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  1. A really versatile device that can do a ton of cool shit but needs a bit more flexibility in its settings (I've sent these to Arturia): 1. Drum note mappings per-project (one of the most fun drum sequencers I've used but only 16 midi notes for the whole thing isn't enough). 2. Allow the ability to turn the MIDI performance channel off. Need this if you have stuff assigned to all 16 channels already. I'd be quite happy if these things happened. As it is, I get a ton of usage out of it.
  2. Last Friday's show. Fun times. Unexpected fun appearance of Future's "Codeine Crazy".
  3. GAS-adjacent, but finding a replacement L-shaped rubber end cap for a keyboard stand is damn near impossible it seems. Figured they'd be relatively easy to find online and so far completely elusive.
  4. On www.sub.fm tonight at 9pmCST/10pmEST/2amGMT. Listen in!
  5. SubFM show from 10-22 Download link: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-22-oct-2021/ 1. Tower Block Dreams “Your Lies”, Reminiscent Dreams EP, Warehouse Rave, 2021 2. D3070 “New Era”, Deep Impact EP, 1Ø PILLS MATE, 2021 3. Main Phase “Creepin”, Buss It EP, Time is Now, 2021 4. Batu “Shiritani”, False Reeds EP, Timedance, 2019 5. DJ Crisps “Knock It Down”, Diamonds EP, Time is Now, 2020 6. Interplanetary Criminal “Tension”, Sleepwalker EP, Sneaker Social Club, 2019 7. Lxury “Go (Dub)”, Trinity Lounge EP, Lost Palms, 2020 8. K-Lone “Sine Language”, Sine Language EP, Wisdom Teeth, 2019 9. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code “FM Expander”, 6th Element EP, Boysnoize Records, 2020 10. Hugo Massien “Andromeda Signal”, Almost Becoming Lucid EP, E-Beamz, 2018 11. Nikki Nair “In My Car”, Power Tool EP, Dirtybird, 2020 12. Stones Taro “Hold On”, Dansu for Mental Health Vol. 2 compilation, Dansu Discs, 2020 13. Soundbwoy Killah “Burning”, Burning/Moving On single, Hundred Flowers, 2019 14. Drumskull “Interlocked (Coco Bryce Remix)”, Negative 7 EP, Seagrave, 2021 15. D. Tiffany “Sip & Savour”, Feel U EP, Planet Euphorique, 2018 16. Gallegos “Before or Since”, Sentiment of Love EP, Banoffee Pies, 2021 17. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code “Automate”, Hydro Systems EP, E-Beamz, 2018 18. Beneath “Dilemma”, No Symbols 001-006 compilation, Self-Released, 2020 19. No Moon “Io”, Pretty Fly for a Lo Fi EP, Echo Vortex, 2017 20. Randomer “Smokin”, Smokin EP, Long Island Electrical Systems, 2017 21. Main Phase “Come Thru”, Cold Up North EP, Warehouse Rave, 2020 22. Champion “Rainforest”, Rainforest EP, Roska Kicks & Snares, 2012 23. Carlton Doom “Ard”, Ard EP, Hypercolour, 2019 24. Ejeca “Unloving (Special Request Remix), The Crystal Maze EP, Four Thirty Two, 2018 25. DJ Q “99”, 99 single, Self-Released, 2016 26. Textasy “Mystique”, Magick 101 EP, Exotic Robotics, 2019 27. Interplanetary Criminal “2001”, Club Culture, Vol. 1 compilation, Dansu Discs, 2018 28. Anunaku “Temples”, Whities 024 EP, Whities, 2019 29. Mugwisa International Xylophone Group “Drop the Beat (FYI Chris Acid Drop), Versus II compilation, On the Corner, 2017 30. Assembler Code & Jensen Interceptor “Gerald’s Aqua Lessons”, Upper Function EP, LKR Records, 2019 31. Al Wootton “Franz”, Operator EP, TRULE, 2020 32. Roza Terenzi “Cosmology”, Stylish Tantrum EP, Step Ball Chain, 2020 33. DJ Chupacabra “Turbo”, Yard Club EP, Haŵs, 2020 34. Coco Bryce “NTT (Meant 2 B)”, Lost City Archives Vol 2 EP, Myor Massive, 2020 35. Todd Edwards “I Might Be (Joy Orbison Remix)”, I Might Be single, Scion A/V Remix, 2010 36. Defekt & Jensen Interceptor “Malfunction”, Mind Lock EP, International Chrome, 2020 37. Stones Taro “Word Rush”, BAM002 EP, YAM Records, 2020 38. Holloway “Bad Days”, Some Bad Days EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020 39. Beneath “A Shrill Manner”, On Tilt EP, Hemlock Recordings, 2021 40. Pinch & Mumdance “Strobe Light”, Pinch & Peverelist Present: In Deep compilation, Livity Sound, 2018 41. Skee Mask “Mbass123 Excerpt”, ISS006 EP, Ilian Tape, 2020
  6. Hi everyone. The show from Friday the 8th Can download here: https://archive.sub.fm/taupe-beats-08-oct-2021/ 1. Yosh “Choose One”, Don’t Say EP, Distant Horizons, 2021 2. Eli Minus “they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. (DJ Python little peaked Remix)”, they told us it was hard, but they were wrong. (remixes) EP, Domino, 2020 3. Harrison BDP “Reflections”, Cathedrals EP, Shall Not Fade, 2020 4. Laksa “Madu’s Break”, Delicates EP, Ilian Tape, 2018 5. Josh Wink “Feel (DJ Seinfeld Remix)”, Feel EP, Ellem Audio, 2020 6. Bambounou “Cascade”, Cascade EP, Bambe, 2021 7. Hooverian Blur “Good Hurt”, Good Hurt EP, Further Electronix, 2021 8. DJ Haus “Machine Learning (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)”, Machine Learning (Interplanetary Criminal Remix) single, Unknown to the Unknown, 2020 9. Andy Stott “Ballroom”, It Should Be Us EP, Modern Love, 2019 10. Breach “Fatherless (T Williams Remix)”, Breach vs. T. Williams single, PTN, 2011 11. P.Leone “The First Vision”, Moments Of Peace Within EP, Rekids, 2019 12. Cixxx J “Triple X”, Feed Mode EP, Bosconi Records, 2021 (forthcoming) 13. Mella Dee, “North Bridge”, North Bridge EP, Warehouse Music, 2019 14. VVV “Under Control”, Across the Sea album, Fortified Audio, 2011 15. Hugo Massien “Twist & Turn (Jensen Interceptor Remix)”, Dance Trax Vol. 21 EP, Unknown to the Unknown, 2019 16. Ell Murphy & Highrise “Letting Go”, Time is Now White Vol. 4 EP, Shall Not Fade, 2021 17. Reptant “The Outcast”, Return to Planet X'trapolis EP, LKR Records, 2021 18. Hodge “Lanes (Anz's Hooover Remix)”, Remixes In Blue EP, Houndstooth, 2020 19. Jamie Woon “Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Remix)”, Wayfaring Stranger EP, Live Recordings, 2007 20. Wata Igarashi “Cylinder”, New Dawn EP, FIGURE, 2021 21. Deauwd “Litter”, Adept EP, Float Records, 2016 22. KETTAMA “Temperature Rising”, G-TOWN CLUB TRAX 001 EP, self-released, 2019 23. Trae Da Truth feat. Z-Ro “No Help”, Restless album, Rap-a-Lot, 2006 24. Jensen Interceptor “Dimensional Thought”, Mother album, Lone Romantic, 2018 25. Main Phase “Talk to Me”, Absolute Main Phase Vol 3 EP, self-released, 2021 26. Claro Intelecto “Tone”, Peace of Mind EP, Ai, 2003 27. Gallegos “Blue Mountain”, B45 EP, Holding Hands, 2020 28. Interplanetary Criminal “Romanza”, Warehouse Romance, Warehouse Rave, 2020 29. Lxury “Sins.00”, Extra Free, Vol. 1 album, self-released, 2018 30. Stones Taro “Step of Love”, Brain Cable EP, Kouncil Cuts, 2020
  7. This is a good technique (video goes right to it)
  8. Ok lame fuck. Go look at my mix thread, see how I'm trying to bring new artists to attention here. And then shut the fuck up. btw, since I have to spell it out for some of you remedial types. Look at the bulk of replies here. Immediate deflections
  9. I see all the edgelords trying to derail the valid point this thread makes.
  10. RIP K. Hand. One of the first Detroit techno DJ's I heard, took me on journeys!
  11. Did not like this nearly as much as ISS005
  12. Going back to gear used for Lunatic Harness. I know he was using an MPC to perform it live.
  13. It's obviously this. That's his birthday listed up there. Why are people not getting this? This is not even ambiguous.
  14. Surprised I never spoke about this film here before. Kenji Mizoguchi's "The Story of Late Chrysanthemums" is amazing. Wondrful set design (standard for Mizoguchi). I appreciate Mizoguchi telling the story and not putting a clear indication of his sympathies. That ambiguity still triggers debates to this day about who the true antagonist of this film is. Highly recommended
  15. I'd skip those. Not particularly good ports that use way too much resource for what iOS will supply. There is a great port of the Mutable Instruments coding for several modules(which is open source) in a free iOS app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/spectrum-synthesizer-bundle/id1467384251?ign-mpt=uo%3D4 It's not pretty but sounds great.
  16. Didn't want to muddy the water but this is the same for me. That song is essentially perfect in my eyes. edit: As an aside, everyone should check the side project band Helen. Fuzz pop that's just great, don't really know what else to say.
  17. Start with the Paradise Valley single. It's 2 songs and gives you a pretty good idea of Grouper's sound. If you like it, go on to Ruins and the other albums.
  18. A new Grouper record is always welcome news.
  19. Most people on this board are assholes and I still support them. Gonna have to try a bit harder.
  20. Has that Devilfish clone made it to the US? I've been watching and only seen it go on sale in Europe. Also, the original Polivoks designer is working with Behringer on a clone. https://www.musicradar.com/news/behringer-polivoks
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