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Hip Hop (Boom Bap) - The Thread


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A friend of mine has really been turning me on to Common and Mos Def lately, I had always appreciated both to some degree and had a couple Mos Def albums, but after sitting and analyzing certain songs by both, I've come to appreciate them to another degree. Both are very intelligent rappers with A LOT to say.


This song gets deep

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They simply don't make hip hop like this any more. I don't really care much for the tough guy lyrics. But those early/mid 90's New York rap tracks just painted a picture of New York as this dark and dystopian metropolis. It just had this incredible atmosphere.

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Guest ZeroHour

Im diggin' what I've seen in this thread so far, some real old school classics for sure.

So I thought I'd share my most recent find, a Pete Rock & CL Smooth joint I never knew existed and I certainly had missed out. Flawless production, funky flow, ODB cuts and even a patois breakdown, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiet.


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Guest zaphod

this is what i've been listening to lately










chrono trigger sample in that last one

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I like that Flash Bang Grenada and Luchini is a classic. I've been listening to these lately.






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