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  1. There's no need to get fizzy nickers over it. I followed this forum for years listening to people whinging about AFX not releasing and people just can't be happy. Yeah it's obviously not ideal but so what - the music is being squeezed out of the guy. Years of pressure from Warp and his pals side projects are about the only way it's gonna happen, he's not your average artist. What was your point again? This is the way it's always been...
  2. I cant believe people got so enraged by this? Even before everything was clarified. If you open up your whole stock to international mail order they'll most likely just get poached by a certain amount of opportunists anyway - and then whats the point in having a shop in the first place? He's basically doing everything in his power to keep it honest before it his the market, anything after that he can't be blamed for. Regardless of how these are distributed they'll end up getting flipped - The internet did that, not vinyl. I'd be surprised to see these at a massively expensive starting pric
  3. http://www.musicstack.com/item/379536663 Not mine but a total bargain, havent seen one of these up for grabs in a while
  4. I have an unstamped one, but I'd like a stamped one too because.
  5. I'm after a nice clean copy of this Only really interested if it is stamped with 'THE APHEX TWIN' and no writing on the labels and complete with the double sided A$ insert/original cover. Cheers
  6. Japanese freebies... Magnet and plastic bag en route
  7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aphex-Twin-Selected-Ambient-Works-II-Rare-Promotional-Cassettes-/262001677783?hash=item3d008455d7
  8. http://forum.watmm.com/topic/88229-aphex-twin-promo-cassettes-for-sale-saw2/
  9. http://i.imgur.com/CiIjKKw.jpg Promo tapes for the SAW2 double album sire/warner Message me if you are intersted cheers
  10. HMV: Patch Tower Records: Clear File Amazon: Logo Magnet It seems all come with a large format logo sticker Nice, source?
  11. http://www.discogs.com/sell/item/239543052?text=Aphex-Twin-Drukqs&format=Cassette Anyone feeling brave?
  12. Analords have been kept in mobile fidelity sleeves but original sleeves will be provided as well.
  13. Hi there, some nice records here for sale - PM me if you are interested, will go on ebay/discogs if theres no interest. Thanks for looking. Various ‎– Warp 10+1 Influences £30Sleeve has very minor shelf ware but inners and records are gleaming mint, played this maybe once and only a couple of the sides. Eric Peters ‎– Music For Synthesizers £50I will double check the condition, haven't played it since I bought it. Sleeve creased a bit in places. Power-Pill ‎– Pac-Man 7'' £30 Slight creasing on the opening, great little record on the much more scarce 7'' format. Kosmik
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