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  1. They weren’t on the ballot here. Not sure I’d have voted for them if they had been, but it would’ve been nice to have had the choice. It sucks we don’t have truly viable EU wide parties yet.
  2. Unless you think you can vote to leave the union, in that case don't bother. That option really, really, is not on the table. Anywhere.
  3. Yeah yeah Banksy not cool, boring, etc. This one made me chuckle, though: It’s an “installation” in the tourist district of Venice.
  4. rhmilo

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    Porno was great. As in “proper great tradition” type work. Much, much better than Trainspotting, imho, which was vapid and gimmicky, albeit with some great scenes. Haven’t gotten around to Skaboys. Probably never will.
  5. Phase transitions: the math behind the music https://thedaily.case.edu/phase-transitions-the-math-behind-the-music/
  6. In the end, probably, but as it stands self driving cars are still easily thrown off by simple things, such as stickers on roads - and computers for some reason find it impossible to distinguish birds from bicycles. So it’s still early days. Really interesting to watch where this is going, though.
  7. Personally I’m a big fan of this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRPiprOaC3HsCf5Tuum8bRfzYUiKLRqJmbOoC-32JorNdfyTiRRsR7Ea5eWtvsWzuxo8bjOxCG84dAg/pubhtml It’s an overview of AI and machine learning gone wrong, for example: Or Almost like reading a list of synopses for Stanislaw Lem stories
  8. For me it was the crummy potato quality of the process in the original video that appealed to me. Yes I know that PhD's with expensive equipment can do better - but this was *fun*!
  9. Indeed. We played Eurovision bingo and ate a lot of food to make it bearable, but it was easily the most boring edition I have ever witnessed. So boring, in fact, that that godawful Dutch stadium ballad almost seems like a worthy winner. Almost. (Should have been Italy, of course, for it’s awesome Gomorra vibes. Or Iceland)
  10. Oh ... ouch ... so what if I watch it with headphones on to listen to something else? is that ok?
  11. A clean, unthreatening place was the *last* thing I was looking for back when I was young. Pussies.
  12. Exactly. You can create a M4L device that controls the parameters of a VST according to whatever logic you want.
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