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  1. i'm glad you posted again, cuz i loved going through all the tracks in here, really woke me up this morning haha
  2. love the drum edits, i'd love to hear this have some more low end though!
  3. thanks, yea, it's straight up a wandering melody, its funny you mention that i was just thinking along those exact same lines as im sitting in front of my gear right now. it's a weird problem, to me at least, because if i get really too constructed around a verse/chorus/verse, then i don't feel i'm very good at making it sound anything but very static and predictable. i'm listening to a bunch of tracks right now where there's something more constructed, but escapes that
  4. Thanks for goin into it a bit, I was away for a sec there. Yea, I totally agree with you about field recs and natural samples in general. I think the brain has a tough time reconciling the 'more familiar' sound when it's totally divorced from its context. i think its similar to how we react to uncanny valley stuff. i just watched a doc about film sound design and it was really interesting to hear ben burtt, who did all the star wars sound design stuff, talk about how he wanted to use field recs to get away from the 'cheesy synth spaceship' type of scifi sounds of the 50s and 60s
  5. ighticle, would you mind talking about how you're shaping the sounds in the intro (sort of lives in the background after that too)? really squishy and organic sounding in a nice way
  6. thanks so much! i'm working through some new stuff now solo, and with a friend on a duo project called Sedenion, if you'd like to check it out we're here on bandcamp: https://sedenion.bandcamp.com/
  7. haha thanks, yea my taste def skews to older stuff in a lot of ways, i really like super raw beats like BDP, and Audio Two. i kinda sketch out shit along those lines and then layer and edit and what not from there
  8. thanks! i'm trying to pay a lot more attention to levels and panning. i know it's kind of a meme, but Mike Senior's 'Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio' got me straightened out on a lot of the basic stuff that I'd been ignoring
  9. really like 01a, all the little switchups and one-off sounds keep everything movin really nicely. i'm the millionth person to say "i'm trying to wrap my head around the octa", but yea, this is interesting to hear, cuz the OT-ness really shines through
  10. hey guys, long time lurker first time poster, check out a track?
  11. sick, love the chopped vox editing, dipped way back in the mix sounds nice and subliminal. surely something about our dark lord and etc etc
  12. haha this is great, i love the freakout at ~1:30, what are you using for synths?
  13. des lors has a really nice vibe, the transitions work really well, which i think can be hard to nail in more minimal music like that
  14. really dig the 'swells' and beat programming on reins
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