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Things that are the opposite of IDM


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We're talking virtually no IDMness whatsoever.


The first thing that sprung to mind for me was the early 90's unplugged version of Layla by Eric Clapton.



I just remembered that song and marveled at its profound lack of IDMness. Most things that exist are at least a little bit IDM, but Layla unplugged is certainly a glaring exception. Surely there must be other exceptions out there, and here is an official place to put them.




*edit: starting threads in the wrong forum is totally IDM and has no place here. Mods please move to gen ban.

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Guest Rambo

i've heard weddings can get pretty BOC


black people


double whammy: burt blacharach


I'm talking about the average wedding. Think about how proud the brides father is.

It's incredibly unIDM







This is an inherently stupid topic because anything can be twisted into IDM.


Oh what about thanking people after you have just been raped on Venus

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Guest Rambo

Celebrity Tennis for charity. (It's not on Mars or in space. Richard D James isnt watching. Its not a computer game and BOC aren't playing in the background)

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Guest Rambo

calm down rambo, I agree with you about weddings


i'm gonna add cloth napkins to the list


fuck you buddy i hate napkins

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Phil Collins.

a ham sandwich


Very good. The drum fill going into the last chorus of In the Air Tonight is arguably a little bit IDM, but only very marginally. Now Phil Collins eating a ham sandwich could possibly even surpass Eric Clapton's Layla unplugged.



burt bacharach


Without a doubt.



Late Tom Jenkinson


A good example of diminishing IDMness for sure, not yet a total absence of IDM but heading there.


dumb undancable architecture


Whoa now, archetecture is often IDM as fuck, and being undancable is arguably more so in some cases. Not so sure about this one, but definitely appreciate the opposing point of view.




I don't know, those guitars almost come off as a creative use of white noise upon first listen. The majority of his Masada album however is nearly bereft of all IDMness, especially when he does it live.


Thank you for reminding me about Naked City, good shit.



black people



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