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  1. https://www.cc.com/video/beopn8/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewart-norm-macdonald
  2. Fuck. One of the funniest people ever
  3. He was around Philly for a few months filming a TV show a couple years ago. Never got to run into him playing his flute but apparently it was a regular occurrence.
  4. He'll never give up the features he gets paid $100,000+ for
  5. They're also competing for the most cringy artist name. Love Ross From Friends though and will check this one out
  6. Mike P is going to kill us all https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9947327/WHO-warns-potentially-vaccine-resistant-Mu-variant-originated-Colombia.html
  7. Oh boy Richard's going to be mad if he sees Radiohead on there
  8. https://deadline.com/2021/08/trevor-moore-dies-co-founder-of-the-whitest-kids-u-know-was-41-1234811024/ RIP. Dude was super funny
  9. Back in stock on Bandcamp. Get it before the dickhead scalpers https://iliantape.bandcamp.com/album/itlp09-skee-mask-pool
  10. Nice! Will have a re-listen. Actually saw this looking for a discussion on Lossless. Love it so far, especially the Hi-Res option when connected to a DAC. Seems weird which releases are lossless though when it comes to smaller labels. All of Aphex and µ-ziq's catalog has it except for the new Analogical Force release, even though the rest of the AF releases seem to be lossless. I buy most of my stuff in WAV or physical from my favorite artists so it doesn't matter as much but I hope the feature isn't mostly limited to bigger labels or artists.
  11. Love this. Fresh sound from him
  12. Gear: Mackie XR624 monitors, Korg Monologue, Yamaha TX81Z, Alesis Quadraverb, Motu M4 interface, Ableton Push, Volcano vaporizer, my dog
  13. Off to make a 3 hour long YouTube video about why Warp and AFX were involved in the planned COVID hoax!!!
  14. He's finally going to reveal that this was all in fact a PLANdemic
  15. Haven’t listened to them much in years but they were one of the first bands to get me into electronic music. RIP.
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