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possible fusion energy


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That's nuts. Sounds too good to be true.


what i dont get is how the world's largest laser system just sprouts out of nowhere and the only people reporting on it are yahoo and the guardian.

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

i nearly attended this. i heard obama was going to be at the dedication ceremony so wanted to but then he didnt so I didnt. I did the online registration for the whole event. pretty much paid my rent this year so far.


exciting news if it works, but I think the chance of it working efficiently is unlikely

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Deuterium is freely available in seawater

Not sure how "freely available" the process is for extracting deuterium from seawater.  Some googling says it's a proven process; I'm guessing it's not energy efficient but you surely get that back on the back end since you only need a tiny amount to fuse to create a huge amount of energy.

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