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  1. Never bothered to listen to this lad up until now, but I am definetely diving into his works after lisening to this track quite a lot over the past days
  2. Single sounds great. LP out on arpil 3rd. (Whities rec.) First single: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzEOpYfWmHo pre-order: https://whities.bandcamp.com/album/second-language "Minor Science presents his debut album 'Second Language', out on the 3rd April 2020.The LP gives us a widescreen view of a musical world previously glimpsed through the producer’s series of 12" releases. A kaleidoscope of tempos and intensities, the record is often fast but rarely heavy, fizzing with detail but full of space, euphoric in places but frequently blue in mood.As the title suggests, the album takes translation as a guiding principle, putting an idiomatic spin on familiar styles - from Detroit-ish techno and hyperspeed electro to twilit electronica, musique concrete and sour modal jazz. Minor Science's language is a knotty one, packed with odd time-signatures, brain-bending sound design and a playful palette of switch-ups, fake-outs and digital hiccups. But it's also soft and emotive, and shot through with vibrant melody.Minor Science’s relationship with languages is a strong feature of the record. More precisely the relationship between a second and third language, and a mother tongue.It signals an effort to get out of familiar habits, echoing the relationship he has with his own music writing and music making. Regardless of attempts to be precise, a translation can never fully capture the original meaning. “Parce que c'est plus facile d'écrire sans style” - Samuel Beckett The artwork for Second Language depicts a limestone tablet which was designed by Alex McCullough and carved by local stonemason George Edwards, who works predominantly in church restorations as well as carving gargoyles, busts and lettering. The relief was then painted in accordance with the back cover. The object was photographed by interiors photographer Oskar Proctor at his studio in Kent and the final chosen image is an outtake whilst steadying the (incredibly heavy) piece. Sleeve credits: Design and art direction by Alex McCullough Limestone tablet carved by George Edwards Photograph courtesy of Oskar Proctor "
  3. This album just keeps on getting better.
  4. All the candidates are shit imo, sorry lads but I think Trump has his second term in the bag
  5. 2020 bump This shit is insanely beautiful
  6. Just read the old thread. It's beautiful
  7. I am still really into his discography, this lad has made some great works. Exidy Tours and Camelot Arcade are prob my favorite of his albums after listening to them all and letting them sink in over the past 7 months.
  8. It was in warps Instagram story, at least that's where I saw it.
  9. I asked him when we would get more info on the album on his Twitter and he responded: "In a few weeks once we get a chance to make sure all the manufacturing is satisfactory. Also working on a video for a formal announcement but the render times may take until 2044. 😅"
  10. It depends on if you include unreleased material. Also I find myself more often in a Clark mood. Boc is too special lol
  11. Great overlooked gem. The cover to this re release is disgusting though
  12. I wouldn't say boc because their output isn't that big Personally I'd say either Squarepusher or Clark
  13. Rest in peace Andrew, a true electronic music legend rivaled by none
  14. https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/71991
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