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  1. Winchell's > all other chain donut shops
  2. I was mean to poseur kids who got really into the Beatles around the time of the Anthology series in the 90's. I don't regret it.
  3. They're intended for transport controls and numeric data entry/preset recalls. 14 of them can be reassigned as a cc or note. Any control (button, knob, fader) can let you set minimum/maximum values.
  4. From that pic alone, bet Malick loved it. (but obv. not as much as Jayden Smith and Cara Delevingne) haha Photek did the music for it
  5. Unfortunately Bastl only did 1 limited run on these: https://bastl-instruments.com/instruments/60knobs#diy I swear by my Evolution uc-33a
  6. Yeah flash memory saves everything else. Just the MIDI channel. You're probably right, just a quirk in the device. Sucks 'cause Roland/Boss rarely fix those. edit: Ok, so above, can all be disregarded hahaha. I just turned it on and it was saved now. I am baffled as to what I could have done differently to get it to work this time. Yay user error!
  7. Got a Boss RC-505, it's awesome. However I keep running into a single thing that is driving me insane. Anyone know how to make the thing save the MIDI channel if you change it in settings? It defaults to 1 every time I turn it on (want it at 13). I change it, his write, save it to both the preset and userset. Next time I turn it on, it's back at channel 1.
  8. ^ Well put on the 0-Coast
  9. Herr Hainbach has collaborated on an iOS app with Bram Bos (one of the best app developers) to make a Gauss-inspired tape looper for iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/gauss-field-looper/id1530684073 Very cool
  10. Got the World at War set. I have officially become one of those people who is physically repulsed when an aspect ratio is manipulated from the original intention for viewing (some filmmakers like Kubrick shot in ways that provided flexibility but most don't). Academy ratio is ok! If it was shot that way, leave it that way!
  11. Hum - Inlet Throbbing Gristle - Part Two: The Endless Not
  12. hahaha the 5080's 128 voices. Impressive!
  13. Jacques Cousteau? Oh yeah... https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=3561274 https://film.avclub.com/jacques-cousteau-throws-dynamite-at-fish-in-the-first-d-1798257910 Fuck Jacques Cousteau, and if I'm a cunt for saying that, so be it. I've never heard anything negative about David Attenborough.
  14. Today is my birthday. Please go to my mix thread, listen to something posted in there and leave a comment.


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