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i went to troon yesterday


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Just search "Troon, Glasgow" on Google Maps and you'll notice Messiaen wants us to assume he is talking about the user, rather than the place.

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was he as biblical as fuck as he said he is?

is he Christian?







troon troon



you're glib






fuck tom cruise


That's not very christian of you.


political correctness has no relevance anymore. it's all about truth out

at all costs. some of it is going to pinch alittle, thats just how it is!


i don't play by the sweet nice christian rules.

i am Biblical and subversive as fuck (like many before me) and if the truth needs

to be said in a strong way then i say it in a strong way!


fuck tom cruise and his delusions of grandeur and his scientology.

i hope he will change just as i hope everyone will change, but for not.

ftmf! he influences so many thousands of people and thats partly why

i feel so strongly about him and anyone who spreads false truth in

positions of great influence. ftmf'ers!



spirituality/true understanding and money's will never mix!

until we get that, the world will never change.

it's the idea's and the framework that change are built on that hold the most importance , we must see

this clearly or we will continue in circles, chasing empty dreams, baited by beautiful, but toxic temporal schemes.


i don't know what the hell that is

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Just search "Troon, Glasgow" on Google Maps and you'll notice Messiaen wants us to assume he is talking about the user, rather than the place.


troon glasgow?



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me neither, but christianity and all archetypal religious thought needs to be abandoned completely, imo


this is a much deeper issue then just one side versus the other. we are dealing with so many finite elements when we deal with

these issues and attempt to work with it in discussion -thats why most people have such a hard time discussing it is they really only

have a basic understanding of the knowledge and wisdom that is infused in ancient forms of more accurate spiritual

understanding and belief. it's easy to say that we could just wipe the slate clean and start anew with a human

constructed, self-invented framework built from scratch-but i would have to suggest that instead the answer lays

in understanding the root of what our ancestors have been co-creators of for thousands of years and then

reigniting ourselves (reboot) with that program again.


many of the errors in popular spiritual belief systems exist in the inaccuracy of current versions that are circulating and being followed.

some of the more recent systems are erred even at the very core (root)-but for the most part the ones that have been

around for ten's of thousands of years if followed back to their root are very amazing tools for understanding

ourselves, the world/universe around us and how the two fit together.


now along with all this i believe we have to keep in mind that alot of us want what we want and will be inclined to not except certain

moral frameworks or laws just because they conflict with what we want. what we want and what we need are usually two different things

but if we start to understand and reevaluate things in a certain way this does not necessarily need to be the case. :smile:


we can get what we want if it is just gone about in the right way and it can check out on the truth-o-meter at the same time.

it takes alittle doing-but we could all have our cake and eat it to if we would just join together and work together a little bit

and (pardon my language here) ...stop being so fucking stupid and stubborn all the time!!




(ps- i've not been to troon-but i hear it's changed quite a bit from what it once was (years ago) and now it kind of sucks-except for the coast and the countryside)

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