Awful.
  9. rhmilo

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    *all but* Repetitive, formless and overly descriptive.
  10. That's because it's all pretty much the same song. It's a really, really good song and I love it to death, but the fact that they kept doing it over and over again really didn't help.
  11. Can you give a better example of "borderline unusable" - is it the layout, etc.? You mention loading - is this when typing a colon and then the start of the emoji name, or the loading of the emoji window? It’s when opening the emoji window. This causes my mobile browser to pretty much lock up. This is on Android. iOS (iPad) is fine.
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    Went on a Ballard binge around a decade ago, liked most of it, but found Crash all but unreadable. The mid-20th century avant garde has not aged well. Luckily most of his other work has, so I'm not complaining.
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