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  1. I do my radio show every other Friday from 9-11pmEST (2-4am BST) on SubFM I have a ton of mixes available to check right now. Check the link in my signature.
  2. I waited in a line outside a grocery store today (for pills, no less). Felt like I was at a club.
  3. One more 'cause this is awesome:
  4. Wasn’t this same piece of shit one of the ice cream lickers? Edit: It sure is.
  5. Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak I was able to work from home twice a week. Now it's every day. My county just put a non-essential travel lockdown as of midnight tonight and that includes my office. So as of tomorrow I have no choice but to work from home. Having to conduct big Skype meetings over VPN isn't super fun.
  6. Yes! Heimat II is even better (imo). I haven't seen Heimat III. I've got the first 2 on the old Kino dvd boxsets and they look like shit but there's a very nice-looking R2 restoration of the first series out on blu ray. I need to get that soon.
  7. Covid-19 does sound like an Aphex track title. He has also released an ep where all tracks were names of viruses.
  8. Ironically fucked his career right up through the internet, too. Surprised no one's mentioned Soulja Boy yet. He's the ultimate answer to this thread.
  9. Going by the source material, it's certainly not supposed to present technology in as bleak and ineffective way as Tarkovsky did. Personally I'm not looking for a full-throated endorsement of technology or futurism or whatever, but I do think that Tarkovsky's own preferences toward things that are more earthly or even spiritual/mystical make the sci-fi aspects of this film a bit weak. To counter with Stalker, which I think is a brilliant statement on humanity's recklessness with technological and scientific exploration. Ironically, the authors of that novel also hated Tarkovsky's adaptation.
  10. I think I address what you're talking about in the first paragraph in my spoiler. Again, there is one critical moment (Brueghel and Bach) where Tarkovsky stops everything to show that there can be a human (and in this case, not quite human as well) connection. Specifically with something that Tarkovsky would classify as visual (Brueghel) and audio (Bach, as interpreted by Artemyev) poetry. Tarkovsky always made a point of this in all his films. That where you cannot make a psychological connection with humanity and the earth, you can make a spiritual one through art (and specifically poetry). This is also why I consider it as bias of Tarkovsky's. Among many things, Tarkovsky's father was a famous poet... In your last statement, I think we're saying the same thing. That's what I was getting as classifying Tarkovsky as a Luddite. I don't see anything in that film which actually celebrates technological progress, which is why I specifically used that term.
  11. I don't think Solyaris is a clear representation of that message at all. I've always personally seen it as Tarkovsky promoting a Luddite view. I'm not left feeling like he sees much by way of hope or progress in technology. Just a threat that can be provoked. As far as the relationship with his father, I would counter that the failures in their relationship are on both sides. I think it would be a misread to see it as Kris just being too stubborn rather than a more natural human failure to connect (regardless of philosophy). The scenes between them employ the classic Tarkovsky technique of each character looking away. So it's as much of a failure of the father and his appreciation of nature.
  12. Dang it, in that spoiler I had re-worded it and meant to say "towards" and forgot to remove "against". That looks hilarious now.
  13. Regarding Solyaris, I've always found the film visually impressive (it's Tarkovsky, that goes without saying). With that said, I have a lot of issues with the "sci-fi" aspects of the film: Still worth a watch.
  14. He should have known this is a futile quest as Ayn Rand is already dead. Silly elephant. Also, who in the fuck has a midlife crisis where they think it's a good idea to dress like Matt Drudge?! Even as a republican!
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