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Hip Hop (Boom Bap) - The Thread


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We have a jazz thead. Why souldn't we have a Hip Hop/Rap thread aswell?

When i was younger.. All i listened to was hip hop. I haven't listened or been into for a couple of years now, but i'm starting to get into it again. It's genre which contain some of the best and worst music ever made. I can understand why some people love it, and why some people hate it. But awful rap music seems to be a more nowadays kind of thing, so much amazing rap music was made in the 80's & 90's.

Post your favorites here supm.png


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Apart from a few bits n' bobs I only like the 'golden age' of hip-hop and Street Sounds era Electro, which was what I grew up with.


I think UK hip-hop would be more my cup of tea nowadays, but don't know anything about it as I have enough on my plate with all other genres of music lol. TBH at 36 years of age I couldn't give a flying fuck about the opinions of some homie from the hood.



Nice track

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couldn't you have just bumped like one of the thousand other hip-hop threads?


You're right, just searched. There's literally thousand hip-hop threads. Weird i haven't really seen alot of them before. My fault, should have searched first.


But fuck it. We'll just have one more, eh? :cisfor:





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I used to hate it cause I only knew the shit that's shit enough to make it over to German media (and the sad, local human beings who try to emulate a subculture that doesn't exist here).


Then I got introduced to stuff like this




and I realized the genre has to offer great things. I just bought a used copy of Doom's Special Herbs Boxset for around 30 euro. Love the guy (obviously)

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Everbody loves Doom. Understandeble, he's amazing. One of my all-time favorites aswell.


This one is actually one the very few newer hip-hop tracks I've enjoyed in recent years.


I have to take that back. The new Beastie Boys album is pretty good.

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I like hiphop here and there, but I'm really only into the instrumental electronic hiphop stuff. Like Harmonic 313, et al.

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can someone recommend me some good female MCs pleeeeeeease?


These aren't even related to the rapping chick on Guinesses but they're quite good and both tracks deserve being mentioned:






(surely Blockhead's production is the selling point though)

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Malcom Kipe's Breakspiracy Theories Vol.1 is a must have also, So fucking satisfying with a few smokes!



you have to listen to this straight after to feel full satisfaction


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