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  1. Very kind of you. Anyway: - Croats are Serbians who were part of the Habsburg empire and therefore became Catholic. - Bosnians are Croats who, when conquered by the Ottoman Empire, decided it would be more advantageous to adopt Islam. - Serbians are Bosnians who retained their Orthodox Christianity even after the Ottoman conquest. And that's all there is to it. Also, when you put two (Serbians|Croats|Bosnians) together they will split up into three different political factions. This is a joke (Serbians|Croats|Bosnians) tell about themselves.
  2. Is the search broken? Or did @Braintree really not spam this release of his? Anyway, going through my list of Bandcamp notification emails (yes, I'm behind) I came across this work of his: Really cool and diverse collection of tracks, interspersed with news clips about about the corona crisis and everything else that's been going on for the past few months. 👍
  3. You seen any Kusturica movies? Those are documentaries.
  4. The thing on the left is a professional grinder. Bought second hand (which is where you should buy these things). Makes an incredible amount of noise. The machine on the right is a Quickmill 820. As espresso machines go it is cheap and requires very little maintenance. With some effort (mostly making sure everything is thoroughly heated up) it does indeed make espresso, and with none of the fuss. "None of the fuss" is important because of the wife. Also important because of the wife is to remain vague about the exact size of your professional ginder before it actually enters the house (naturally you should also not bring her along when you go to pick it up). All this effort for three spoonfuls of, admittedly very good, black coffee a day (with the lockdown it's six, of course).
  5. Cool! I love ghetto stuff like this! Probably a bit of a dust magnet, though.
  6. Looking for stuff by Marc Burckhardt I came across http://monsterbrains.blogspot.com , a blog dedicated to monster pictures. But, anyway, Marc Burckhardt:
  7. rhmilo

    Joyrex stop

    Looks a bit like sluggish elephants playing Sepak Takraw:
  8. As a tourist I thought Berlin was very cheap by Dutch standards as well. We get students going to the craziest of places. Where it is exactly doesn't matter just as long as they get to spend half a year abroad. Small provincial town in Austria? Check. Tiny universities in the Po valley? Of course! As long as there's other foreign students (they keep mostly to themselves) they'll pretty much go everywhere. And foreigners, of course, do the same to us. My hometown, small, has a university and what Germans call a Fachhochschule, is also swarming with exchange students. Pretty annoying at the start of every school year where you have to be very careful as the roads are swarming with foreign students learning how to ride a bike.
  9. If you have a Mac with one of those touchbar thingies, here’s how you can make it useful: run a sampler in it. http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2020/07/09/free-macos-sampler-samplr-for-touchbar/
  10. rhmilo


    Storks have big black butts. They’re also not as elegant.
  11. My wife and I thought it was pretty decent. In an “all the clichés make an appearance exactly when you expect them to, there isn’t a single original idea in the entire movie and the monsters are undead Nazis” kind of way.
  12. You pour milk into your coffee. So you deserve what you get.
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