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  1. It's also long. In fact it's his first film not as a hired gun for a studio (so his first long film, also). Most of it takes place in New Jersey so seeing a Lav Diaz film shot in the US is cool.
  2. Check the tracklist (you'll recognize at least some of it), listen to the mix (or reverse that order), and enjoy. 1. Noda & Wolfers ''The Transient Purpose of Echo'', Tascam Space Season EP, Nightwind Records, 2022 2. Itti ''Bat yawning (Eusebeia Remix)'', Itti album, Diffuse Reality Records, 2020 3. Earth Trax ''Inside Out'', LP2 album, Shall Not Fade, 2020 4. KSETDEX ''Gotta Find'', Jungle Singles album, FTP, 2020 5. K-LONE & Ill Chill ''Hope'', Rare Jewels EP, Wych, 2017 6. John Frusciante ''Zillion'', Maya EP, Timesig, 2020 7. Chimpo ''LUV NRG'', On The Dial EP, Astrophonica, 2022 8. Kouslin ''Why Don't You Don't'', Patterns EP, Livity Sound, 2023 9. Richard Devine ''Swap, Trigger'', Lipswitch EP, Warp/Schematic, 2000 10. Samurai Breaks ''Mystery Wobbler Dub'', Jus A Raver EP, Hooversound Recordings, 2023 11. Basic Rhythm ''Cool Down The Dance (Loxy Remix)'', Cool Down The Dance EP, Planet Mu, 2022 12. Squarepusher ''Lone Ravers (Live In Chelmsford Mix)'', Big Loada compilation, Nothing/Warp, 1998 13. Nondi_ ''Sentimental Juke'', Flood City Trax album, Planet Mu, 2023 14. mod-r x Obatalla ''One Tap'', Hardcore Energy Introducing Vol 2 compilation, Hardcore Energy, 2023 15. Soundmurderer & Sk-1 ''Whowanseekwar (Instrumental)'', Whowanseekwar single, Shockout, 2003 16. Daffy ''Idiot Sound Nah Test'', Badboy VIP / Idiot Sound Nah Test split single, Deep In The Jungle Records, 2014 17. J:Kenzo ''Dub for Bashenga'', Om Unit Presents: Cosmology Dark Matter compilation, Cosmic Bridge Records, 2019 18. Pato Banton feat. Ranking Roger ''Bubbling Hot'', Bubbling Hot single, I.R.S., 1992 19. Toby Ross & Veak ''The Executioner'', The Executioner single, Original Key, 2022 20. Basic Shapes ''FFB'', Phalanx Pt.3 compilation, Typeless, 2020 21. OutKast ''Crumblin' Erb'', Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik album, LaFace Records, 1994 22. Otik ''Paradise Mode'', Soulo EP, 3024, 2021 23. Photek ''The Margin '98 (Doc Scott Remix)'', Form & Function album, Science/Virgin, 1998 24. Forest Drive West ''Prism'', Set Free EP, Rupture London, 2018 25. Deadbeat & The Mole ''Piano for Al and bass from uncle Scott'', Deadbeat Meets The Mole album, BLKRTZ, 2020 26. Zomby ''Eclipse 92'', Chaos Reigns III EP, Warehouse Rave, 2021 27. Laksa ''Ardhall'', Sen On One EP, Timedance, 2020 28. Atrice ''Is It Warm'', Multiplex EP, Ilian Tape, 2024 29. End User License Agreement ''Hear Dis'', XTR003 compilation, Extra Spicy, 2021 30. Indigo ''The Root'', Ayahuasca / The Root single, Exit Records, 2012 31. Pete Cannon & Ruckspin ''Hardcore Lesson'', Pete Cannon Meets… EP, N4 Records, 2023 32. LMajor ''12000 Watts'', Fast Lane compilation, Discs Of The World, 2022 33. KiNK ''Daddy Acid'', Aphex KiNK EP, Sharivari Records, 2010 34. Conrad Subs & J.O.E ''Jungle Sound'', Stamina EP, Jungle Cakes, 2022 35. Lil' Boosie ''I Remember'', Bad Azz album, Trill Entertainment/Asylum, 2006 36. Calimex Mental Implant Corp. ''Ethiopian Ski Dream'', El Saber Del Arpavor album, Nightwind Records, 2015 37. Raumskaya ''Ice and Stones (Tropical Interface Remix)'', Core Remixes album, Hyperboloid Records, 2019 38. Dunal ''Skitter under the floor above'', Dunal Chronicles II album, self-released, 2018 39. Tlim Shug ''Lava U'', Selenicereus grandiflorus EP, Cactus Traxx, 2019 40. Basic Rhythm ''Woozy'', XT/Woozy (Remixes) split single, Uncertain Hour/Musique Nocturne, 2024 41. Nick The Lot ''In Jamaica '', In Jamaica/Nightclub single, Jungle Cakes, 2023 42. Phorme ''Smoking on The Balcony (Thugwidow Remix)'', Let - The Remixes album, Kaiseki Digital, 2019 43. HLZ ''Blind Slug (Fractale Remix)'', Unchained: The Remixes compilation, Unchained Recordings, 2020 44. µ-Ziq ''Soft Pipes Play On'', Aberystwyth Marine album, Planet Mu, 2016 45. Arovane ''A Secret'', Tides EP, City Centre Offices, 2000 46. Tony Rebel ''The Armour'', The Armour single, Penthouse Records, 1990 47. Harold Budd / Brian Eno ''The Plateaux Of Mirror'', Ambient 2 (The Plateaux Of Mirror) album, Editions EG, 1980
  3. The other day I realized the youtube algorithm knows me better than any human being ever has. That terrifies me.
  4. Hello everyone! Should check my most recent show 'cause it's good. Download link Tracklist in spoiler
  5. Thanks to you and @auxien for the response! That Midihub device looks amazing.
  6. Not critical at all but I'm curious so I'll ask here. Is there a hardware device that will take a midi gate in as a trigger (hopefully with the ability to filter which notes to accept) to send random modulation of selected midi cc's? Drambo for iOS does this and it's one of the cooler tricks I've ever found. I've never seen this in hardware. Squarp Pyramid comes close but that's clock-based rather than MIDI gate.
  7. Went for 4 hours on Friday, turned out pretty fun Tracklist
  8. Thanks! This definitely gives some info I'm looking for.
  9. A bit off-topic, but not sure if there's a better place to ask this. Does anyone know of a book that specifically gives an audit of costs for different wars? I know Piketty touches on this in his Capital books but I'm hoping someone knows of a book that's more focused on this specific subject. Thanks in advance!
  10. All Jungle and Breaks on this one. Enjoy! Tracklist
  11. Just in case it got lost in the shuffle, wanted to share a mix I did recently with lots of hip hop in it: 1. DJ Akoza ''Test Mine'', War Outside EP, Jupiter4, 2022 2. Proc Fiskal ''Hello Boss'', Hello Boss EP, Cosmic Bridge, 2018 3. Fat Pat ''If U Only Knew'', Throwed in da Game album, Wreckshop Records, 1998 4. Silkie ''Only 4 U'', City Limits Volume 2 album, Deep Medi, 2011 5. MC Eiht ''We Come Strapped'', We Come Strapped album, Epic, 1994 6. Aphex Twin ''Bucephalus Bouncing Ball'', Come To Daddy EP, Warp, 1997 7. Dead End Alliance feat. Lil Keke & Mike D ''Heart of a Hustler'', Screwed For Life album, Dead End Records, 1998 8. Kabuto ''Warez'', Volume 6 compilation, DREDCOL., 2021 9. Burial feat. Spaceape ''Spaceape'', Burial album, Hyperdub, 2006 10. DJ Cosworth ''MTX In The RS'', Continuum-Z compilation, E-Beamz, 2022 11. First Touch ''Specialist (Weed Smokers Mix)'', Only Truth EP, BSP Bispebjerg, 2022 12. Devin The Dude ''Cooter Brown'', To Tha X-Treme album, Rap-a-Lot, 2004 13. RTR ''Neverever'', 61 Cygni album, Analogical Force, 2022 14. Tim Reaper ''Seeeeeen!'', Eastern Temple EP, Deep Jungle, 2021 15. Mark Pritchard ''Make A Livin’'', Make A Livin' EP, Warp, 2013 16. Rolando Simmons ''Scarletcon'', Volume II EP, self-released, 2012 17. Webbie & Lil' Boosie ''Do It Big'', Ghetto Stories album, Trill Entertainment, 2003 18. Soundbwoy Killah ''Heartbeats'', Halcyon Daze album, Sneaker Social Club, 2019 19. Cam'ron ''Killa Cam'', Purple Haze album, Roc-A-Fella Records, 2004 20. Maya Q ''Break Rev'', Break Rev EP, Third Place Records, 2022 21. Queen Latifah ''Jersey'', New Jersey Drive Vol 1 soundtrack, Tommy Boy, 1995 22. Arovane ''Theme'', Tides album, City Centre Offices, 2000 23. Big K.R.I.T. ''Boobie Miles'', 4Eva N A Day album, Cinematic Music Group, 2012 24. Squarepusher ''Tundra'', Feed Me Weird Things album, Rephlex, 1996 25. 2Pac ''Str8 Ballin''', Thug Life Vol 1 album, Interscope Records, 1994 26. Sam Link ''Ito2'', Hesitate EP, Yuku, 2022 27. Project Pat ''Out There'', Ghetty Green album, Loud/Hypnotized Minds, 1999 28. LMajor ''Tears'', Club Glow Vol.2 split album, Club Glow, 2019 29. Zuli ''Penicillin Duck'', All Caps EP, Uiq, 2021 30. Yazzus ''Impulse'', Delta Wave EP, Good Enuff, 2020 31. Lil' Boosie & Webbie ''Hustlin''', Gangsta Musik album, Trill Entertainment, 2005 32. FFF ''One Sound'', Part Of The Order Volume 2 EP, Fresh 86, 2022 33. Mod-R ''Mandate'', Jury EP, Out of Sorts, 2022 34. Etch ''Black Rainbow'', Ups & Downs album, Sneaker Social Club, 2018 35. Webbie ''Don't Know Why'', Ghetto Stories album, Trill Entertainment, 2003 36. Squarepusher & AFX ''Freeman Hardy & Willis Acid'', We Are Reasonable People compilation, Warp, 1998 37. King Von ''Took Her To The O'', Levon James album, Only the Family, 2020 38. Mani Festo x Denham Audio ''Things You Don't Do'', Continuum-Z compilation, E-Beamz, 2022 39. Big K.R.I.T. ''1986'', 4Eva N A Day album, Cinematic Music Group, 2012 40. Eusebeia ''Awe (Equinox Remix)'', FR008 split EP, Future Retro London, 2023 41. Nas ''N.Y. State of Mind'', Illmatic album, Columbia, 1994 42. Fasme ''Different Groove'', Emo Patchwork EP, Dream Ticket, 2023 43. Squarepusher ''Vic Acid'', Hard Normal Daddy album, Warp, 1997 44. Proc Fiskal ''A Fragrance'', Hello Boss EP, Cosmic Bridge, 2018 45. Roza Terenzi & jd ''Triptych'', Third Nature EP, Step Ball Chain, 2022
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