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Holidays, solo


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Hay guys,


You'd never mistake ol' Bob here for Generalissimo Banter, but I figured I'd hang this one up like flypaper and see what creatures of your collective wisdom land on it.


Long story short, Mrs. Dob and I are moving back to America (Rhode Island) after two solid, action-packed years here in Dublin. In fact she already went back a month ago (for work) whilst I had to stick around to wrap up my Masters degree. So as a present for finishing my thesis (I just submitted this past Friday) she bought me a roundtrip ticket to Amsterdam for 5 days. So yeah, my wife is awesome.


Which brings us to the crux, I've never taken a holiday anywhere by myself before. Any of you guys ever do this? What's been your approach to meeting people, socialising, etc.? I'm staying at what I understand to be a pretty decent/fun hostel, so I imagine there's will be opportunities to connect with some like-minded people there. And I've already been to Amsterdam thrice before, so apart from a few new-to-me coffeeshops I plan to check out I've got a pretty good handle on the city. Also, I plan on staying baked most of the time.

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Watch out for some Russian dude that points you in the direction of a hostel in Slovenia is all I'd say!






"ahhhh. My face really hurts"

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that takes balls, 5 days is a lot. surely during the evening it'll be easy enough to make friends - maybe during the day bring a sketchpad and ask random mashed up people to draw you abstract concepts etc. could be a nice way to break the ice and engage in fun, interesting conversation. if done wrong though you might just seem like a nutter clawing for human contact (using a prop)!

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Hey thanks for the tips guys, solid stuff. I'm not a huge extrovert so I'm already accounting for the down time, will be bringing plenty of reading material and musics with. And I plan to stay baked the entire time :cisfor: too, so even if I do nothing else it'll be all good.


Rexy, red light district, after the wifey bought me the ticket there? Yous a stone cold mutha! (Not to say I won't look into your suggestion...)


Biking, definitely. Happy cycling. No other way to do it.


And iep I tried to send you a pm but it wouldn't go. Anyway I'll def stop by while I'm in town and we'll have ourselves some some good pints and a good smoke.

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