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  1. I totally missed this at the time...the SoundCloud page is down, any idea where I can hear this mix?
  2. Digital release is now available on the Four Tet bandcamp page. This is a gorgeous group of tracks, wow
  3. Listening to this now and I think this might be the best Orb track ever and if anyone disagrees I’ll battle you at the earth’s core. Holy shit, this track.
  4. First of all - dammit! Earlier in the thread I said I’d launch myself into the sun if this wasn’t BoC, so here we are I guess. Second - this is a legendary find by the brothers in my book, I mean who finds this stuff? My admiration for this entire mix well overshadows any feelings of disappointment that would even exist over lack of unheard BoC tunes. This mix is so bonkers good and so totally mesmerizing to me. For sure I badly want them to provide new/unreleased material in the near future, but this tape is just nuts it’s hard to keep trying to find ways to describe it.
  5. I think the album is excellent, I already like it more than TMB although that final 2 track run on TMB is unforgettable. Hard to top Eraser due to personal reasons and timing of that release but Anima is a great effort. Several standouts on this.
  6. Just heard the album version of "Not the News", holy shit
  7. Oh one other comment - I got major “Jeremiah Sand” (of the film Mandy) vibes w that second to last track. Which of course loved and marked out hard for.
  8. I'd never heard this track before this mix (of course), it's really, really great. I'm absolutely swimming in this mix right now. I have no sense of time when I'm listening to it. Most of it sounds like it's from the 70s but outside of the ID'd tracks who even knows.
  9. Lol I’m with you upon further reflection and subsequent listens, this mix is absolutely legendary. I wasn’t even sure what I was hearing on the first pass. What a total treat this is.
  10. The song at 57 min. - someone decided to chop 100 onions simultaneously in my house right when this came on it was really bizarre. Nobody can say for sure unless there’s a formal track listing but if that’s not one of their old tunes I’ll launch myself into the sun.
  11. Autechre and RDJ have been setting a pretty unfair standard these past couple years. NOBODY is complaining but it does sort of feel like other warp artists should open the vaults even just a bit. oh and add Paradinas to the list as well as he also opened the SoundCloud gates a couple years ago.
  12. Being straightforward isn’t really their M.O. but I hear what you’re saying and the letdown will naturally turn some folks off. i on the other hand found the set mesmerizing and appreciate hearing then pull some the cover off around their mystique. Some truly weird shit here and it was real fun watching people get tripped up trying to ID some of these tracks. I know I’m not alone here just wanted to share my appreciation. Now, bring on a new album this fall...???
  13. I am fully on fucking board with this, good lord
  14. Did someone Shazam this one? This sounds like a boc old tune
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