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My latest mix is for my mate threepayments' mix series, ______PLAYS MUSIC. From his kind writeup:

"For the 6th mix in the _____ PLAYS MUSIC series dj sriracha joins us to provide an hour long meditative journey of 2 step, hypnotic techno, breaks, and leftfield club. Taking a measured approach in the first 35 minutes, tracks transition effortlessly guiding the listener through a multipurpose mix that can be enjoyed in a club setting or remote environment. In the final 25 minute stretch all the buildup and anticipation culminates with a showcase of some of the most eclectic club adjacent tracks of recent years."

01) Aleksi Perälä :: UK74R1721041 [AP Musik]
02) Cadans :: Millian [Balans]
03) Skee Mask :: 800AB [Ilian Tape]
04) Answer Code Request :: Resonate [Delsin]
05) Uun :: The Egregore [Semantica]
06) Kim English :: Learn 2 Luv (Francois K's Atmospheric Mood - Pearson Sound Remix) [Nervous Records]
07) Yan Cook :: Buddy [Delsin]
08) Versalife :: Aegis [20/20 Vision]
09) Albert van Abbe :: The Blackest Orange Turns Purple Green (Rrose Remix) [Danza Tribale]
10) Adiel :: If Not Me Who? [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
11) Pfirter :: Ultraviolet [Modularz]
12) Wata Igarashi :: Cascade [Midgar]
13) Pangaea :: Still Flowing Water [Hessle Audio]
14) Reptant :: Syncussion Concussion [Trust]
15) Clouds :: 6i6 [Maxiboy]
16) Simo Cell :: Storm Steven [BFDM]
17) Zenker Brothers :: Enjoy Reality [Ilian Tape]
18) DJ Plead :: Rough Text [Livity Sound]
19) Psyk :: Scattered [Who Whom]
20) Uun :: Scythe And Sickle [Dynamic Reflection]

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01) cv313 :: Clouds Beyond [Echospace]
02) Al Wootton :: Temple Ball [Trule]
03) Struction :: Dolly [R&S]
04) Artefakt :: Rail [Delsin]
05) Albert van Abbe :: The Blackest Orange Turns Purple Green (Rrose Remix) [Danza Tribale]
06) Versalife :: Aegis [20/20 Vision]
07) Zenker Brothers :: Look Precisely [Ilian Tape]
08) Leo Anibaldi :: Endurance 4 (Version II) (Donato Dozzy Remix) [Vargmal]
09) Wata Igarashi :: Gravity [Bunker New York]
10) Struction :: Warrior [R&S]
11) Batu :: Whisper [Timedance]
12) Parallel 9 :: Quantico [Delsin]
13) Pearson Sound :: Sinkhole [Hessle Audio]
14) Uun :: Liminal Space (Reprise) [Ego Death]
15) Wata Igarashi :: Storm [Wata Igarashi]
16) Deepchord :: Devil Ray [Soma]
17) Lag :: Detelinara [Mord]
18) Al Wootton :: Russell [Trule]
19) Hodge :: Where I Wanna Be [Two Moons]
20) Raime :: We Must Hunt Under The Wreckages Of Many Systems [Blackest Ever Black]


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