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  1. I'm back on SubFM for the first time in months due to Covid-related job that was keeping me off the air. 🙂 2 hours earlier tonight, 7-9pm EST/1-3am BST www.sub.fm
  2. The beats EP is literally a modern take on Big Apple-era Skream. I love it.
  3. Why people like Nuri Bilge Ceylan films is beyond me. That is all.
  4. Always found this song lovely https://youtu.be/xgIDu3cioC8
  5. I've got 1 felony, I've got 2 felonies, I've got 3 felonies, I've got 4 felonies
  6. That is dope. It sounds like a super beefed up version of this (which I love): http://fredantoncorvest.com/FAC_Envolver.html
  7. Hadn't thought of it that way but yeah that basically is phase distortion synthesis in a nutshell. The Casio CZ-101 for example (although I don't think those are FEG's) is mainly a lot of interplay between envelopes controlling stuff.
  8. Flexible Envelope Generators are one of my favorite modulation sources. Audio Damage's Continua is an example. Envelopes where you can add multiple breakpoints and set up loop start/stop breakpoints (then the envelope continues upon release). Kinda like the loop feature in old hardware samplers except you can add more points and shape the looping modulation to your preference. Clark's recent acoustic song where he said he hated VA oddly triggered this appreciation from me. I don't think there are any analog (or hardware, for that matter) synths I know of with an equivalent. Would be tricky to set it up to send a FEG via-MIDI CC as you'd have to keep adding new CC numbers with every breakpoint.
  9. Yeah the TR-8 has 808 and 909 sounds stock. And you can upgrade it to get 606/707/727 sounds. I love the TR-8 personally. edit: And I just couldn't click with the Drumbrute. Loved the individual outs, loved the sequencer (really loved the sequencer, actually), loved BD2 (BD1's not half-shabby either but BD2 has a nice 909 quality, imo). Hated the rest of the sounds. Toms/Congas require a ton of processing to get them sounding strong, and the snare just sounds like a rusty trombone version of a brostep snare.
  10. OT but still hilarious. In the insert for You'd Prefer an Astronaut. My doppelgänger is shown in profile view (won't say who but anyone who knows me personally, if you see this you'll know). And agreed 1000% on Betty. I personally still like Meantime more but the drums on Betty are all-time great (pro tip: the opening of "I know" is some of the best drum sample fodder you're ever gonna get, literally "When the Levee Breaks" quality).
  11. Came for a Watermelon in Easter Hay reference, left happy.
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