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  1. This album, like every release, is amazing!
  2. I live in NC. Going if I can get tickets. Seeing Aphex live is on my bucket list.
  3. Wonderful! Plurabelle is so beautiful!
  4. https://savirhankar.bandcamp.com/releases Too bad this track didn't get a proper release.
  5. Does this mean digital downloads are available for purchase? No? Oh, ok then.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/zvld/time-walk WOW!
  7. Now that Aphex has played this live and the hype is strong can we have a digital release? No? Oh, ok then.
  8. This is about all I listen to atm. So good....
  9. As long as the wait has been, think I'm gonna hold out for the Longridge LP. Digital pls.
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