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So I did a search, and I didnt see any sort of main topic for exm or his music-- just those related to a release if he had one coming up-- so I figured id make an umbrella one for discussion on our favs of his discography, if that's alright. (btw: Riyl autechre, phoenecia, with some melodic work thrown in.)


First off, Im a huge fan of the guys work, and so many of his releases have become top favorites of mine: Modulus, Overscore (+), more recently Comp, released this month (which is perfect for anyone new to his work imo), both this years self released works MMLXXVII and Odd Times are amazing as well and are definite growers, especially the prior LP. His collab releases with Mitoma are all top tier, and I constantly return to them: FF0000, I/0 Disc, and this year's E|M. Highly recommended.

But my favorite of his is 2015's llmnt on Touched, which has become one of my favorite IDM albums ever. Didnt dig it much at first, but it grew on me soooooo hard, and I cant stop spinning it.

Worth throwing in there-- he also made my favorite IDM song ever "Meltt", which is the epic, 15-minute closer on 2017's Modulus. If you havent heard that, definitely give it a few spins. Gorgeous song!


Enough gushing from me though, any other big fans? Favorite albums or tracks?



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Nice, we need this thread.

I'm 50/50 classical music/IDM listener. exm always comes first today. While some former bigger shots are somewhat confused (Murcof and arts), disappeared (BoC), Fat and Rich (pls 🙂), exm has some pretty consistent quality output, must say I almost every day look into his Bandcamp. I have bought almost all of his stuff, remixes, some music is harder to find, some can only be bought as a whole album.

As whole albums, Llmnt, Modulus and Descent are great. For some reason I have not developed much love for Post Acuem (yet?). And there's his numerous single tracks/1-n track EPs.
I noticed some people mention Meltt. Good track, just not my favourite.

Interesting imo, he's at home FL Studio as a DAW.

Some notes/favourites:

  1. ODD TIMES is a good recommendation for exm newbies  I think.
    mabel_i .This track is directly linked with my emotions, not a crazy one, just pure loveliness. My favourite track of 2022. The melody is interesting.The whole EP is massive. ODD TIMES itself is a fun track, I love how he sometimes morphs old styles and other genres to IDM. This one has 80s disco vibes (like the opener of Descent btw) and gets that typical filter and weirdness treatment later on.
  2. As for other styles: E.g., TheFall, that's some kind of Rockn'n'Roll or Rockabilly rhythm.
  3. RedSquare. Best track of 2021. That moment 3:30 ff. directly ascends me to heaven.
  4. MMLXXVII. It's more on the meat side. 00006 is the shit. Guys.
  5. under O. e.p. Raw meat.
  6. exm from 2021, a free track, another disco fun track. Love it.
  7. The latest pas de point EP. Zephin is very accessible and right there for the IDM folks, pas de point song is the highlight. Wonderfully creepy "unrest" in the center part.
  8. Cannot comment on Nonima and Mitoma collabs yet. More listenings needed.
  9. The Descent interview: https://open.spotify.com/episode/41LJ3qMKF7byQl6t7tKMhR
  10. That "destroy track with filters and chaos on half way" thing, I think he did not do that so often recently.

Other track recommendations: Kae (slow transition into darkness), exmcarolfun, exm III IIIIII, 2021, Patterns A... and probably much more.

Of his remixes or VA-releases "Clever Clogs" and "Contra" are very good. 2second interval, fun track.

As for the Heogen albums: More listening needed. Opener of the recent album is a great tune.

1.5 days of music without Heogen, 276 tracks, may be some dupes in there:


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Wow, cheers man! Descent had to grow on me a bit, but I enjoy it much more than I did at first. That first song is pretty jarring, but I l love what it turns into.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the mitoma collabs though, if you ever get more into them.

He's been on a number of v/a compilations, and I have a habit of buying any one that comes out. Found Sound 3 is out at the end of the month, which he will likely master for Touched, so hopefully we will get something new there.

I saw recently where Comp was voted album of the month for November by Tweegma.

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