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  1. In the end, I bought Reason Intro because @Hiek told me to ... and because it’s really easy to make things with it that immediately sound good - if cheesy. I feel like such a slutty consumer now. 😞
  2. Your upstairs neighbors, on the other hand, enjoy free floor heating.
  3. Well, then I'm sure you will enjoy using your computing device where you issue commands by pointing at things and hitting them to watch videos of other cavemen like you grunting and burping to present their arguments.
  4. Shameless. 👍 The chords feel a bit off, though. First chord sequence is borderline ok, but the second one feels really weird. That said: this is great fun. The bells especially. Goddamn those are tacky.
  5. Good one. Now I know my eyesight isn’t good enough to work with Reason on a 13” MBP Had fun playing with it, though.
  6. Wait ... is that guy putting his beer on the monitor?
  7. Oh great. Now you have me gassing for something I really really do not need and will likely never use.
  8. Haven't laughed so hard about a rock-'n-roll track since ... a long time. (yes, I am immature)
  9. rhmilo

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    Yup, very much this. The closing chapter of "The God Delusion" is wonderful, but the rest is just painful to read. Guy doesn't know the first thing of what he's talking about. Such a shame because I love his biology and evolution books.
  10. rhmilo

    Now Reading

    Loved both of these. The octopus book was obviously fantastic and the mind book really helped make clear that the mind, too, is probably a collection of prefab parts working together. Stephen Pinker was pretty cool before he started talking about things he knows nothing about (history).
  11. Youtube for everything is what destroys civilization. I can read, dammit, and reading the ingredients list + method would have taken me 30 seconds.
  12. I don't wear graphic t-shirts but that design is *awesome*
  13. Yes it does: a small, unremarkable church in downtown Boston that was erected in 1843
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