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  1. It is bad enough that this Corona crap means having good pizza is impossible (as the only proper way to have pizza is straight from a professional wood oven). No need to make it worse by suggesting f-ing avocados belong on pizza.
  2. A Dutch professor suggests an explanation for the disproportionately large number of overweight and obese people that suffer severe symptoms and death: the virus can easily enter cells with ACE-2 receptors (as mentioned above) and one of the cell types that has a lot of those is fat cells. If you’re so overweight you’ve got a lot of fat cells close to your lungs, it becomes that much easier for the virus to attack your respiratory system. Up to 90% of hospitalized patients in the Netherlands are overweight and of those 90% a significant number is obese.
  3. Hey ... isn’t this also what they were suggesting why Iran is so heavily hit? I recall reading something a few weeks ago suggesting a variation of this gene that makes them more susceptible to diseases like this being more common among people of Persian descent. This would explain why so many of them have died of COVID-19 - but also why the Spanish Flu hit Iran much harder than it did the rest of the world.
  4. Just finished watching it. It was. Lots of ace fighting. Plot beyond laughable and some superb 1980s HK sexism and homophobia but the choreographies more than made up for it. Good escapist fun. 👍
  5. Probably. But for me it doesn't really matter with this type of music. It's like a particle cloud of weird to just get lost in. Mad respect for all that detail, too.
  6. Sounds a bit ... muffled. Is that Soundcloud? But other than that: lots going on. I like it. Not much intelligent to say about it, sorry.
  7. He's a pretty good DJ. His music hasn't really done it for me since, dunno, 2001 or so, but this is great.
  8. That is a *very* good recommendation. I could really use some Jackie Chan. Will try to locate a copy. Thanks! They made a movie about this? Christ ... If it's any consolation the book was a chore to get through as well. Instead of "interesting and delicious visuals" it had "overwrought sentences", however and the story, well there was none. For some reason that hasn't stopped this book from being one of the national novels of Poland. But yeah: Jackie Chan. Woo!
  9. Not yet, but the weather is getting better, so who knows. Maybe later this week.
  10. Hadn’t noticed more birds than is usual in spring though there are reports of other forms of wildlife becoming more daring, such as coyotes wandering the streets in San Francisco and mountain goats doing the same in Wales. But re: pigeons, yes, apparently they are in trouble. Magpies, crows and seagulls are fine. They can either get food elsewhere or do things like steal from trash bags (which are still around). Pigeons, however, need garbage strewn on the street (including, get this, vomit from drunk partygoers) and there’s very little of that left.
  11. Very good article. Thanks. 👍 I found the following a bit surprising: Would’ve thought they’d be more effective. And less dangerous. Oh well ...
  12. Hate to break it to you, but hand washing *also* isn’t that effective against a virus that spreads through the air on droplets of saliva and phlegm. The only thing that truly works is is to get out of the way of these droplets, ie: keep your distance. Which is exactly what authorities including WHO and our local authorities have been advising all along. (and this, btw, is why medical staff *do* in fact need those face masks: because they can’t get away from all the droplets with virus material on them)
  13. In 2017. In Asterix and the Chariot race, that came out that year, the bad guy is called Coronavirus (and his side kick is named Bacillus, btw).
  14. FWIW the official Dutch standpoint - with the Dutch CDC insists is in line with WHO recommendations - is that face masks lead to a false sense of security, increase the risk of transmission (as you’ll be touching your face more to adjust the damn things) and the protection they offer others should *you* be the one that’s contagious is less than if you would just keep a safe distance (which over here is 1.5 meters). They say the only reason to recommend facial masks for everyone if keeping such a safe distance is impossible. Which I guess it is, in places where they use them a lot, such as Japan or South Korea. Or the subway in New York.
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