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  1. Based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever, I think the sound will land somewhere between Onesix and Exai. I'd be ecstatic over a return to their more melodic sound but I think those days are behind them. Massively hyped for this all the same, and am confident I'll like it no matter what direction they go with it. Lots of chatter on the artwork, which you know, sure. It could be more interesting. But I think it'll fit the aesthetic of the album and nobody will care a week after it's out.
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nothing is Real is top tier BoC and the feeling it gives me when I listen to it is indescribable.
  3. This was very well done, I watched it the other day. The segment on the rollout for Tomorrow's Harvest got me all misty-eyed, that was a really great time. Loved the Geogaddi segment as well, basically any time I learn new information about that album I cherish it even more. I learned some things that I don't remember coming across on bocpages, watmm, or twoism, or at least I've forgotten them. Particularly the quote from Michael describing TCH - "We were picturing this character losing his mind at a campfire; compressing weeks of events into a few hours". I fucking love this quote, I love the aesthetic behind TCH, and I also strongly agree with the video creators quote "but the dismissal of Headphase's wide array of deeply complex and masterfully layered textures is confusing." I can understand it not being everyone's favorite but it's a much deeper album than it's ever gotten credit for. Really fun watch, it got me nostalgic and at the same time extremely eager for a new release. It's been too long.
  4. The fade out in Chromakey Dreamcoat is one of my favorite BoC moments ever. If it wasn’t for Tears From the Compound Eye I think it might be my favorite thing on the whole album. While I’m at it, the fade out in Slow This Bird Down is also excellent.
  5. Couldn’t agree more, they really are next-level when it comes to this. You can tell how much they want this album to be absorbed as a whole. I’d say next to Geogaddi this is the album gets the most start-to-finish complete play throughs for me, personally.
  6. Stills Wallet Eyen Even Spring Anything honorable mentions: Dancers, White’s Dream, At Last, B Born Droid
  7. Well then I guess that means I’d prefer an album over an EP
  8. Nice album! Wish it was a bit longer but I’ll take it. Lightspout Hollow is the standout for me.
  9. I know it’s personal to you but great call on 35 tracks, that one has always been a standout in the bunch. Good reminder to dive back in to the whole thing, it’s been a while.
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