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  1. Would trade a few fingers and/or toes for Whitewater (in original form) on wax. Don’t think for a second I wouldn’t do it! I’m pretty lukewarm to these BoC “remasters”. I’m not saying the music needs to sound like shit, but I think the wornout cassette tape found under a stack of old phonebooks in the garage sound is a big part of their aesthetic and appeal. Beggars can’t be choosers, though! I’d take official re-releases of their old catalog in any format.
  2. Man some really sinister sounding stuff in this clip, I’m really digging it. Just gave Chewed Corners another spin tonight, it’s so great. As a grown man pretty fun to admit that “mountain island boner” is a top 15 Paradinas track for me. I’d forgotten this record came out like two weeks after Boards of Canada’s Tomorrow’s Harvest. And a few months prior we got Autechre - Exai. Here’s hoping 2021 is even close to as good of a music year as 2013....
  3. Anyone remember this mix Plaid did for BBC about a year ago? It was part of their Wind Down series. I loved this mix but can’t find it anywhere (YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc.) any ideas?? https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000g4l2
  4. I adore Chewed Corners. I’m digging this, whatever he’s playing. Lots of breaks. The second track in sounds familiar, is that from Xtlp? I knows it’s been on one of the previous releases. edit: nope! It’s from his Factmag mix a couple years ago. 51:30 mark https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/nM5wNSmVBbNUqQht8 So hyped!!
  5. I’ve got this on vinyl, and we’re close on Equinal Sound but I think Bumble just eeks it out for me.
  6. I forgot about this mix! One of my favorites from the ASIP series. Fits his vibe well. Love his Cats are Grey cover, too. Also a good reminder to dive back into the Terror Train album too, there are a few gems on there.
  7. FYI most if not all of these remixes are out on Youtube, with varying degrees of quality.
  8. Nice one! Awesome to see the Yimino remix coming to vinyl, as well as the Max Cooper remix. Big fan of both! I assume this will only ship out of Europe? Will just have to eat the freight on this one, all for a good cause.
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