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  1. Good stuff. Will add to list of things to listen to while working (behind a desk. obv. not very useful when teaching a class :P)
  2. rhmilo


    The remix is a bit too repetitive for my tastes, though I like what he's trying to do. The other track I can get really behind, though. Like a much nastier version of the dancier tracks on Selection Sixteen. Awesome ending, too. Really looking forward to the album as a whole.
  3. Beats Gearslutz, that always collectively decides something sucks.
  4. I found that video amusing. Not the music, though. That was very bland.
  5. @thawkins : point taken about the level of professionalism for a "concert hall". But then: if it's *not* professional, wouldn't € 3500 be a bit steep? Where I work we have a Behringer mixer that's insanely overspecced. It has 12 channels and all sorts of effects and all we use it for is to amplify people who are speaking to large groups of students. That is what I think of when I hear the word corporate. And I'm pretty sure it cost no more than a couple of hundred or so. Anyway, wrrd.
  6. See, but a concert hall would need robust and doesn’t care about all the crazy routing and a small studio already has a computer. puzzling.
  7. So who's the target audience for this? Genuinely curious. It seems to me that if you wanted to spend 3500 euros on a mixer you would want good electronic components and general robustness and not want an (ultimately rather crippled) computer to be tacked on to it. Is this aimed at theaters or something?
  8. They were really cool ... in 1998
  9. This one sends the inputs raw, meaning pre-fader and eq. Only the pre-amps end up in the DAW. It’s also not super reliable. I’ve now had to send mine back for repairs twice because one of the channel inputs blew out and I gather on the internet I’m not the only one.
  10. UVI Falcon looks really interesting ... ... and expensive. Icarus, as it happens, is on sale for a mere 149 Euros. But I’ll pass. Watching this really drove home the fact that I’m just banging pots and pans together. These guys really make what are essentially a rather limited number of elements go so very, very far with all those crazy amounts of automation. Awesome. Thanks again for pointing this out, @President Squidward
  11. No, I think they can get really nasty. If you're playing gigs, that means you're working and if you're working without a permit they could send you straight back (this might be different if you were to enter Europe through the UK, which I believe has special provisions with NZ and AUS for this sort of thing). So if I were you I would not provide a dead giveaway that I'm going to be breaking some labor laws by carrying an absurd number of vinyl records through customs. It's not like you can hide them, after all. Also, 50 records at, say 10 euros each, is 500 euro which is well above the limit where you'll have to pay taxes. My advice? Play gigs in Munich and Vienna all you want - once you're on European soil, no one will care - but don't advertise the fact that you're doing it by carrying a big box of vinyl through customs.
  12. rhmilo

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    Just finished Sayaka Murata's "Convenience Store Woman". Not a great feat because it's rather short (around 140 pages in the Dutch translation) and pretty good. Think of a cross between Kafka, "Bartleby the Scrivener" and "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime". Highly recommended.
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