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  1. See, that’s the thing. Occasionally I try to listen to him and every time I find him insufferable. Uncommonly for a breakcore artist he takes himself way, way too seriously.
  2. First of all, thanks, all, for the recommendations so far. Lots to check out. Second of all, I suspect that, like a lot of similarly themed cringy metal material, this isn’t *meant* to be taken seriously. It’s a joke. Whether you think it’s funny is another matter entirely but in my experience these references to gore and violence are made the same way as those overdriven gabba kicks: tongue firmly planted in cheek. It’s not my sense of humor either, although I’ll admit to finding a “666mph mix” of a track called “speed demon” a tiny, tiny bit amusing.
  3. It’s not bad, but very, very repetitive.
  4. When you’re done looking up communism maybe look up up what the word “racism” means
  5. Most of that is quite 2007, indeed. Somehow managed to miss drumcorps, though, so thanks 🙂 YES
  6. Yeah, I don't see the point. On the other hand, Canada is already on China's shitlist* because of that stunt with the Huawei woman, so maybe they figured they couldn't make things any worse. Sucks for Canadians in China, though. Hope things turn out ok for your friend. * I wonder ... does that make China the first country in history that actually hates Canada? Everyone else loves them!
  7. There was an interesting article in a Dutch newspaper his morning arguing that trying to pin genocide on China, as the Dutch parliament did this week, is likely a losing strategy as genocide involves intent and that is notoriously difficult to prove. “Extensive human rights abuses” are much easier to establish and likely already clear cut for what China is doing in Xinjiang. Anyway, none of it really matters because China isn’t party to the Rome Statute that makes it possible to take a country to the International Criminal Court.
  8. You will note the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) is not normally considered to be an authority on human rights issues.
  9. There’s an internet site for everything, it seems. Wonder if that also means there’s a porn version of it ...
  10. Every sane person wants to lay around in a blissed out stupor.
  11. This looks horrible. And I used to program in Perl where s/([a-z]+?)[^\d]$/$1-$0/ is perfectly valid and easy to understand code. Like the track, though.
  12. This very much depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. If flexibility is a concern, then, yes, humans are better, but for a whole class of problems robots can do the job just as well. Car manufacture, component soldering, microchip manufacturing: all super complicated stuff done by robots. By contrast, assembling trinkets is done by hand - and that really isn’t because robots can’t do that. Instead the reason is it makes no economic sense to design, build and test a robot assembly line for this sort of low value work if cheap unskilled Asian labor exists.
  13. Sorry, I meant to say “if it’s illegal but the government makes sure you can’t break the law (in this case by providing nonsense jobs) it doesn’t matter”. Here in the Netherlands we don’t have them either but we have welfare and pensions so we don’t need such bullshit jobs. Which kind of illustrates my point. In my experience this is an overly romantic view. Lots of low level clerks are just doing busy work - tasks that should just be automated away or pushing paper around that has no useful purpose whatsoever. I know, because I’ve done it. Speaking of automation: you know
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