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  1. This reminds me of when I was on bathsalts. Is everything ok?
  2. Glad he lost all that weight. Shit's hard to do. Track fucking blows, imo.
  3. lol, I thought they were making a Iggy "Pop" star joke. Didn't know about The Weekend
  4. Iggy Pop? Even tho Uncut Gems and it's soundtrack are fucking rad, R plus Seven, and to a lesser extent Replica, are still his high water mark. Just fucking incredible albums.
  5. Funny enough, I tend to listen to music while I read and have been listening to SAW2 while I read Dune. Pretty fitting, imo.
  6. New/Old Machine Girl demos. https://machinegirl.bandcamp.com/album/mg-demo-disc
  7. Fuck me, that olive one is nice. If I was made of cash, I'd get one in a flash. My mini will do for now. It'd be a no brainer if it was reasonably priced compared to the mini and had 1v/octave tho.
  8. For sure. I guess I missed the marketing. Just saw it released today and had to grab it. I'm of the opinion that it's hard to get your music out there with all the noise on the internet, so I don't fault anybody for doing what they have to do to get their shit heard, even if I disagree morally.
  9. Not what I meant. I mean, in terms of comparing it to other people or trying to figure out if it's Steinvord, etc. Like, using some outside thing to determine how you feel about this album.
  10. Also, I don't really understand all the talk about what this album sounds like or should sound like. It's a fucking killer album and I'm stoked that I can finally throw down for some downloads.
  11. Is Untitled21 the track you're referring to?
  12. Man. I had both records in my basket but my bank decided it was a fraudulent purchase because it was over seas. By the time I got it sorted, it was out of stock. The WAV of soundlab is fantastic tho.
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