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  1. Could anyone recommend me some good, hazy, distant, lofi deep house you'd play while driving through a city at nighttime?
  2. That album was so great man, should really revisit it again sometime...
  3. Such a good album, glad it got released this time
  4. Gotta check this out! Bisl was an early favorite of mine
  5. West said that it'll be releasing tomorrow
  6. Currently visiting family in Switzerland
  7. Sounds way different than Line's other works. Will he keeping an eye out for this
  8. I expected England to win, not that I really cared for the outcome though. It was an enjoyable match
  9. Either Bytes or Spanners, that's how you get a feel for their weirder, more experimental ventures. They also happen to be my personal favorite BD albums, they just stand out so much. Just go in chornological order from there, you can hear their progression into more minimal techno that way.
  10. Weird track, I don't know if I'm into it yet. Nice to know they are still alive at least
  11. The album is turning out to be a strong aoty cotender, it just keeps getting better. Also this mf needs to make a movie! The cinematography of his music vids are amazing
  12. Been loving this one on first listen! Idk if it's going to top Igor since that resonates with me on a personal level but it sounds great nonetheless. Really enjoy the more rap heavy sound he's going for again, Tyler is the only guy that can reinvent himself with each new album and never miss.
  13. Finally got my CD, really nice booklet!
  14. Same, watching him grow as an artist has been amazing. He's evolved massively with each album do ik curious to see what he does with this one. It doesn't need to be some revolutionary work, new Tyler is always welcome.
  15. https://www.callmeifyougetlost.com/ (Video:) He's continuing his new album every 2 years cycle. I don't know how much traction this is going to gain here but at least I am exited, I've been following h for years now. Love Wolf, Cherry Bomb, Flower Boy and IGOR so the hype is real. Releasing June 25th!
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