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  1. Sorry, Atticus tripped over all these patch cables and managed to knock the server offline.
  2. the link you have highlighted in yellow is truely not the link to use. check your email. the nin store will supply you with a link that does work... well worked for me.
  3. yes, it did the same for me. i just closed the window and checked my email. at that point, a link will be given for you to download both releases.
  4. A download link will be given by email.
  5. If they were available, I only kinda want to buy them. While the idea of “mystery” artist seems intriguing, the most important thing for me is the music must be really, really good. I only found about two-thirds of it worth it.
  6. I like it. The first track [Night Mission], with its Firefox movie sample, "Gant, can you fly that plane? Really fly it? Yeah, I can fly it. I'm the best there is." was a solid opener to me. After listening to the rest of the album... it was indeed a complete nod John Carpenter.
  7. how else would skam bank roll one or two releases per calendar year?
  8. I'm looking to clear out a portion of my sale list from Discogs. This titles are exclusive to WATMM and are about 20% cheaper than what I would be offering them on Discogs. The List: Global Communication - 9 25 12” (single-sided etches promo) $8.00 Boards of Canada - Geogaddi 12” (single-sided promo, black generic sleeve) $15.00 Various - Music For The Other People Place 12” (TOPP007) $16.00 Various - Music For The Other People Place 12” (TOPP008) $16.00 Various - Music For The Other People Place 12” (TOPP009) $16.00 Synectics - The Purple Universe (reissue) $24.00 Richard Devine - Aleamapper $10.00 B12 - Electro Soma (reissue) $16.00 Spike - Operation Binary 24 $3.00 Ocoeur - Inner (gold vinyl) $19.00 Loess - Pocosin (clear vinyl) $18.00 Fudge - Lady Parts (yellow vinyl) $12.00 Helios - Veriditas (beige vinyl) $15.00 All ship from the U.S. Please send me a private message on WATMM regarding condition and shipping quote to your location. Thanks…
  9. I did receive a notification it was shipped. Took a week and a half to get. Anyway the release is great!
  10. Received my copy as well. Surprised the corners are not destroyed considering some like to ship LPs in what amounts to a thin cardboard pocket. As for the inner sleeves... those are standard-size sleeves that just barely fit in a non-standard size gatefold jacket. As for the music, have not listened yet.
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