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  1. A while ago there was a clip posted here of the Israeli equivalent of John Oliver. If that is supposed to be the voice of reason in Israel then just … wow.
  2. Very much so. But, yeah, those second shots really deliver. Even my wife had some side effects and her immune system is made of steel.
  3. On the one hand … it doesn’t make his music any more or less good. On the other hand: playing music for the Olympics is a pretty public thing to do and this, of course, looks pretty bad in public, so yeah, no choice but to let him go. So: shrug. (but really: bullying kids with Down syndrome? Wow)
  4. The missus and I treated ourselves to a copy of Paleo, a two person cooperative game (these work best for us) that has you hunt mammoths, build stone spears and escape caves. Rules are on the difficult side of missus-proof, but doable. Harshness is right at our level (perpetual noobs) so when we won we felt like we accomplished something (and it was exciting). If you’re a hardcore board game nerd, it’ll probably be too easy, though.
  5. This is really cool, btw. Such an understandable oversight on Google’s part and such a humorous way to point it out.
  6. Good job. Also love the blatantly propagandist tone of the writing. The test flight was “clandestine”? How? It was neither illegal (what’s an illegal space flight anyway?) nor “secretive” - the article is filled with sound bites and info coming from Chinese defense contractors for crying out loud.
  7. This is pretty fun. What is this? Where is it taken from?
  8. The Netherlands is doing great as well:
  9. Over here I’ve started work on the 73-75 Serge Homebuilt. The boards are spaciously laid out so soldering is not a big deal, but they’re big and I discovered you should really do each board in its entirety to keep things manageable. So it’ll be a while before there’ll be sound output.
  10. Right. So now it's the "muh freedom" people that are causing everyone to lose their freedom to go to places without wearing a mask. Fantastic.
  11. There's the case of the tribe in Papua New Guinea that ate so many of the brains of their vanquished foes they developed a mutation that made them immune against Creutzfeld-Jacob type diseases (where proteins in brain tissue you eat end up damaging your own brain). And of course the multiple times people decided milk was a good food source and developed a mutation that prevented the milk digesting gene to shut off at age five. So, yes, can happen.
  12. Nurses are like bar people. The answer is no.
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