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The Black Dog's CS X51


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Guest Phasers

Looks good, a bit expensive though

I wish someone would make a midi device with enough space to put masking tape under the knobs so it's possible to make a clear note what each knob is assigned to.

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Looks well overpriced ($464 USD) for what it offers.


Alternatively you could get the UC-33e for about $100 second hand and it has more faders.




Or you could get the APC40 for $200 new (if u wait for amazon sale) which has more faders and push buttons (but less knobs)



Or u could get the bitstream 3x which afx used on his remote orchestra (endorsement™) which has more faders and is of similar build quality, plus has tons of other features (that u probably don't need) for $400 USD.




Or u could wait for Livid Instruments' DS1 (releasing Sep 2014) which to me looks like a much better alternative for $479 USD (bout the same price as the CS-X51). This offers more sliders, knobs, and looks of high build quality. (Still overpriced I reckon tho)




Personally I'd go with the UC-33e as it offers a decent amount of faders + knobs and is cheap as chups. If ur an ableton user and like launching clips in session mode then I'd go for the APC40. If i had more cash i'd get Livid's DS1. The CS-X51 would be at the bottom of my list.

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Only six faders seems kind of... not that useful. Pads are kinda nice, but there are tons of other smaller things for that.


I think I'll stick to my UC-33e that I've been using for 10 years.

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imagine a rotary knob that could snap to any number of steps with the power of electromagnets. does this exist?

Not sure if it exists but I think it could be done with a stepper motor.

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