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Aphex - Warehouse Project, Manc


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Guest Masonic Boom

Oh god if only I knew someone in Manchester any more. Because I do want to go to the Warehouse Project before it all ends, and oh my goodness (though TBH I'm more excited about Zavoloka than Zomby).


But! Clubbing on yr own is no fun, and clubbing on yr own in a strange city is even less fun, but going out in Manchester is always a good time.


I'm too old for this, but I'm still torn. Suppose I'll do what I always do, which is buy a ticket and then not go at the last minute.

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Might do this shit....


shame it isn't other rephlex acts, Zomby would be good but I haven't really got an interest in the other acts...

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Guest NathanCaldecott

I would be going to this if the Warehouse Project didn't slap an 18+ entry on all of its events :(

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Guest sickboy

kind of amazing people are lining up to hear this music in the UK

his new one got reviewed in readers demos in SOS this month and sunday times culture mag today

1st time ive seen that happen but i dont know what SOS are playing at

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Guest tompty

Whose sickboy? New rdj under alias? Or were you talking about zomby.


I'm sure you know.



Ps, get back to my pm on midi timing. I'll do a little dance if you do

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