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  1. Lol I’m with you upon further reflection and subsequent listens, this mix is absolutely legendary. I wasn’t even sure what I was hearing on the first pass. What a total treat this is.
  2. The song at 57 min. - someone decided to chop 100 onions simultaneously in my house right when this came on it was really bizarre. Nobody can say for sure unless there’s a formal track listing but if that’s not one of their old tunes I’ll launch myself into the sun.
  3. Autechre and RDJ have been setting a pretty unfair standard these past couple years. NOBODY is complaining but it does sort of feel like other warp artists should open the vaults even just a bit. oh and add Paradinas to the list as well as he also opened the SoundCloud gates a couple years ago.
  4. Being straightforward isn’t really their M.O. but I hear what you’re saying and the letdown will naturally turn some folks off. i on the other hand found the set mesmerizing and appreciate hearing then pull some the cover off around their mystique. Some truly weird shit here and it was real fun watching people get tripped up trying to ID some of these tracks. I know I’m not alone here just wanted to share my appreciation. Now, bring on a new album this fall...???
  5. I am fully on fucking board with this, good lord
  6. Did someone Shazam this one? This sounds like a boc old tune
  7. Interesting, I read it as a selection of their own material. Always the optimist, I am! Playing other people’s tunes doesn’t seem like their thing. But they obviously have their own influences and favorite artists so who even knows. Could just be 2 hours straight of The Incredible String Band. I’m all in on this in any case.
  8. More of an Oxbow Lakes and Slug Dub guy myself but I appreciate Plateau very much! Terrarum is my favorite Orb album it’s not even close.
  9. It is, so yea nothing “new” but it’s a pretty good recording in its own right. Solid set as well
  10. Ah yus, boc live @ warp 10 on nts2. Playing Telephasic Workshop now, this live version is what flipped the switch for me with BoC, been an insatiable fanboy ever since.
  11. Thanks for allowing me to spam the thread because I’m about as good at controlling my excitement as a 5 year old. please do tune in Sunday night when I again spam this thread right into hell once BoC starts.
  12. Just straight up shitting myself over this Ae track playing rn
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