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Autechre @ Vicar street, Dublin - Apartment, bed, couch, carpet for 3 idiots from berlin fri-mo


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Heya folks,

not a usual request for this forum i know, sorry for that..

unfortunately the booknig host has just cancelled and what i find are dorms from 120€ night / head. the other affordable ones are far outside or do not answer 💩

so my question, if maybe who knows who could host 3 dorks from berlin from friday to monday under his carpet. we can of course pay something or take you out nice in the evening (under your local expertise) or bring 2tb of well organanized lossless audio. bring something your have in berlin, discogs orders, sing you an Acapella Version of quaristice or whatever. open to suggestions. 💿 💸 🍲 🍹

would be much better to me than to throw some hostel masses of money in the ray 😉



Branny & Richard & Kalti

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Welcome to the forum! I'm afraid I can't help you specifically but If you don't find anyone who can help you you could always go to a cheap hostel and use the lockers at the train station/ a luggage storage shop place to store luggage whilst you're out. It would be annoying but I know people who have done it before. Hopefully you find something though good luck!


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Hey milkface,

Thanks for te reply 🙂 usually yes that's the way. But the Dublin people have somehow weird budget ideas. The cheapest dorm for 3 people would be 1200,- € for 3 nights haha 😂


So we are still on the hunt. Renting a van for 3 days is even cheaper, maybe we end up in a parkinglot^^




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