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  1. I guess that's where I am not seeing emotionally heavy films as good recommendations for films that "won't break the brain". There's always the potential for viewer immersion and one never knows when it will happen (even if they're just looking for escapism). Thinking about it a bit more though, Kalatozov's film after The Cranes are Flying, Letters Never Sent, that one would be a good recommendation for this list. It's almost as visually appealing as The Cranes are Flying (def. would still count as "eye-candy", all Kalatozov films do), but the story is frankly dumb and not nearly as profo
  2. Can't agree with this one and have to point to an anecdote. An ex (who I was with for many years), one of our first dates was watching The Cranes are Flying together. My thought process didn't go far enough and I thought it would be a good date film. She wound up bawling by the last scene. Great call on Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Made me think of another recommendation here: any Karel Zeman film (Wes Anderson, Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton are all vocal and avid fans).
  3. Good call on Baraka and Samsara. I got lucky and got to see Samsara in the theater. Very very cool.
  4. Exactly what I was going to suggest as well! Some more suggestions: Police Story 1 and 2 Qatsi trilogy
  5. Would doubt it due to their existing MIDI integration on the copycat synths (Model D, K-2 at least for sure) are very limited. Note velocity is the most I've seen. Guessing there will be clock support for anything with an arpeggiator on it (LFO's don't sync to clock on mine). Not sure about the drum machines, just talking the synths. edit: Both the Pro-800 and the Solina copycats sound wonderful btw.
  6. Taupe Beats

    Milk DX

    Mike D and Milk D actually kinda sound alike anyway but yeah I've always thought it was Milk D sampled for the track. Even the beat is vaguely similar to "Top Billin"
  7. All of it through Gantz Graf.
  8. RIP Salvatorin, he kept watmm being watmm.
  9. Correction, that's my 2nd favorite. This one is my favorite:
  10. I'll need to watch this to see how it impacts my skepticism.
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