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  1. Soz for drunk rant. When I was growing up my best friend’s dad was a real alcoholic, cynical, angry racist, women hating fat man who use to rant and rave about everything once he had drunk a bottle of vodka (once he asked me to smuggle in a litre bottle of vodka in his house) how his two sons grew up to be university educated polite chaps is a testament to their long suffering mother. One day I’m round the house (must of been about 15 years old) and me and Brighty are watching John Wilson Goes Fishing. As simple and innocent as life possibly could be. In this episode the totally brilliant and happy Mr Wilson was on a boat on a lake fishing for pike. Next thing you know drunken Troll Man Geoff Bright comes bursting through the door like a hurricane and stands their eyes bulging, gut bulging, veins on his neck bulging, blood pressure bulging and his hands opening and closing like a giant crabs claws. He stood there and starting ranting and raving at John Wilson Goes Fishing on the television. I remember sitting there think ‘ahhh so this is what it’s like to be an old drunk angry man’ and I swore I would never ever turn out like that. I’ve never forgotten it. So when I post up angry drunken posts it’s not really me. I’m just doing a Geoff Bright and joking. Now you know 😎 The mother (lovely Jackie) died of a heart attack a few years ago. As Geoff realised he no longer had a slave to do all the housework and cooking he ended up slitting his wrist in a drunken stupor. His first grandson was due to be born the following week. Not a very nice end.
  2. Same as ST. Last train is 11.45 (a couple of miles walk) and I can’t see (and don’t need the stress) of myself making it (Aphex set will probably go past that time?) and don’t have the finances for booking a hotel. Also the rest of the lineup isn’t my cup of tea, if it was I could be more tempted. It’s just not really worth it. I’ve made the right decision. Hopefully there’s a live stream 🤞 Never understood why London trains stop just before midnight on a Saturday night. Seems bizarre to me.
  3. Is he dead? Because he’s definitely not poor 💰
  4. Watch out for the Masked Gay Rape Man…. I’m drunk. Going to bed. Goodnight 👋
  5. I haven’t bought a t-shirt from bleep for years. They are all a load of shit medieval wankpit whatever crap. Why not just print the fucking brilliant Draft cover art on a white t-shirt? Surely it’s not that hard? No we get something else All the BOC shirts are fucking rubbish! Here’s an idea just print the Trans Canada Highway shirt? They’ll sell in their thousands. Nope we get some gimpy rubbish made by a 12 year old art student. I find it astonishing that I haven’t bought a shirt off Bleep FOR YEARS!!!! It’s preposterous!! Best one was that old school AFX shirt in purple inside the basketball globe: cannot understand why I didn’t buy that…. I was probably drunk
  6. On a serious note. I’ve met a lot of different people in my time. And the ones who go on about violence? Generally are massive king sized meathead dorks. Deflecting their obvious glaring weaknesses with scare stories. That’s true. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU 🫵
  7. When’s the next party? I will turn up in my mudskipper skin gimp suit, a Batman utility belt, and a selection of fishing tackle: But here’s the twist… I AINT NO GIMP!!!! yeah I’m the WOLF You ever smashed that legal high up your snout from years ago? What was it called? M Cat or Meow Meow: Get a truck load of that delivered and the moonshine, hillbilly swamp, cyberpunk rave IS ON!!
  8. I’ve had a sneaking feeling for years I might like this dudes music but never heard a note. Spotify will be my guide. Thanks for reminding me watmm.
  9. I have next week off and was thinking if I can be arsed to go watch the new Avatar movie. The first one I saw at the iMax and thought it was average at best. It seemed to have a personality crisis and didn't know if it was a kids film or an adults film. I have never had a urge to ever watch it ever again. Then I just thought what if JC had spent the last decade making a mind blowing, horrifying follow up to Aliens.... One can dream.
  10. Oooof! that's a fucking great tune. Guess I should listen to the others you posted up...
  11. Always meant to listen to that album...
  12. My work mates in my section are the worst. Even something like Shine On You Crazy Diamond would completely laser their brains and most definitely their attention span. If it doesn’t involve a football it’s hard for them to comprehend. They’re good guys though. And though not wise with music or ‘culture’ are incredibly fast with humour. They are just as quick and funny as any stand up comedians. It’s quite impressive tbh.
  13. I’ve never told anyone I know about Autechre. I know it would be a a complete waste of my time. But I’m cool with that 😎
  14. Best Pearl Jam album (wasn’t really a big fan of their first 2) Second best Soundgarden album (Badmotorfinger no1 imo)
  15. This thread keeps crashing my phone, which has never happened before. 94 meltdown in full effect! Funny how some things stick in your head. I was still buying Kerrang! so still a fully fledged Metal Head, and in January they awarded a 5K review (5/5) to a album/EP. I remember it so vividly. Because it is an absolute classic (even though its not METAL at all) but even to this day, I'd consider it under-the-radar. When we get to page 2 I'll post up a pic. Pretty sure Aphex and Warp warheads are appearing faintly just over the horizon. But incoming fast!!! Universe of metal about to be destroyed..... Via my laptop.
  16. Draft is my least favourite Autechre album but my most favourite cover. It’s perfection. If I’d never heard the album before hearing it, it’s easily one of those records I would of bought in a record shop just because of the cover art. Remember those days? Maybe I should buy the repress just for the hell of it and that cover.
  17. Yep. Exactly the same for me. Word for word.
  18. We should do polls more often imo 🤘
  19. I’ve listened to lots of TH but never really seen (or heard) the light. I’ll still play this when it comes out though. I think Ravedeath is also my favourite but it never blew my socks off. Might blow the dust off it and give it another spin…
  20. Hopefully the live stream? Maybe other sexy Aphexy treats?
  21. Got a feeling this a good year for loads of stuff. I’ll get back to you 🖖
  22. Kind of glad I didn’t have my card because I was about to push the button on a £135 vip garden ticket as that was what was left. And in hindsight that’s just too much money. And I don’t need vip nonsense.
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