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  1. Most people on this board are assholes and I still support them. Gonna have to try a bit harder.
  2. Has that Devilfish clone made it to the US? I've been watching and only seen it go on sale in Europe. Also, the original Polivoks designer is working with Behringer on a clone. https://www.musicradar.com/news/behringer-polivoks
  3. Live on www.sub.fm right now, tune in!
  4. I learned about this Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble from this thread. Funny enough, because Eugene's my hometown, I didn't think of that as a random generated name! (also curious to hear what they sound like so I will be checking this out)
  5. You may want to look into a fuckin' mirror for that "experts on delusion" line. 1. How do you know what is and is not slander in this situation while you simultaneously confirm you don't know specifics? 2. Why the scare quotes about "wrong"?
  6. Jonas Akerlund making a film about Mayhem is somehow even more repulsive than listening to Mayhem. Garbage filmmaker.
  7. A 16-voice chord all on one 303 filter sweep. Prog acid.
  8. Behringer's 303 clone advertises that you can poly chain up to 16 of 'em right on the box. The concept of this gets funnier to me the more I think about it.
  9. The Shamen Gabber Piet DatGirl McRorie Iannis Xenakis
  10. Damnit I missed this. Had I known I would have played it for your cats!
  11. I just forgot another one that I def. regret selling, Roland R-70. Very cool drum machine, and I was impulsive to sell it.
  12. Totally forgot about this one. That's a cool looking sequencer.
  13. Yeah it was odd, they did an initial run that sold quickly, then implied they'd do another run and if they did it was very limited. Been sold out for a long time.
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