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  1. Sign turns 1 tomorrow. Listening on my drive to work on rainy and cold fall day. Despite how lush the album is, it’s a fall album through and through. Very fond memories of this time last year. I’ll be mainlining this all weekend.
  2. New excerpt from the album, lovely stuff. I like the aesthetic he's going for.
  3. Preview on Bleep is sounding dope as hell.
  4. New track from the album: https://www.stereogum.com/2162336/ross-from-friends-love-divide/music/ https://rossfromfriends.bandcamp.com/track/love-divide
  5. Finally getting around to hearing this. Lovely album, this is really impressive!
  6. My two favorite Radiohead albums and it isn’t really even close. I cherish ok computer but these two are on another level for me. It’s extremely selfish and subjective, I listened to them both obsessively during a couple really transformational college years. for sure ordered this. Having “Fog” on vinyl is an added bonus.
  7. This track is lovely! Can't wait to hear the rest of the record.
  8. I'm down with this - big fan of Hopkins and I dig the concept he's going for here.
  9. So Geogdaddi turns 20 in about 6 months. I was thinking about this album alot this morning. What was everyone's experience first hearing it? I remember giving it a shot when it first came out. I was a pretty casual BoC fan at this point. Loved Roygbiv, was getting familiar with their other stuff, etc. but was not a full-fledged superfan like I soon became after my mind truly absorbed it all. I put it on late at night when I was doing some prep. for a college final but just couldn't focus enough to truly immerse myself in it. A couple weeks later I went on a road trip through Chippewa National Forest in Northern Minnesota and played the album straight through. Everything was perfect. The setting, the timing, my state of mind - it just aligned. I remember finally getting to "You Could Feel the Sky" and it just opened a new door in my mind. That was the precise moment where I turned into a BoC fanboy/superfan and I've never turned back. I remember being moved in a way that music had never moved me before, in the strangest most alien way possible. Roygbiv was my intro but not the gateway. Geogaddi, as dense and complex as it is, made me the fan I am today. What an amazing, weird, beautiful album. I've of course listened to it countless times since, each listen a totally new experience. I still don't know which BoC album is my favorite, I guess it really depends on the day. But Geogaddi in alot of ways is the most meaninful album, if that makes sense. Just reflecting, sorry for the livejournal cheesiness.
  10. Dang, this is good! Great rec Goiter, I’ve legit never heard this guy before. Buying the digital for sure.
  11. I mean I like a lot of their tunes but I always felt like people were talking more about the music they were GOING to make than the music they actually did make. bummer to hear, anyways.
  12. 15th anniversary pressing is out in October! https://bandcamp.ochremusic.com/album/lemodie-15th-anniversary-edition Lemodie isn’t necessarily one of the best albums I’ve heard, but it’s definitely one of my most cherished. Listened to it a lot through some tough times. Gorgeous pressing on this one!
  13. Sorry if there’s a thread on this or it’s being discussed elsewhere but here’s an article on RDJ’s sister becoming Wales’ Minister on Climate Change (this rules, btw). There are a couple great quotes here! https://www.stereogum.com/2156356/aphex-twins-sister-is-wales-new-climate-change-minister/news/ When asked whether she’s a fan of his music, Julie said: *nods, knowingly* also: She names the 1991 AFX single “Analog Bubblebath 2” as her favorite of her brother’s tracks. I like this lady.
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