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  1. Additional pre-order options up at Suction Records now too. https://www.suctionrecords.com/#/releases/rx101-newdiscoveries/
  2. When we first discovered RX-101’s output on Soundcloud circa 2015, we knew we’d stumbled upon something very special. Five EPs and four albums later, and now a firmly established as a crucial artist in the Aphex/Rephlex/IDM cannon, we at Suction Records are still mining this elusive Dutch producer’s 1997-1999 archive of unreleased live-to-cassette recordings, and we’re not even close to scraping the bottom of the barrel. Suction Records is pleased to announce RX-101’s fifth album, “New Discoveries”. As the title suggests, “New Discoveries” is not just more of the same — this is a new side of the RX-101 sound. Rather than taking inspiration from braindance heroes like Aphex Twin and Bochum Welt, “New Discoveries” is a reflection of Erik Jong (aka RX-101)’s love for classic Detroit techno - Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Carl Craig, et al. Like some of the UK producers who mined this sound for inspiration, from B12 to Kirk DiGiorgio, the influence of Detroit techno is crystal clear, even if the sound has a distinctly EU/UK flair. Available digitally, on limited vinyl LP in a reverse-board jacket, or on CD. The CD comes in a reverse-board digipack, adding 2020’s 6-track “Hearts Utd.” EP (including a remix by Brainwalztera) as an exclusive CD bonus. All physical formats include a Bandcamp download card inside. Tracklist: A1. Back To Zero A2. Trip to the Unknown A3. t.p.o.s.m. A4. No Access B1. Sys.rx.9.b013 B2. The Invention of Ideas B3. Voyage of Discovery B4. Star Tracker CD Bonus tracks: “Hearts Utd.” EP (suction052 12”, 2020): 09. Hearts Utd. (Brainwaltzera remix) 10. Core Stage 101 11. Switched Phases 12. 8-a02 13. Aria #3 14. RIP-AXL New Discoveries by RX-101
  3. Assume we should be seeing more options soon... https://www.roughtrade.com/us/u-ziq/magic-pony-ride
  4. Streaming in it's entirety. https://brainwaltzera.bandcamp.com/album/itsame
  5. https://mikeparadinas.bandcamp.com/album/goodbye
  6. https://brainwaltzera.bandcamp.com/track/tracing-rays-reality-glo
  7. Wonder if London 03.06.17 falls within the originally mentioned six albums completed.
  8. Won't attempt to pronounce the album title. https://keygenchurch.bandcamp.com/album/--2
  9. Aphex Twin namedropped on new Limp Bizkit album. Track 11 @ 3:28
  10. 1. Embryo 2. Auto Pilot 3. Connect The Dots 4. Rabbit Hole https://jlin.bandcamp.com/album/embryo/
  11. Arrived here too. Pretty sure they added that sticker in spite. But it does sound lush, that's the important part.
  12. Music Pack 1 by Rolando Simmons 1. Morning 04:15 2. Groovebox Grand Prix 05:24 3. Creation Multika 03:06 4. Vom 04:30 5. Echoes In A Little Head 04:22 6. Open The Window Mark 02:44 This is a collection of tracks that have been circulating among friends and family but never found their way onto a public release. Finished compositions, experiments and little tunes. Hope you enjoy!
  13. Never found anything spot on. Likely something customized. One of the closest was Patricia Gothic Heavy.
  14. Kind of quickly thrown together and needs further adjustment. Vectors are a helluva drug.
  15. Hope the image on the WeMe page is a quick mockup and they recreate it better for the final product.
  16. Stream is live. https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/album/box-steady
  17. Not from the CD-R, but a nice upscale someone did of the cover image:
  18. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMxbfjIBdIm/?igshid=19qc0dxb23u7s
  19. Tobacco, the electronic music side project of Black Moth Super Rainbow’s Thomas Fec, has announced a new studio album called Fucked Up Friends 3, which was released March 5 via Rad Cult. 1. Full of Doom 03:51 2. Honey of the Trick 02:35 3. This Man 03:15 4. For the Queen 03:08 5. Jararacussu 00:49 6. Accuser of the Fuckin Brethren 03:21 7. Everything Around the Knife 02:58 8. Stridex Dealer 02:37 9. Sorority 03:40 10. Dianetics Jr 01:19 11. Rat Bike 01:54 12. Room with HBO 03:07 13. Under the Shit Bridge 01:25 14. Half Tengu 02:01 15. Saturday Coyote 03:44 https://tobaxxo.bandcamp.com/album/fucked-up-friends-3
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