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  1. It was inside the NFT and I think people were hoping that this not-worth-100k thing had more to it than just being a scam. Music will come when it does. In the meantime, it was fun speculating on what/if this was if it were to have dropped today. Still would kill for a drukqs re-issue. WARP, please...
  2. LOL, these are not Aphex. The live ones are just from his shows.
  3. Oh shit. If it's a Drukqs reissue I will be so fucking stoked.
  4. Dude released 270 tracks for free. You're such an incredible loser, lol.
  5. So it's a plugin that translates microtuning into midi note data?
  6. ReVoodle

    afx nft

    Probably some rich loser, but if it is *someone* it might be Notch AKA the biggest richest loser. I am agreeing with you. Its a symptom of capitalism and a sign of things to immediately come.
  7. ReVoodle

    afx nft

    Cyrpto is no different than any other speculative currency. NFT's on the other hand, IMO, are an even further abstraction that has even less to do with reality. With crypto, I can buy a pizza. NFT's are like a school bell going off telling us that class is over. Not much left after this. I'm also critiquing power structures and capitalism, but I'm also also having fun pointing out how completely detached from all reality spending 6 million on a jpeg is.
  8. ReVoodle

    afx nft

    Speak for yer fucking self mate. I personally have not spilled any oil in the ocean or burnt down any amount of forestry.
  9. ReVoodle

    afx nft

    Selling someone a GIF for thousands is a nice scam, and I respect the hustle to scam some moron out of their money for a fucking gif. Who gives a fuck about the environment? You think if people weren't doing this the environment would somehow unfuck itself magically?
  10. ReVoodle

    afx nft

    I'm excited to read some more 20k word essays on why people should spend millions on fucking jpegs
  11. Really hope he doesn't. NFT's are some dumb fucking shit. I guess he should rob 'em while ya can, but man that shit is fucking dumb.
  12. Interesting. Never heard of this. What happened?
  13. Goddamn. UEFI (BlackEnergy mix) is a fucking bop and a half.
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