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  1. have to say the later stuff from Nick is also great- the Terror Train stuff. Also will throw in Casino Versus Japan - I have fond memories re-listening to his albums too.
  2. Freescha re-releasing their first one again - on double cassette tape:- https://attacknine.bandcamp.com/album/kids-fill-the-floor-remastered-extended-edition
  3. boqurant/5.9.78. (grouping these two together). Previous: Sundown
  4. Freescha are great... and Nick Huntingdon's solo stuff as Night Sequels Also ::: Casino vs Japan -> https://casinoversusjapan.bandcamp.com/
  5. Listening to Wisp livestream - Bonkers Seattle:
  6. Just finishing "You" (Netflix) season 1 -- ok-maybe not the best show but it's moorish.
  7. cheers -just listened to Wisp track from this (new) release. sweet to hear new wisp!
  8. Saturday, 1st February 2020 ///// 8pm-4am ///// Five Miles, London (N15 4QA) 'Be Up A Hello' Album launch party Exclusive DJ set + special guest DJ set from PLAID https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/events/rough-trade-east-squarepusher?label_id=YXLL99XXXXY
  9. New one from Gasman - haven't had a chance to listen yet ...https://thegasman.bandcamp.com/album/recording-noises
  10. I only just saw this pop up on my phone - from Planet mu's you tube account - live from boiler room in Vienna:
  11. Am I right in thinking one of these is old (ether-overdose-2) and one (treatment) is new??
  12. Was there last night, somewhere in the middle - wish I had chosen towards the back as it was rammed and had some annoying people near me ha. I agree the atmosphere where I was wasn't too great. People didn't seem to recognise when his own tracks were played - Anyway...from a set point of view...I thought it was top- lights etc great. Atmosphere...too many hipster kids haha
  13. I just stayed on the same waiting page and didn't manually refresh .. eventually got to a details & payment page.
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