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Midi tracks from retro games

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Yo, was screwing around with reason yesterday and I saw that you can open midi tracks. Its kinda stupid that it never occurred to me because obviously you can since they use midi as a basic format.


Then I remembered a website I found about 12 years ago:

VG Music


Holy shit man, they have tens of thousands of retro video game midis submitted by users. My personal fav sections are for SNES and Genesis. Seriously yesterday I imported and subsequently tweaked the shit out of:

- New Junk City level from Earthworm Jim

- Oil Ocean from sonic 2

- Boss Battle 2 from Crono Trigger


If you are bored/like retro gaming music/want to make an intense remix of an oldschool game track, look no further. It even splits the song up into separate tracks, although the percussion usually does not import properly. Still, absolutely worth checking out, dunno if it's jazzband but still a notable re-mention.


Its super amazing for me because it was Video Game music, and this site in particular that originally got me into instrumental and electronic music. There is such a vast wealth of FANTASTIC music in the oldschool game backlog. Its a gold mine!

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Guest Wall Bird

Damn, I wished that iPods would play MIDI files. Perhaps they do. I've never tried. I'd load mine up full of these things. The Chrono Trigger music is drawing me back, especially Frog's theme. I'm gonna go check and see if they've got Earthbound right now.

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I bet the ipod touch can synthesize music from midi files with and app. I bet it can do .mod files from fucking trackers and shit too.


Try Rockbox, it can play mid, mod, it, etc. (supported players)


I have been planning on doing this to play sid files.

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