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  1. A bit odd that'd it would come out on Thursday and not Friday but who says that's the law anyways! I'm excited to hear this.
  2. This is legit album of the year so far. Amazing stuff.
  3. Thank you! No wonder i didn’t know what it was from. Amazing track, wouldn’t have been out of place on Spokes tbh
  4. I feel like an idiot for not knowing, but what song is this? There was another clip of this track floating around, the backdrop video was b&w footage of a zeppelin. Anyways, I thought this track would fit perfectly w this new album/theme. is this a b side? From one of their soundtracks? I can’t place it
  5. Los rocks, I had this track on repeat the other day. Definitely getting the lp5 vibes as well!
  6. Most notably, IMO, Reachy Prints. It's a concise set of tunes but the highlights rival some of the highest highs in their discography.
  7. I like both, but Polymer landed more for me than Digging Remedy. Enjoy, I hope you're on the other side of your depression! Some of the most memorable/cherished albums for me are ones that carried me through dark times.
  8. Purchased! No idea if I got in for a signed copy or not. I dig the album art but like other's prefer some of the other pieces they've been sharing. Excited for the tunes and the novel!
  9. Feorm Falorx by Plaid https://www.feormfalorx.world/ https://plaid.warp.net/
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ch7jYaHp8eV/ looks like an album of some variety, with an accompanying graphic novel. Heck yeah!!
  11. Love this aesthetic, whatever it is these guys are up to!
  12. Well that explains that! Wonder why it’s taken so long after that to officially release them
  13. Well that’s interesting! Hope this is official. I’ll give ‘er a shot… edit: yea they cancelled my order 15 min. After I placed it.
  14. Right on! Always up for more Bibio. I'm more into the folksy accoustic driven stuff than his pop sounds, personally, but I'm sure I'll pick this one up. Still waiting on that Vignetting the Compost repress to see the light of day 😞
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