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  1. Holy shit yes! Thank you! Instabuy when this lands, I can’t wait!
  2. New Instagram post on the official (??) BoC account of a fan made Transmisiones Ferox video, made my heart race a bit when I first saw them in my feed! Hopeful for a new release in 2021. I'll take anything but a theme of renewal/rebirth, coming out of dark times would vibe with me pretty well. Or they can just get super weird and go down a Geogaddi II path. I promise I won't be picky.
  3. This album is so fucking awesome, it’s hard to believe we were given 2 studio albums in back to back months. Especially after the NTS and live recording spoils. I love Sign and Plus in equal measure, for their own unique merits. I love how they are both unmistakeably Autechre, in the best way. I love that they gave these to us during these very hard times, in what has been the shittiest year in memory. i needed these. I needed something to look forward to, enjoy, and escape into. Also - DekDre Scap B. Come on now! Holy shit.
  4. Hearing alot of R + 7 in the back half, which is a good thing since I consider that my favorite album of his. I love all the Cross Talk tracks, they help tie the album together. Gets kinda melancholy towards the end, except Wave Idea which is really stunning and my easily favorite track he's done since Chrome Country. What a weird guy!
  5. Second half is definitely solid, I too think Tales From the Trash Stratum (the track from the teaser!!) and Wave Idea are excellent. It sounds much better as a complete album and I love the whole post apocalyptic drug trip tuning into to radio stations vibe it has going on. At least that’s the vibe I get. I think the released tracks sound a lot better in context. The Weeknd collab track doesn’t do it for me but the little cheesy synth towards the end is great. Lots of little gems hidden throughout. OPN will never be my favorite artist but damn if he doesn’t keep me intrigue
  6. I love the whole thing, very alien sounding. But X4 through TM1 is just next level, what a trip. Love the way the album ends too. I think both Sign and Plus have 2 of my favorite Ae closers. What a treat.
  7. Amazing! What a 'surprise'! The guys spoil us. One of my favorite things about Autechre - *Hears first 3 seconds on opening track of new Autechre album* Fuck yes, I am definitely listening to Autechre! Who else could it be? All of their albums give me this feeling.
  8. Definitely some weird stuff here. Leaning pretty hard into the cheese...not sure how I feel about it but he's definitely got a vision for the album, for better or worse.
  9. Yea fair point but it’s hard to replicate the experience of a first listen. For me: 1. warp streaming event: “holy shit this is transcendent! I can’t even comprehend what I’m hearing!” 2. Second full playthrough: “ok I maybe overreacted, it’s good but I should tone down my inner Autechre fanboy and listen more objectively. Not as beat-forward as I was hoping.” 3rd listen on headphones: “godamn these dudes are aliens, this is so, so good. Th Red a is completely fucking me up. Best Ae album since LP 5.” and that’s still where I’m at with it. I guess what I’m saying is it
  10. Love the review man. Love the mrs skull cameo
  11. Yea I think they definitely have a mountain of tunes they’re sitting on (and continuing to make), and could definitely arrange more albums if they wanted to, but they are very conscious about creating cohesive pieces of work centered around a common theme. Or as you said, concept albums. I view them through the lens of concept albums, even it’s not what they intended. I’m probably thinking about it too much. That’s awesome about your niece. I play ‘softer’ BoC tunes for my daughter right now (Olson, 5-9-78, etc.) but will probably wait a bit to give her the full Tomorrow’s Harvest playthr
  12. Big fan of Hand Cranked (and Fi) but I'll take this opportunity to once again voice my extreme desire for a Vignetting the Compost repress. I like Ambivalence Avenue well enough also, but Vignetting just resonates with me. Some day! It's between VTC and Orbus Terrarum by The Orb for "#1 vinyl repress I regularly complain about wanting". Give me what I want!
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