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V - Vliezwei (Vliegenbos Morning Reproduced By Autechre)


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It is.


And it's one of the things missing in their discography: a remix compilation with Every remix. ...so it's not actually a compilation, but a collection, but whatever.

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I like this, released around that time (1996), and done in similar manner




Check the original




Ae could remix Bieber into darkness


Superb. Using guitar samples in that mid-nineties Ae beat pattern gives it an unusual sound for them, and is really satisfying. The rest of the track is a sweet deal too. Thanks for linking.

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Guest pixelives

Every time one of these pops up it reminds me to revisit the massiveness of the laxir compilation. SO much inspiration there. Hours and hours of it.


I wonder what the payout for remixes was in the 90's? These days it's not much and usually on spec, so you may not even get a dime if it doesn't please the management. Things seemed to be a bit more wild west and anything goes back then...

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see this post from another "blimey this ae remix is amazon" thread:



I don't claim to know anything about the remix biz, but I can't imagine autechre doing a remix nowadays without an agreed upon fee (and some/most of it up front). Though for less established artists I reckon what you describe is probably more the case.

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