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  1. sorry, I wasn't aware of the fact, that this is north korea and we all need to have the same opinion. my bad.
  2. well...that was boring (as almost always with these guys)
  3. never gets old... lol yeah, I was just thinking about that. Such a perfect description of the track.
  4. This album is surprisingly good. Really didn't expect that.
  5. I feel like all 4 sessions are better on speakers, tracks I thought I didn’t like were transformed for the better yeah, same for me.
  6. so strange: I'm listening to "all end" on my earphones right now for the first time and the underlying melody that fascinated me yesterday (while playing the whole thing on my speakers) is gone. totally gone. not a trace. it's just not there. now i'm curious if I'll be able to hear it later at home.
  7. to me the only depressing thing about it is that it's probably the least inspired thing they ever released. ever. (sorry, luv u ae :( ) Melve tho? i fucking adore melve and the whole of lp5. it is one if not the fav of mine. the very least you can say about melve, even if you don't dig it, is that it was fresh (as in: not sampled from another track) and it has more than 1 notes (yeah a chord is technically more than one note, bite me). While I wouldn't say that all end has any particular musical variety, there's certainly more than just the one chord. All throughout the track you have a slow, deep, rumbling bassline and higher treble melodies that fizzle in and out of existence right at the fringe of the track. It's certainly more than just one chord, although granted it's not much more than that. "although granted it's not much more than that." that's just not true. There is that drone-chord sitting on top of everything, but there is much more happening than just that. the track has few a distinct phases with different melodies playing slightly beneath the drone, accompanied by that tim hecker'ish bassy thing. i'm totally in love with this track. it sounds so incredibly rich and saturated with beauty and all the good stuff. it actually sounds like a giant black marble ball that is poured with an everflowing stream of honey. not really sure, why i'm so emotional right now lol
  8. Agreed and that's where my feelings of Ae retiring come from. I guess I am wrong. But the track sets the scene. i wouldn't say "sickeningly depressing " but this is a deeply moving track. there is so much going on beneath the surface. like at around the 20 minute mark where that choir like sound and the bassy stuff starts... deeeeeep shit. all the other tracks (maybe exept for mirrage which is kinda meh'ish at first listen) are insanely interesting. shimripl casual almost sounds like an alien audiobook or something. and maybe someone already mentioned this, but: "all end" AE you know...
  9. pretty sure, that was the end of autechre.
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