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  1. That Keystep Pro looks awesome. With that said, losing the assignable encoders of the Beatstep Pro is a deal-breaker for me. I love using the BSP for MIDI control of effects (great for an Eventide H9, for instance).
  2. I like this guy's youtube channel. His video intros have tempted me to join his Patreon.
  3. I liked Iron City more. Hymen Records was on a roll in that era.
  4. These days? Ever tried mixing the Mercedes Bentley vs. Versace Armani 12"? Spoiler alert...it's not easy.
  5. Going back and re-watching old episodes of After Dark. One of the greatest concepts ever developed for television and I'd love to see a remake of it in the United States (and elsewhere, but as an American, I particularly want a U.S. version).
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know the shows are still going and being posted to the Mixcloud. Will be on SubFM this evening as well, 2-4am GMT/9-11pm EST. www.sub.fm Thanks for listening!
  7. All the Interplanetary Criminal stuff and Planet Euphorique releases were great this year.
  8. The Criterion release of Last Year at Marienbad has this with English subs. Worth it.
  9. The title track to this has grown on me over the last week or so. This is good shit.
  10. A cheap and surprisingly fun alternative is Steel Guitar for iOS by the developer Yonac (who makes good stuff)
  11. That switch is noisy as hell and it's a double-problem because you need to run it through some kind of drive circuit or a preamp to make it loud enough, which then makes the kill clicks REALLY loud. However, that's why their "Swarm" knob is there, it's a very subtle LPF with basically no resonance and when it's at about 7'o'clock position or so, that does really dampen the noise from the kill button (however it also dampens the higher frequencies of the springs).
  12. I was talking about the Blackfly regarding the clickless kill button. If the Freeze did the same, I have no clue (but that would be awesome)!
  13. edit: misread the previous post and thought it was talking about the Blackfly.
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