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Bonobo - Fragments


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the first 2 of his albums got a lot of plays from me back 20ish years ago. haven't been much into his stuff for the last few though. Black Sands was p good, the other ones got bogged down with too many vocalists for me. and *sigh* I see several tracks on this new one with the "feat" nomenclature after the track name, which I'd assume to be vocalists. preview track is pretty safe, sounds a bit like something from Four Tet's There Is Love album back in 2010.

I lol'd a bit when I read this in the bandcamp write up:


One of the biggest names in dance music, 


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18 hours ago, Polytrix said:

Is this worth my time watmm?

there's a couple ok-ish instrumental tracks, but far more I'm afraid that are entirely skippable. I've never been able to get into the male r'n'b vocals over downtempo beats thing, and so those get skipped. the few tracks here with female vocals also are far too much along the lines of Air/Zero 7 sounds, which has been done to death.

now it seems the best of late '90s downtempo is all being done by vaporwave dudes. and even that, I can't tell if they are doing it as a tribute, having a laugh at the scene, or what, so I listen to some of that stuff with a grain of salt.

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Extremely bland and incredibly boring. This album sounds like a bad parody of Bonobo, and I didn't think he was any good to begin with. There is literally no originality to this. It's fucken star bucks music or shit for cringe tiktokers that think they know good electronic music.

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