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    poqwiu is nimbod nbsiqa qomu. is your reply upside down. poqwiu is nimbod nbsiqa qomu. is my reply mirrored around the x axis. umop adisdn bodmin si uiwpoq. is my reply upside down. so you are wrong on the internet. sometimes. maybe.
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    Album/Track titles

    bodmin is uiwpoq upside down.
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    Album/Track titles

    "Wet tip hen ax" is not an acronym for "Next heap with". That's pretty deep.
  4. No, it was MTV 120 minutes, recorded in the studio in England with probably Paul King.
  5. "Nitsch's work, which can be considered both ritualistic and existential, first drew attention in the early 1960s when he exhibited a skinned and mutilated lamb. The lamb was crucified against a white fabric-covered wall, with the entrails removed and displayed below a white table, splashed with blood and hot water. This was accompanied by Nitsch's "Geräuschmusik". Nitsch's subsequent work has incorporated many similar elements, often combining slaughtered animals, red fruits, music, dancing, and active participants." Hermann Nitsch
  6. He played the Quart festival in 1994 and 1997, so this is probably the 1997 recording.
  7. There was a 120 minutes interview with RDJ on MTV Europe around 1996, has this made it to the internet yet? He was asked about his tank, I remember. Something along: - How did you get the tank? - I traded it. - For what? - Uhm... some stuff.
  8. Must have been around 94/95, a friend told me about AFX, that he had made lots of his synths himself, that he concealed what equipment he was using when playing live, etc.
  9. RDJ album when it was new in the record store. Bought ICBYD and Polygon window on a trip to to London just after that.
  10. Supersilent are 100% improvised, they never rehearse or discuss their music among themselves. So you never know what you'll get with them, and that means the full spectrum from super abrasive to the most beautiful textures. Don't give up too easy on them. Their keyboardist Ståle Storløkken is a fricking wizard on the synths and organs. He plays in Elephant9 as well.
  11. Check out Supersilent and Elephant9, Norway's by far best bands.
  12. Which four people already alluded to in this thread?
  13. Morbid Angel's album titles each start with consecutive letters of the alphabet, and they have made it to H now.
  15. I'd like to have a beer and observe Fenix Funk being made that way, anyhow.
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