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  1. Sriracha and I on SubFM from Friday, November 18th, 2022. Enjoy! 1 Mani Festo ''Concorde II'' 2 Main Phase ''Creepin'' 3 Two Lone Swordsmen ''Neuflex '' 4 Randomer ''Smokin'' 5 Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code ''Kinematics '' 6 Baauer ''PLANET'S MAD (A. G. Cook Remix)'' 7 Pangaea ''Time Bomb'' 8 Sage de Lestrogén ''Tongue Technician'' 9 Prozak ''Ruff Dub'' 10 Clouds ''Overflow Ya'' 11 Wata Igarashi ''Spiral'' 12 Randomer & Hodge ''Simple As'' 13 Silkie ''Concrete Jungle'' 14 Paul Woolford ''You Already Know (Extended D-Mix)'' 15 Denham Audio & Coco Bryce ''Single Minded People'' 16 Pangaea ''Still Flowing Water'' 17 Simo Cell ''How Do You Turn This On'' 18 Soul Mass Transit System ''1 Of A Kind'' 19 Maroki ''Hatchi'' 20 Parallel 9 ''Quantico'' 21 Claro Intelecto ''Patience'' 22 J-Zbel ''ZHF (Gale Mix)'' 23 Aleksi Perälä ''FI3AC2033030'' 24 Uun ''Scythe and Sickle'' 25 Reptant ''The Outcast'' 26 Interplanetary Criminal ''If It Wasn't'' 27 Reptant ''Organizm Mechanism'' 28 Hodge ''Sub 100'' 29 Breach ''Man Up'' 30 French Fries ''Mother French'' 31 Yan Cook ''Gambler'' 32 Zenker Brothers ''Look Precisely'' 33 Paranoid London feat. DJ Genesis ''Lovin U (Ahh Shit)'' 34 Rhyval ''Footcell'' 35 Cortese ''Where You At?'' 36 Matty G ''For The Smokers'' 37 Wata Igarashi ''Train of Thought'' 38 Donato Dozzy & Anna Caragnano ''Parola (Rework)'' 39 Borai ''Let's Jet Out'' 40 Future ''Tony Montana (no Drake verse)'' 41 Chango ''HASTUR'' 42 Lag ''Twitch'' 43 Mani Festo ''Big Rooms'' 44 Three 6 Mafia ''Testin' My Gangsta'' 45 Skee Mask ''800AB'' 46 Interplanetary Criminal ''Confused (VIP)'' 47 RSD ''Koto'' 48 Project Pat ''Murderers & Robbers'' 49 Batu ''Inner Space'' 50 Silkie ''Planet X'' 51 Pugilist & Mystik ''Misty In Roots'' 52 Zenker Brothers ''Who's In Control'' 53 D.Dan ''Take It Easy'' 54 DJ Plead ''Salt and Pepper'' 55 Highrise ''Candlelight Rushin'' 56 Ido Plumes ''Albeit'' 57 Martyn ''All I Have Is Memories'' 58 Yan Cook ''Lemur'' 59 Ronan ''Dream Portal (Reptant's Lizard Tech Mix)'' 60 RSD ''Speeka Box'' 61 Simo Cell ''Whispers'' 62 Pangaea ''Router'' 63 µ-Ziq ''Secret Stair, Pt. 2'' 64 Iron Soul ''Ladies Jam'' 65 2562 ''Dinosaur'' 66 John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman ''Lush Life''
  2. I'll go ahead and spam my mix thread here: There is a secret forum here where I workshop all my tracklists before playing my shows.
  3. I think only dumbass dj's need "smart" features in any dj software.
  4. Like this a lot. Futur Spher Techno Version is beautiful.
  5. November 4th, 2022 show: 1. Mitch Wade Cole "Good Advice (Ian DPM's Bad Guidance Mix)" 2. Borai "Step Outside" 3. Coldpast "Fluffs" 4. Cortese "In Transit" 5. Pearson Sound "Red Sky" 6. µ-Ziq "Twangle Frent (Special Request Rework)" 7. Rhyval "Footcell" 8. Frankel & Harper "Oblivion" 9. Pj Bridger "Raggedge" 10. Blair Sound Design "Wanderer" 11. Amy Dabbs & Coco Bryce "Geezer Like Me" 12. Prozak "Hold Me Down" 13. A and A aka Anunaku and Avalon Emerson "Eternal September" 14. Soul Mass Transit System "Butterfly" 15. Black Loops "Makes Me Feel Dis Way" 16. Pee J Anderson "Propamin (Little Dead Girl Remix)" 17. K-LONE & WILFY D "Strawberries" 18. Thought Trails "Feel This Way" 19. Jag Limbo "They Had Everything (Earth Trax Remix)" 20. Farsight "Water Margin" 21. Lxury "PAD MA" 22. Bluetoof "That Got Dark (Interplanetary Criminal Remix)" 23. Amaliah "Speedy G" 24. Denham Audio "The Ryder" 25. 4tgang "Get Me" 26. Mani Festo "Folding Time" 27. Thought Trails "Energy Crew" 28. Eliphino "You Said That" 29. Tatie Dee "Drum Machines" 30. Yemi feat. Bria "Never Let You Go" 31. Y U QT "Pick Me Up" 32. Nativ "Brittle" 33. Bianca Oblivion "Calling" 34. Coco Bryce "Luv Ain EZ" 35. Harrison BDP "Virtual Resistance" 36. Lmajor feat. Fracture "Feelin" 37. M4A4 "Starbeam" 38. Etari "With You (Stones Taro Remix)" 39. Main Phase "Bluku" 40. Groovy D "Dissonantgrooves" 41. Yosh "Just Like That" 42. Andy Stott "When it Hits"
  6. The incomparable @bronchuseven aka Sriracha on the decks with me for this one. 135ish flow, enjoy
  7. That's lovely, thanks! I am a total sucker for just about everything related to the Fairlight, and that track is no exception.
  8. Never realized how much of an influence Stan Brakhage's "Visions in Meditation" is on Terence Malick's "Tree of Life".
  9. Apologies if I've posted this already but the piano melody in this is one of my favorite things ever in music: Harrison BDP is probably my favorite current house producer.
  10. Yes you can use a cable or adaptor for 1/4" to RCA, however that remains an unbalanced connection. I should have been clarified that the mixer I envision would have balanced 1/4" inputs. None of this is critical stuff for an enduser, but it would be an advantage in many ways. Some of them fidelity-based, some of them just practical. Being able to setup/disconnect without having to unplug any DJ decks, for instance.
  11. Someone is trying to sell a PlayDifferently Model 1 on my local craigslist for $2800 used. Which, LOL. But it also brought me back to one of my most pressing questions about gear: Why in the hell has Pioneer not made a true hybrid DJ/live mixer for clubs? Is there anything else they'd absolutely have to do beyond just adding 1/4" inputs for each channel (all channels can go Line level already)? Even Roland's figured out that no one wants RCA anything for Line-level gear.
  12. I mean, it's 2022 and I'm not sure the tech's there where anyone can handle hearing Tito Jackson.
  13. I should mention, he was specifically referring to HD discs that would be in old server rooms. I remember he said the size was around that of a 12" record. It would probably still be high pitched but he kept going on that the tone was nice. But yes, I remember he mentioned drilling the disc and hanging by string.
  14. Some random person at a rave back in 1999 once gave me a detailed explanation on how to turn an old hard drive disc into a gong. It was fascinating but I was way too high to retain any of the information. But the concept of an old hard drive disc as a gong stuck with me. Anyone know anything about this? I have never seen any info online to support this claim.
  15. That's on my embarrassing long list of "trade bait". I offer stuff like this up for trade on occasion when I see craigslist offers that entice. Only been successful once or twice so far but patience is a virtue. I was sad I couldn't convince someone to trade an Anyma Phi, that thing looks extremely awesome.
  16. I may be misunderstanding, but I thought this was done due to the frequency crashing the hard drive itself. So in the hypothetical you describe, it would be silence, but if the filter wasn't applied, the listener wouldn't hear the recording anyway because the drive would crash upon starting playback. The question I have is how difficult it would have been to re-engineer the drives so the frequency wouldn't crash it. As well, I suspect a lot of drives were manufactured before this problem was discovered so the filter solution was seen as the most affordable.
  17. Don't see why it's that odd. It's the same as someone finding a glitch in software after beta testing's ended. Just an obscure and unexpected but still consequential fault in technology. The filter wasn't added just for that song, but for that potential frequency that could show up in another recording. The Rhythm Nation tour looked fucking awesome. I am trying to find the video now and of course failing but the percussionist on stage had an entire room full of stuff.
  18. I have a Filterbank 1. Potentially controversial opinion but these have never clicked with me. For exactly the reason that a lot of people praise it, the volatility. Admittedly I've never had that moment where I liked the results which drove me to really dive into it. Which I guess leads me to my other issue with it, which is also something people praise about the thing. The interplay is hard to fully understand. A silver lining over something like, say, an FM synth is that at least all the parameters are looking at you and hands on. But yeah, good to quickly get distorted bass-y doom sounds and other metallic oddness. Oh, and the MIDI implementation on the Sherman is...odd. Not sure I'd call it bad, but it's unique. Totally unrelated aside, I have fully come to the opinion that I hate gear influencer culture. All of it. It's just opening a cesspool of assholes getting way too much attention and clout. I think the impacts are bigger than people realize as well. Most people watching these channels have lived in a world where electronic music is dominant. Where synths are just as if not more familiar and prevalent as guitars. The culture is bigger than ever but still ripe for snake oil sales. The crap creators outweigh the good so I'd rather it all faded (I know it won't). Also, and this is a totally personal opinion, but I don't like the idea of mystery being taken away from synths (or electronic music in general). That's a big part of the fun for me. While influencer culture is far from the sole offender, they're not helping in preserving that mystery.
  19. I start with Webbie's "G Shit" and go into Squarepusher's "Beep Street", and it all goes from there. Come along if ya so choose:
  20. This album is wonderful. I play tracks from it on my radio show. "Servin a Deuce" and "Inside Looking Out" are Houston hip hop classics. edit: "Inside Looking Out" is on their other album. Also, if you like DJ Screw, he would go off on these tracks.
  21. Affordable walking bass lines in your lounge band in 1982! edit: That's awesome about finding the mod page. Google Image searches may give you the equivalent stuff you need.
  22. Has that engineer ever spoke on this? Or did anyone confirm they got a hold of the engineer and asked them about it? I wouldn't assume they'd hoard the mod info as proprietary until they confirmed it themselves. Hell, could just be an issue of the engineer suddenly being able to continue but maybe their family/friends would be willing to share the info.
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