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  1. I just stayed on the same waiting page and didn't manually refresh .. eventually got to a details & payment page.
  2. Not sure - but he has a new album coming out - https://www.fsoldigital.com/product/humanoid-built-by-humanoid/
  3. Damn. I was at one of the Brixton gigs -either end of 2005 or early 2006 and I remember being drenched in sweat once The Prodigy started. If I'm not mistaken, that was the tour period they started playing stuff from The Experience again ... one of my most memorable gigs...everyone moshing. RIP. Yep, thats some great crowd footage. I remember seeing them at Brixton Academy in 2005 ish and they opened the set with Break & Enter, Their Law and Breathe. Devastation. Completely lost all my crew in the mosh pit and never saw them again until until after the end. Never sweat so much at a gig before. I guess this signals the end of the Prodigy, not sure how they would carry on without him?
  4. Right out. I guess the vinyl preorder on bleep doesn't come with downloads? What? :( The bandcamp vinyl does though
  5. always get his stuff - looking forward to this one, following up on A Memory Of A Memory Of A Memory which was a good release.
  6. hi brian and karen tregaskin - we missed you
  7. cheers. I have this album but haven't listened to it properly!! The other tuss that sticks out is the video with the dancing stick man -I can't remember the name either and also it's probably not rdj in any case ??
  8. thanks - that is the one I was thinking of (no wonder i couldn't find it as i was searching for the tuss!) didn't know Jodey was behind this one...nice track. red calx[slo] is another fav ambient one off the sclouds :)
  9. Does anyone remember an unreleased ambient tuss track which someone combined with a hang glider video?
  10. Yes. This was awesome. So loud I agree .... sure I heard a few tracks off the chocolate wheelchair? but it's hazy! the mosh circle was crazy. I had shoes with no grip so I stayed out of it! and the stuff funk was playing at the end of his set was real heavy stuff! his singing on the mic was a little bit of a laugh! Only caught Luke vibert too and he did an ace set.
  11. anyone else going to this one? im seeing if i might go or nah.
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