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I hear that before they release the next record, they are going to ritualistically kill Coldplay....


can't wait for the pics....


the packing should be made out of Coldplay's flesh...


man I hope they go with this idea....

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an old friend from high school met them and thom signed his arm

and he went the next day and had it tattooed



fucking jordan

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Guest bitroast
The new material is speculated to be showcased at the upcoming gigs in Summer so fingers crossed for even more Radiohead goodness in the coming months.


i think thom said they didn't wanna test the new material this time round so the new songs are actually new when album comes out, something along those lines.

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im going to see radiohead next monday! w00t.


oh, and kraftwerk opens.

me too! well, not next monday but soon. actually, i'm more excited about kraftwerk. well, maybe they play some new tracks then, nice.

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