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  1. That explains a lot. It’s no Compro but I’m still liking this album quite a bit!
  2. Price point aside this album rips. Some great stuff here. Not sure it works as a cohesive album but it’s a pretty damn nice collection of tracks.
  3. Absolutely remembering some of these tracks from the Fact mix he did a couple years back. This will be an awesome album!
  4. I’m getting more b52 vibes than I am LCD vibes and I’m not complaining. Very good album, I’ve warmed up to their sound. not totally sure why they’re on Warp, but why not I guess. I’m just looking forward to warp talking about something else now, they’ve been hyping this album for 6 months.
  5. I like this quite a bit. Was unsure when I heard the first single.
  6. Honestly haven't listened to this in a while. Time to revisit!
  7. Oh shit! Nice! Blizzards was one of my favorite albums in 2020. Buying this for sure.
  8. I think it's as simple as they have real lives and families and just like anyone else, reprioritize based on what's happening in their lives. Shit happens and they don't really owe anyone an explanation. I'm just as thirsty for new music or even an update as anyone else, but I don't blame any musician or artist for putting other priorities first. My job sometimes isn't my #1 priority, and my hobbies are sometimes not my #1 priority. I took the whole '8 years' thing in stride and never felt like they had to be held to that statement. They really don't do much riling up, so much as the BoC
  9. How much time passed between the black album box on their website and Tomorrow’s Harvest release? It felt like years.
  10. Oh gosh I hope this turns into something, been really missing these guys lately.
  11. Yes!!! edit - this is really gorgeous stuff! Perfect vibe for a moody, grey and rainy spring day. Ochre never dissapoints.
  12. Without fail at least a couple times a year I lose my mind at how good Orbus Terrarum is, and how at the time the British press called it generic ambient music. Oxbow Lakes and White River Junction alone make it a transcendent album. its so, so good and has carried me through a lot of big moments in my life. Lots of late night meditative listens for sure.
  13. You can at least hear Clayton's Hideout on youtube. Not sure about Floridian though? I've never heard that album.
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