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Siriusmo - Mosaik


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01 High Together (Album Version)

02 Feromonikon (CD Edit)

03 Sirimande (CD Only Bonus Track)

04 Call Me

05 Mosaik

06 Bad Idea

07 Lass den Vogel frei!

08 123 (Album Version)

09 Idiologie

10 Einmal in der Woche schreien

11 Good Idea

12 Nights Off (CD Only Bonus Track)

13 Peeved

14 Feed My Meatmachine (CD Only Bonus Track)

15 Goldene Kugel

16 Signal

17 Red Knob

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I wonder how I would have reacted to this album not having heard the tracks from earlier releases...


I think my nuts would have exploded.

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  • 3 months later...

i've got the Mosaik cd version & LP version, but i would like 2 rip the Vinyl Exclusive Bonus Tracks in lossless but i can't cause i don't have an usb Turntable, who can help me? PM me! ;-) (i've got also the Pearls & Embarrassments 2000 - 2010 cds... Thanks! :whistling:

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