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  1. Waiting for the time a belligerent teenage son hacks Hexagon Sun mainframe and uploads all the unreleased tracks onto watmm The Downloads Are In Here forum. Not twoism 🫢
  2. Just had a mooch about on their website. Whoever does the graphic design for their labels is very good at their job. Absoloute stunning art work.
  3. Mary Anne Hobbs last week was playing jungle tracks every day, holy hell some of the tunes were next level. Need to revisit those shows on iPlayer because they were beast! Her radio show really is brilliant, but when I’m working I can’t concentrate 100% because I’m busy doing stuff.
  4. Pure genius Alcofribas. Brilliantly funny post 🤝
  5. I'm just happy I'm still alive to hear the new BOC album If they take the same time for LP6 there's a chance I may of croaked it 😀
  6. Yeah Bateman rubbed me up the wrong way to begin with. Even way into the second season. But on reflection that’s actually all part of it. That’s his character. About to wrap this up over the next few days. Fourth season has so far been superb, even if the final ending isn’t up to Breaking Bad standards it’ll be a brilliant tv series. I wonder how it all pans out. Also been watching (seeing as I’m back on Netflix) their Serial Killer show on John Wayne Gacy as anything Serial Killer piques my interest. Sick fucking loon. Much better than The Night Stalker, though it follows the same way template these shows on Netflix are put together. Seems weird talking about serial killers but it is what it is. Some of the genuine footage/photos of them digging bodies out of the basement is pretty fucking disturbing. When will they make the Ed Gein one? I wonder what archive material exists of that space cadet. I’m sure I read once that Werner Herzog and an accomplice actually interviewed him. And they were gonna dig up his mothers grave because…..or something like that. Google it. Or maybe it was a dream/nightmare?
  7. Heads up Hud Mo fans, just heard his new track from a fresh forthcoming album on Mary Anne Hobbs. Track was many many bpm and the usual Hud Mo thing (as mad as a box of frogs 🐸)
  8. Fontaines DC suck. Amyl And The Sniffers are even much, much more fucking worse. Total embarrassing derivative horseshit. Glasto buzz is fading….
  9. Watched a few minutes of Macca, switched to Megan. Game over for the 🪲
  10. Never a jazz fan. But Herbie Hancock and the crowd in the sunshine looks and sounds fantastic 🌞 Wish I was there….
  11. Afternoon all Just catching up from yesterday with Roisin Murphy’s set. Always been aware of her but never really listened. But every time I hear a record of hers it’s always great. Nothing much today that really screams out at me. So I’ll be just browsing and see what goes on. Yesterday really surprised me. Squid, Avalanches and Megan were on fire, and represented completely different vibes. A great day of music (and drinking in the garden )
  12. Just four of five of us talking Glastonbury over 2 days? Odd.
  13. Just imagine dropping half an hour ago and being in that crowd at The Avalanches?
  14. Hop about and twist some knobs. No worries man, because I’m high on drugs 🤟
  15. Happily there’s nothing to report. So obviously something will happen in the next 24 hours. I wonder what it will be?
  16. 🦑 = 🤘 Listened to their record once lol. Wasn’t into the vocals much. Live, much more interesting. Probably be really into it if I was there. Got a big crowd as well.
  17. Not much on today that I’m mega in to. Watched a bit of black midi which was okay. Squid are on later, as they’re on Warp I’ll check them out. Avalanches, Caribou and Jamie T I’ll check out. Main Stage and Other Stage seem like a complete fucking write off. Pretty sure if I was at Glasto today I’d just be roaming about doing other stuff. Like drinking, doing drugs and jibbering like a chimp and getting in a diabolical mess and maybe crawling on my hands and knees to see The Avalanches 🧪 🧠 ✨
  18. I also watched a bit of it. I’m of the same opinion. Just seems like teenybopper music with a grungy edge to it. Maybe it’s an age thing ‘cause I don’t understand the fuss either 😌
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