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  1. Back in stock on Bandcamp. Get it before the dickhead scalpers https://iliantape.bandcamp.com/album/itlp09-skee-mask-pool
  2. Nice! Will have a re-listen. Actually saw this looking for a discussion on Lossless. Love it so far, especially the Hi-Res option when connected to a DAC. Seems weird which releases are lossless though when it comes to smaller labels. All of Aphex and µ-ziq's catalog has it except for the new Analogical Force release, even though the rest of the AF releases seem to be lossless. I buy most of my stuff in WAV or physical from my favorite artists so it doesn't matter as much but I hope the feature isn't mostly limited to bigger labels or artists.
  3. Love this. Fresh sound from him
  4. Gear: Mackie XR624 monitors, Korg Monologue, Yamaha TX81Z, Alesis Quadraverb, Motu M4 interface, Ableton Push, Volcano vaporizer, my dog
  5. Off to make a 3 hour long YouTube video about why Warp and AFX were involved in the planned COVID hoax!!!
  6. He's finally going to reveal that this was all in fact a PLANdemic
  7. Haven’t listened to them much in years but they were one of the first bands to get me into electronic music. RIP.
  8. If he still has half the laptop all you'd really need to do is take out the hard drive and pop it in a $20 enclosure or docking station connected to another computer unless the drive itself took some damage
  9. Love it more on each listen. Great to hear new stuff from him
  10. Glitch-hop record full of diss tracks directed at Warp
  11. Finally getting back to Miles Morales after playing tons of Astro's Playroom. Sackboy is pretty fun as well. Should I pick up Demon Souls if I haven't played any of those games except like 20 minutes of Bloodbourne?
  12. When is twoism.org finally going to merge with autism.org?
  13. Love seeing him go all in on a concept. The single isn't my favorite because hooks has never been his strength, but the production and all the glitchy viral marketing has me very excited.
  14. I heard SIGN stands for Super Intelligent Great Noise
  15. Looks like he's using the Ganz Graf Max device. I've used it for live performances before. https://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/1530/ganz-graf-mod-x
  16. It's a Samurai Math Beats reissue https://disciples.ffm.to/bogdan-smb
  17. Happy Birthday to the one and only user18081971
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