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  1. Well then I guess that means I’d prefer an album over an EP
  2. Nice album! Wish it was a bit longer but I’ll take it. Lightspout Hollow is the standout for me.
  3. I know it’s personal to you but great call on 35 tracks, that one has always been a standout in the bunch. Good reminder to dive back in to the whole thing, it’s been a while.
  4. Some people here obsess over Twoism as much as Twoism obsessed over Boards of Canada. I’d guess the brothers are vaguely aware of Twoism and the general level of obsession some of their fans have but it’s not like they’re pouring through threads and watching a small handful of probably decent people but clearly still weirdos get all riled up over numbers and tweets. I guess what I’m saying is they’re a pretty innocuous bunch and have no impact over how the brothers lives their life or approach their music. Who cares, let them be weird. Also to be fair, have you spent any time in the Autechre subforum here on WATMM?
  5. This mix still brings me to the brink of wetting myself every time, it’s so good. What’s the most “recognizable” song on here? Probably Devo or Colourbox? Outside of that I didn’t recognize anything on it when it aired. Just the absolute deepest of deep cuts. I’ll be listening to this for a very long time. Brings me back to fond memories too, warp 30 was happening the week before we had our first child. Seems like both yesterday and an eternity ago.
  6. Fucking awesome record, often overlooked against the rest of their discography and perhaps rightfully so. I love the version of Smokes Quantity with the transition into 1986 Summer Fire (an overlooked interlude!). While I’m at it if Smokes Quantity really is the nickname of one of the brothers friends, that’s an amazing name to give somebody and I don’t even smoke.
  7. Love the song and the aesthetic on this. Ribbons is the best thing he's done in quite some time. I love when he dials in on his folksy-countryside vibe over the dance/pop/yachtrock? sounds. I'll take this opportunity to once again voice my passion for a Vignetting the Compost repress. Simply gotta have it.
  8. BoC tunes or not that Societas X mix is legendary and one of the best things I heard last year. I still have it on regular rotation, there are so many legit gems on there.
  9. this track is so fucking amazing.
  10. Listening to TCH this morning and having a hard time understanding how some fans rate this album so low. There are so many layers and beautiful moments. The ending of Chromakey Dreamcoat?! Cmon now how do you not like that. I’m a fan of the weird and murky BoC as much as anybody else but this album really hits me, always has. The run of the final 3 tracks in particular stand up to the best moments on any of their other albums. my opinion on this is right and everyone else’s is wrong!
  11. The print equivalent of click-bait. I'm hopeful for some news on new music soon, though. Don't be discouraged!
  12. Yes they do, I should clarify that when I said I’m here for it, I’m here for the release and reaction because it’s awesome and Autechre is awesome.
  13. Any time I need to have a self talk about my BoC fanboi-ism and how I really need to pump the brakes, Autechre will put out some music and the hardcore Ae heads absolutely lose their shit, reminding me that actually I'm not that insane. I'm here for it.
  14. Absolutely is. I've heard his stuff in the past, usually remixes here and there so tbh this is my first deep dive. Lot's of "holy shiiiiits" coming out of my workspace since yesterday. First track is fucking phenomenal. It's been a while since I've been this caught off guard by an album, probably since Konx Om Pax Caramel. Which a major compliment in my book.
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