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  1. Bumping this… In case you haven’t already been listening, Lone has been doing a monthly guest mix called Ancient Astronauts on Noods Radio the first Sunday of every month. If you don’t catch it live he’s been putting them up on his SoundCloud a day or two after. https://noodsradio.com https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/PpEsHjYQDjTpSqMFA Every mix so far has been so good. New one airs tomorrow 8pm UK time I think? 2pm where I’m at in the US. Anyways, this mix series has been great if you want to pass some time waiting for his new album 🤙
  2. My god Stone Cold 369 is such a fucking banger of a track. This is a great album!
  3. I f**kin' love this dude, Matt never dissapoints. I can't wait for this record. Awesome news, it's been a minute since his last proper LP.
  4. Gave this album a spin after taking a couple months off and my god it sounds better than ever. Can't wait to listen again this fall when the weather helps take me back to it's release. I really think this is my favorite overall Autechre album.
  5. This album rules, I love it
  6. That explains a lot. It’s no Compro but I’m still liking this album quite a bit!
  7. Price point aside this album rips. Some great stuff here. Not sure it works as a cohesive album but it’s a pretty damn nice collection of tracks.
  8. Absolutely remembering some of these tracks from the Fact mix he did a couple years back. This will be an awesome album!
  9. I’m getting more b52 vibes than I am LCD vibes and I’m not complaining. Very good album, I’ve warmed up to their sound. not totally sure why they’re on Warp, but why not I guess. I’m just looking forward to warp talking about something else now, they’ve been hyping this album for 6 months.
  10. Holy shit! This is a nice surprise!
  11. I like this quite a bit. Was unsure when I heard the first single.
  12. Honestly haven't listened to this in a while. Time to revisit!
  13. Oh shit! Nice! Blizzards was one of my favorite albums in 2020. Buying this for sure.
  14. I think it's as simple as they have real lives and families and just like anyone else, reprioritize based on what's happening in their lives. Shit happens and they don't really owe anyone an explanation. I'm just as thirsty for new music or even an update as anyone else, but I don't blame any musician or artist for putting other priorities first. My job sometimes isn't my #1 priority, and my hobbies are sometimes not my #1 priority. I took the whole '8 years' thing in stride and never felt like they had to be held to that statement. They really don't do much riling up, so much as the BoC fanbase riles themselves up.
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