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  1. Yes they do, I should clarify that when I said I’m here for it, I’m here for the release and reaction because it’s awesome and Autechre is awesome.
  2. Any time I need to have a self talk about my BoC fanboi-ism and how I really need to pump the brakes, Autechre will put out some music and the hardcore Ae heads absolutely lose their shit, reminding me that actually I'm not that insane. I'm here for it.
  3. Absolutely is. I've heard his stuff in the past, usually remixes here and there so tbh this is my first deep dive. Lot's of "holy shiiiiits" coming out of my workspace since yesterday. First track is fucking phenomenal. It's been a while since I've been this caught off guard by an album, probably since Konx Om Pax Caramel. Which a major compliment in my book.
  4. I'm happy there are new Orb tunes, and in general the album is a pleasant listen, but I've gotta be honest. Any time The Orb comes up I get violently upset that there hasn't been an Orbus Terrarum repress. I want it on wax SO bad, but can't justify the $100-$200 price tag on discogs.
  5. umm a BoC cover of Cichli?! I would give up a limb to hear that. Not surprising at all to see the comment about Old Tunes 1 and 2, I hope they eventually loosen up re: their archives but I doubt they ever will.
  6. I’ve always thought Slow This Bird Down is one of their most underrated tracks.
  7. Man, all great picks. Whitewater, Telephasic Workshop, and In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country are all top tier contenders for me. Just feelin compound eye so much right now, the organ is just too good. keep ‘em coming! Be well, everyone
  8. Yes I’m aware similar threads have been started and exist. I felt like starting a new one since it’s been a while and times are tough lately so lay off! Jk What’s your current favorite all time BoC track? It’s allowed to change from time to time hence the new thread. In the past I’ve always had a hard time not saying 5-9-78. Honestly, and I know the album it’s on is divisive, I think Tears From The Compound Eye might be the most beautiful piece they've ever done and right now it’s the track I need. It’s psychedelic, comforting, serene, and nostalgic all at the same time. The times feel literally like Tomorrows Harvest but I could honestly use another TCH-esque album right now. Thanks, I know things will all be ok but also never the same again. Watmm has always been a nice refuge for me. Just all about the tunes.
  9. Nice to see watmm rallying behind this album especially after such a bummer of a week! this feels more like a continuation of New Energy than it does a spiritual successor to There is Love In You (I think bleep drew that comparison) but it’s a lovely album all the same. Very meditative which for me personally is a very desirable state to be in given current events. love Four Tet and will always be down to hear what he’s working on. Seems like a genuinely good person, too.
  10. It’s really good! More ambient focused than dancefloor focused which I personally appreciate. Lots of beautiful sounds throughout. It’s 5 pounds on bandcamp
  11. I totally missed this at the time...the SoundCloud page is down, any idea where I can hear this mix?
  12. Digital release is now available on the Four Tet bandcamp page. This is a gorgeous group of tracks, wow
  13. Listening to this now and I think this might be the best Orb track ever and if anyone disagrees I’ll battle you at the earth’s core. Holy shit, this track.
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