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Watch a video that BOC have sampled

Guest Pantheon

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Guest Pantheon

Hey guys,


This is my first post here, so i should probably say that im a massive BOC fan.


A while back I found a video of a realy cool hermit guy that takes loads of psycadelic drugs. I later worked out that Boc have sampled this same video for there Campfire Headphase album. They have taken a frame for one of their pictures in the in sleve artwork. I think its the first page on the bottom right and i'll give you the times below. They also sampled some audio and used it for the outro on Chromakey Dreamcoat. Heres the times:


(around 5:17) chromakey dreamcoat

(around 10:00) in the video.


the album artwork was taken from a frame around the same time in the video.


Its a bit obscure but I hope someone likes it.

The video can be wached online at this address:




The playing times were taken from the warp music player because I dont have The Campfire Headphase to hand.


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Guest Pantheon
cool first post. interesting, nice find.


where's your avatar from? i like it.




Its from a russian propaganda poster I stumbled accross. Its realy eerie, in a join the effort kind of way.


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Guest I B NEW

I've already got that cd amigo. If you have any unreleased 50cent of epic proportion i'll gladly give away my ameros.

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