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Instrumentality MEGARAVE: Clark/MikeDred/LoryD/RobHall/JimmyEdar/Rustie - 31st May Brighton - Concorde 2

Guest reteric

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Guest reteric

Instrumentality and Concorde2 present: A Warp/Wireblock Special!

























Only £9 advance! (+ booking fee)

-more on the door


Tickets on sale now...


In Brighton

Concorde2 Box Office 01273 673311

Dome Box Office 01273 709709

Rounder 01273 325440

Resident 01273 606312

Punkerbunker 01273 608382


Also from:





More information: www.instrumentality.info


CLARK (Warp)

Showcasing his new super-slamming live set with special visuals by Flat-E


Berlin based Chris Clark released his fourth LP for Warp Records in January 2008, entitled Turning Dragon. It's a ruthless, brutal exercise in an unknown discipline of techno that has astonished press and public alike, pointing clearly and precisely in the direction of the future.




Seismic bass lines cause gut-wrenching stomach-quakes whilst hard, pounding kicks tenderize the brain, basted in bubbling white noise stock and spiced with sharp, piquant snare snaps, making a devilishly a flavoursome feast for the cochlea… In short, Clark's ultra-dance all-hardware live set is blowing the face off your Grandma, yes indeed.




This special showcase incorporates visual eye-burps by legendary Sheffield film makers and graphical manipulators Flat-E…



MIKE DRED (Rephlex / R&S)

Full analogue live acid set from the The Kosmik Kommando himself!


When it comes to acid, Mike Dred is a sterling force that's worth his weight in gold. With over 60 releases under the Mike Dred, Universal Indicator (a project in collaboration with Aphex Twin), Kosmik Kommando and Chimera moniker's since 1990, he is the anatomical zeitgeist of techno performance. Sparing not a single inch of space, Mike brings together a complete catalogue of essential analog hardware to the stage. All channeled into one monstrous sonic beast annihilating everything that stands in its way.




Early reports from the recent and already legendary Bangface weekender have shown Mike Dred to have dominated in the opinions of most up against artists such as Squarepusher, Venetian Snares and Phil Hartnoll of Orbital. Performing two sets as Kosmik Kommando and Mike Dred.


This isn't a specky geek with a laptop, this is Andre the Giant with the starship enterprise…



LORY D (Wireblock / Rephlex)

One of the true unsung heroes of techno visits for a heavyweight live set!


An ex-DMC champion in Rome, Lory has been playing since 1989 - entertaining 10,000+ crowds at the birth of rave in Italy, where he is regarded as a legend. He owns seminal Roman label 'Sounds Never Seen', which was brought to focus in 2003 with Rephlex's compilation of his impossible-to-find early releases.




Having just built his 6th studio, Lory's 17 years of experience can be heard in the depth of his new productions. Analogue synth squelches and rattling drum boxes combine with razor sharp edits and twisted computer madness - creating fearless music aimed at the dancefloor.





RUSTIE (Wireblock / Hyperdub / Warp)

Coming straight outta Glasgow, everybody is talking about the Rustie


With a list of admirers that includes everyone from Modeselektor and Anthony "Shake" Shakir to Alex Smoke and Plastician, it's no wonder everyone's talking about Rustie - Glasgow's newest boy wonder on the buttons.




His debut solo 12" on Stuffrecords is a surprise record of 2007 for many (although not those of us who know his steez) - a genre defying mash-up of low slung hip-hop, dubstep and classic rave it had everyone reaching for their wallets in a desperate scramble to snatch up a piece of the extremely limited press.




An appearance on the first Wireblock release will be followed by a full length EP next year. With tracks forthcoming on Dress 2 $weat plus a bombastic live set to boot, Also look out for his awesome Pivot Remix to come later in the year on Warp Records. 2008 will see Rustie cemented as one of the brightest talents in the UK.





ROB HALL(Skam / Gescom)

Esteemed Gescom member drops one of the UK's most wanted DJ sets!


Rob began his career at techno night Megatripolis held weekly at the legendary London venue Heaven. His first of many appearances there was with Autechre in the summer of 1992. Rob has also contributed to numerous productions, remixes and live sets as part of the Gescom project, a collective that includes a diverse range of producers, including Autechre and Mego artist Russell Haswell, to Skam Records' Andy Maddocks, Bola, and Mike Williamson. Many DJ's and Producers cite the work of Gescom as being highly inspirational on their work, including Radiohead, LFO, Surgeon, Coil, Oscar Mulero, Mark Broom and Exium.




Over the last 15 years, in addition to playing at intimate electronica nights around the World, Rob has also performed at many high profile events and festivals including Sonar, Coachella, All Tomorrow's Parties, Phoenix Festival, opening for Bjork in Iceland, and Warp's 10th Birthday Party. After 15 years of refusing to compromise or dumb down his sound, Rob Hall's skills are constantly in demand and he is widely regarded as one of the most talented and influential DJs in his field, with Mark Broom, Surgeon, Regis, Ellen Allien, Meat Beat Manifesto, Andrea Parker, Plaid, LFO, Squarepusher, Speedy J, Marco Passarani and Adam X all happy to wax lyrical about his sets.






Detroit born futuristic electro beat mechanic drops by with his killer live set!


Street-smart and wise-beyond-his-years, Jimmy Edgar wanders the desolated streets of junky occupied steaming sewers, an urban ghost town under deconstruction. Reeling through a jungle of industrious landscapes, abandoned buildings, isolated alley ways and homeless people.




In the midst of which lies intense feelings of jadedness and despair that makes the city all the more musical in its thriving evolving decay, and being the inspiration to a unique style... softly softly blending a hazy arrangement of static with an engrossing nighttime beat. Scratches galore and moody electronic pulses… via some glorious Detroit Neon...


Front Room



Presenting a Wireblock Special, the boys Spencer, Jackmaster and Nelson


Cultivating some of the freshest crops around, Wireblock is a new record label that has gathered together some of the most exciting new music in the UK and beyond.




Hudson Mohawke, Rustie, Lory D to name just a few, Wireblock are intent on thrusting the good stuff right in your face... expect no less from this special DJ set from the label founders Spencer, Jackmaster and Nelson, and be sure to check the live sets of Rustie and Lory D in our Wireblock showcase...



BLACK RABBIT (Tigerbass - Live)

New signing to Tigerbeat6 division dedicated to slamming party tunes, Black Rabbit packs some serious rave into your face.




VOLTEK (Instrumentality / Overkill - DJ)

The Instrumentality founder returns from Berlin with a hard drive tooled up and ready for state of the art dancefloor combat!


YAPORIGAMI (AD AAD AT / Symbolic Interaction - Live)

Beautiful hardcore electronica of high intensity from sharply inventive Yu Miyashita, remixed by the likes of Machinedrum and Jimmy Edgar, keep an ear on this one.




ALGORIDDIM (Instrumentality/Peace Off - Live)

A side project of the notorious Dr Bastardo involving some seriously corrosive home made acid pumping from a self-programmed software live set.




MATA UNIT (Instrumentality - Live)

Cranking up a 707 and MonoMachine to full tilt, Mata Unit slips a live acid-techno booty rave right between the cheeks and you know you love it…


RETERIC (Instrumentality - Live)

Unleashing the beast machinery is the hardware boy wonder and knob abusing specialist low frequency provider himself!


OOZAT (Instrumentality - DJ)

Our secret weapon ninja dubplate assassin could strike at any point, be ready when he does!




















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