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  1. Ah … Denmark. The properly functioning version of the Netherlands.
  2. Aaaand ... we’re right back to Stockhausen’s Kontakte
  3. 128 is what I’ve heard. It’s definitely nice and bouncy. 126 if you want to be chill out a little. Old school techno and house was a lot faster, though. It begat gabba, after all.
  4. And plain light wood, of course.
  5. You immune to GAS or something?
  6. All of West Africa continues to get fucked over by France (the formerly French bits, anyway). They do not get to set their own monetary policy, French corporations own all their resources and French soldiers run around telling everyone what to do. Very little has changed since the 1960s. Amazingly, however, Senegal is a fairly reasonably functioning state despite all this. Wonder how they managed that.
  7. Right. Which this very Wikipedia article itself says is not he same thing as “regular” genocide. At least read the Wikipedia stuff you link to. Edit: for your convenience I’ll quote the official definition of genocide for you: Nothing cultural about it.
  8. No it doesn’t. It has a very precise definition: the willful destruction of a people by murder. It was conceived by a legal scholar for the express purpose of describing the crime that was committed by the Turks against the Armenians, which was not driving them from their land or forbidding them to express themselves culturally but plain and simple murder. Israel doesn’t care if the Palestinians were to pack up their stuff and move to Lebanon or Jordan. It just doesn’t want them living on the land it’s decided is its own. Yes. It’s absolutely bonkers.
  9. You may not care about courts and the definitions they make up but I’m sure you’d agree there’s a difference between what was done by the Germans to the Herero, the Turks to the Armenians and the Germans (again) to the Jews on the one hand and the plight of the Palestinians on the other. Israel wants to get *rid* of the Palestinians, not out and out *slaughter* them.
  10. That key layout looks really weird ...
  11. The Korean War got pretty brutal, but genocide is a pretty specific thing: mass murder with intent to eradicate a people. The North Korean government that the US would have liked to eradicate was not a people and slaughtering civilians by itself is not mass murder with intent to eradicate. Similarly, the horrible things the North Korean government is doing to North Koreans - enslaving them, starving them, sending them out to forced labor camps in Siberia, etc - aren't genocide just really serious human rights abuses that make whatever the US justice system does to Black people look like k
  12. Interesting. Didn't know that. They were involved in Rwanda, too, weren't they?
  13. I wonder how Burundi is doing on the path to communists enlightenment.
  14. Absolutely. This was my plan B, but the home built plan A is a little easier. At some point in time plan B will be executed too, however. I'd love to have some of the more standard Serge modules as well (DUSG, SSG).
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