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Yamaha RA-200 + The Tuss


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Anyone have additional info about the video posted years ago of the Yamaha RA-200 playing a portion of, what I recall to be, Last Rushup 10?

Sprung to mind recently and never knew if anything was made public.
Curious about its legitimacy or source.



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Funny, I'm not really into studios and all the gear as I don't make music but I'd be champing at the bit if I could take a peak into Aphexs and BOC studios. Bet it's absolutely fascinating. God knows how excited some of you lot would be! 

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There is also Leslie speakers that rotates as well. 
I got an offer many years ago to buy rotary speakers for around 150$ only. 
You can even make a rotary speaker yourself! 

Source: https://www.premierguitar.com/gear/diy-build-your-own-rotary-speaker


About the sound in Last Rushup 10: The pad sounds from a poly like Roland Juno 106/60 or a Yamaha. I think he added some chorus and have 1 pad playing at the far Left and the other pad to far Right but one pad is filter modded a bit so it gives that wider spread. 

The talking sample is someone speaking played backwards heavily modded and vocoded. 

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