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Record Label Records : Electric Carpets V/A


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Electric Carpets : Assorted Performers




part 2 of a 2 part CD & Digital compilation by Record Label Records.

Coincidentally both discs of the compilation include material from 8 total wattm members (futureimage, william s braintree, kcinsu, wAgAwAgA, cubus, wisp, ata ebtekar)

Release Date: 1/18/11


15 minute mix of every track from Electric Carpets





Record Label Records presents :


Electric Carpets, assorted performers


CD tracks

1. Cubus - Hello Zhongmao 78bpm

2. Brian E - In the Jungle 120bpm

3. Fluorescent Grey - Rag Doll Physics Professor 113bpm

4. Terminal 11 - Beautiful In Grey 126bpm

5. Mike Dunkley - Existential Bop 165bpm

6. Future Image - Music for Tones 115bpm

7. Kossak - Brookers Bible 130bpm

8. Kush Arora - The Hacker 2010 139 bpm

9. BD1982 - Globos 141bpm

10. Scuzi - Matisse 120bpm

11. William S Braintree - Kaitlin 120bpm

12. wAgAwAgA - Nunwun 140bpm

13. Identity Theft - By Folley 144bpm

14. Not Breathing - Blood Drainer 150bpm

15. Kossak - Mrs. Crabcake 100bpm

16. Kcinsu - Refraction 106bpm

17. Dr. Strangeloop - World of Your Dreams 184bpm


Bonus Digital Tracks

18. Exillon - Precussor 145bpm

19. Dimentia - Realm 90bpm

20. Brian E - Wild River 120bpm


"The mother of Achilles dipped him in the River Styx in order to render his body invulnerable. But she overlooked the hell by which she help him, and that was thereafter his one and only vulnerable spot. The candidate might well have longed for an opportunity to dip his pedestrian extremities in the Styx before being compelled to travel this road. He experiences all the woes of the hot desert sands, aggravated by corns, bunions and ingrowing toe nails. Candide receives full 'benefit' whether he stands on one foot or both. There was but one decision, the best degree work they had ever seen--original, clean, instructive and entertaining for members and candidates alike" -masonic supply catalog

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Shit me, I knew my track was sluggish but 78bpm ?! - sorry guys if it ends up putting you to sleep :lol:


Great work Awepittance, really looking forward to picking up a copy of this !

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thanks, anyone know a simple FAQ or guide to do text overlays in Final Cut pro? I'm putting out a preview video for this one but this time i'm doing it differently , mixed over some old disney cartoons


im shocked i figured it out so fast, Final Cut no longer seems like an alien language to me, feels good to get somewhere on a cryptic software program

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glad you like it, i was thinking of just doing a slideshow but i get kind of bored by youtube videos like that. i've been watching a lot of old disney cartoon shorts lately so i thought i would incorporate some of that.

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Guest Benedict Cumberbatch

whats the story behind this compilation? whats it about? hw did it come together? what does it mean?


i enjoyed the mix above

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whats the story behind this compilation? whats it about?


We've only put out one compilation before back in 2006 called Ghos Busters 3, so i thought it was the right time to put out another one. There really is no overarching theme for the compilation except it's showing the poppier & more dancefloor oriented music from my label. The sister compilation 'Drinking the Goat's Blood' was reserved for the more challenging sound sculpted type of stuff. I was originally going to put out a 2 cd set as a single release but I think in the end it will shine more as a separated release.


hw did it come together? what does it mean?


it came together from just knowing a lot of really good musicians (a lot of them i've met through this very forum), there were only a few people that i was hoping to have on that couldn't make it like Mark Fell. He is a really nice guy though, i think it was scrambledears who mentioned that, well it's true. If you are referring to the title, 'Electric Carpets' is in references to the masonic hazing tool used from around 1855-1930, they actually make the 'candidate' walk across an electrified slightly moist carpet barefoot while reciting abstract masonic utterances. Usually the time for the initiation revolves around walking on the River Styx



i enjoyed the mix above



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Can't wait for this!

i need to get your email because im having trouble with the watmm private message system, need your mailing addy so i can send you the discs!

Sent you an email to the RLR address :)

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Order direct from us Digital / Physical & Listen to the full thing streaming here -




we just relaunched RLR so take a look around and check out the other streaming stuff we have in store and downloads.

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Founded in 1996 by then 15-year-old Robbie Martin (aka Flourescent Grey) as a predominately CDR label, Record Label Records‘ (RLR) catalog continues to expand into the far reaches of next-level improvisational oscillation. Cultivating left-of-center releases and unleashing fractured electronics has kept RLR in a field of their own; painting a broad picture of universal sounds that confuses the body, phases the mind and ultimately skews the lines between audio-visual experimentation. With so much music to digest on these conjoined compilations, the central theme hovers around layers of custom-cut sounds, derailed electronics, distorted audio warfare and a virtual smorgasbord of unique electro-acoustic fragments. The artists represented herein are all purveyors in their own respective fields and as a listener, close attention to the subtle nuances will yield some interesting results if you let it all sink in.


Electric Carperts (featuring Cubus, Brian E, Fluorescent Grey, Mike Dunkley, Terminal 11, Scuzi, Not Breathing, Identity Theft, Dr. Strangeloop, Kush Arora, BD1982, William S. Braintree, Kcinsu, Kossak, Exillon and Dimentia) and Drinking The Goats Blood (featuring Wobbly, Ata Ebtekar aka Sote, Dalglish aka O.S.T., Wisp, Nommo Ogo, Upside Down Umbrella, Contagious Orgasm, Column One, Candle Labra, Jacob Jarnigon, Sean Niesen, Tomoroh Hidari, Koyxen, Senryl, 10-20 and Bloodysnowman) are two separate CD compilations released on Record Label Records; a culmination of atypical danceable electronics and surreal experiments respectively. Trying to sum up almost 50-tracks is no ordinary feat, with contributions from artists who have appeared on imprints such as Hymen, Ant-zen, Phthalo, Acroplane, Skam, Tear, Highpoint Lowlife, Sub Rosa, and Important, RLR have amassed a collection that is choke full of intertwined left-field grooves, obscure mechanical noise and dissected ambience from every possible corner of the globe.



V/A 'Electric Carpets'

Upside Down Umbrella’s “Egg In The Head (excerpt),” taken from Drinking The Goats Blood sums up the gritty, digitized organics spread throughout this compilation; its moody bass tweaks and synthesized noise interacts with the listener on a level that is subtle yet direct. Elsewhere, artists like 10-20 deliver more of an abstract dub propulsion whereas Yoshihide Nakajima’s “Room” creates microscopic, almost invisible sound structures that sizzle and whir inside an audiometric testing room (an apt track title, to say the least). Electric Carpets has a more direct focus on moving parts and pieces that may actually have you tapping your fingers, rather than scratching your head. Fluorescent Grey’s “Rag Doll Physics Professor,” with its subliminally sliced and diced vocal extracts, slithers across a wash of crackling beatwork while artists like Terminal 11, Kush Arora, William S. Braintree and wAgAwAgA offer twisted interpretations of semi-industrialized dub and rhythm machines of Autechrean funk. Dimentia’s “Realm” (digital bonus) stands as a definitive highlight with sub-aquatic tweaking, low bass-thumping synthesis, electrified hip-hop and vocodered slivers that melt within its 5-minute range; this track alone is well worth the price of admission.


Where Drinking The Goats Blood revolves around synthetic abstraction to create an opaque groove, Electric Carpets maneuvers with more of a fluid rotation; both transmitting radiant energy that is wholeheartedly unique and utterly against the grain. With this double compilation already spreading its textured outer shell, Record Label Records will likely inherit more followers of these unconventional musical creations. And rightly so.


Electric Carperts and Drinking The Goats Blood are both out now on Record Label Records. [Listen | Purchase]


from Igloomag.com


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Cyclic Defrost Mag out of Australia has a new review up for Electric carpets




While Record Label Records’ preceding ‘Drinking The Goats Blood’ compilation saw them charting the more serrated and deconstructed edges of the leftfield electronic spectrum, this companion collection ‘Electric Carpets’ represents a considerably less ferocious listen, with the US imprint themselves describing it as a “post-IDM” collection, with far more emphasis upon danceable grooves. While it’s certainly a far more immediately accessible proposition than its predecessor however, it’s easily as eccentric, unpredictable and just plain eclectic, with the nineteen tracks collected here pretty much veering all over the shop in terms of styles. The cast of labels contributing new and exclusive tracks here is also pretty blinding, with Rephlex, Skam, Brainfeeder, Sub Rosa, Highpoint Lowlife and Ant-Zen all handing over tracks, alongside Record Label Records’ own artist roster.


While Cubus’ ‘Hello Zonghma’ opens proceedings on a gauzy, IDM-laced tip that sees billowing walls of ambient drones gathering momentum amidst subtle clicking rhythms and buzzing, glacial synthscapes, Brainfeeder’s Dr. Strangeloop throws a far more manic electronic jazz vibe into the mix with his hyper-accelerated ‘World Of Your Dream’s, sending near-breakcore rhythms jittering beneath intricate analogue synth runs, the end result sitting somewhere between Squarepusher and more recent Flying Lotus. wAgAwAgA’s ‘Nunwun’ meanwhile opts for a spacious dubstep-techno swing in the vein of Headhunter and 2562, leading smoothly into into the hyper-fractured and abstract jazz clatter of Fluorescent Grey’s ‘Rag Doll Physics Professor’, moody synth drones adding a menacing undercurrent to the clattering percussion, sampled horn stabs and wandering bass tones. Elsewhere still, Exillon’s ‘Percussor’ sets the controls for twitchy, broken Rephlex-styled post-acid electronics that sends stuttering rhythm drop-outs rolling beneath squealinng, near-redline synth distortion, before Brian E’s ‘Wild River’ takes things out into knowingly retroid Italo-tinged house that takes its aesthetic cues equally from the likes of Jan Hammer and Paul Hardcastle. A pretty much immaculate collection that contains plenty of brilliant discoveries alongside the more familiar names here; ‘Electric Carpets’ is well worth seeking out and indeed, there’s pretty much something to suit all tastes here.


Chris Downton


and so does Psychemusic.org


Record Label Rec. Assorted Performers : Electric Carpets (US,pb.2011)****


Assorted Performers is a communal project by the label. I heard two of their three releases. It seems that both are showing electronic music from a different angle. This album is diggig into different versions of rhythmical electronic music. In the beginning, like by Cubus you hear visions of electronic music approached like rock music with fuzz-like sounds, then a couple of popular music rhythms are incorporated with easy melody and sound effects, and where the use of voices are used like looped samples of sounds. Those used contrasts are vivid and with interesting sound manipulation, outside normal pop music, on Terminal's track with a element of cosmic music blips and beeps mixed with robotic rhythms. Here and there elements of drum and bass occur, the layers are used as sound collage as well. On the wAgAwAgA track we even hear an element of breakbeat and the use of dub echoes. Indentity Theft's track is like a Kraftwerk-clone or that sort of instrumental electropop. The contrasts and elements throughout the tracks varies well, which makes also this album from the Assorted Performers an interesting album to check out which gives an idea of some possibilities of expression with a modern rhythms association.


The cast for this release was Kush Arora, Cubus, Dr. Strangeloop, Kcinsu, William Braintree, Future Image, Identity Theft, Kossak, Scuzi, Brian E, Exillon, Dimentia, Not Breathing, Terminal 11, BD1982, Fluorescent Grey, Mike Dunkley, and wAgAwAgA.

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i got a word a couple of late reviews for Electric Carpets and goat's blood were about to arrive, here is one of them quite welcomed from The Wire magazine June 2011 issue



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