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  1. awesome, didn't know there was a warp q&a from 2001. it that q&a was anywhere it would be autechre.net.ua, shame it went down, there was a massive interview repository. I'm bringing this up because the guy who ran it was ( is?) a watmmer, can't remember his name, and I really hope he or someone who knows him sees this as a cringey plea for those interviews to come back online.. carry on
  2. weed can really affect judgment for the worse
  3. jesus motherfuck that squashing sound!!
  4. rekosn

    Warp Tapes WAV

    thank you ae!!!!!! 👊
  5. uhhhh guys.. I think those ae tracks my man shared might be legit. ...but then there's track 2...too clean, too proper, too afraid... ed: but wtf do i know
  6. oe! whats this playing now?
  7. fuck me. whats that playing now?
  8. that doxa sinistra track with all those samples that make no sense is like the odd duck on that album which is sweet madness galore. its like them saying to the label: " you wanted a single?? there!
  9. ahh bummer. was expecting something special
  10. yo! just got up, did aphex play yet? no one here has said a word
  11. jodey is one dope guy. glad to know hes holding up
  12. huh... so thats death grips
  13. anyone remembers this article where he breaks down his tracks in detail? could anybody link it?
  14. That's a fact. I had the same thing with the Manchester track vs minipops. On the live recording when the voice comes in at the end it sounded very heavy, bassy and dark to me, which I loved. The studio version felt totally weak and forgettable. heh i had the same with metz track. its like when you like your old noisy tapes better than cds
  15. it is keith greeting his disabled fans. he had a habit of greeting the fans, you could feel how sincere and positive his energy was. it is just tragic how exhausted he was of wearing that other stage persona. sorry for the interleaving, my pc is fucked
  16. wanted you guys to see something really awesome, but the twitter link is not showing here for some reason.
  17. this is just tragic, heart breaking. Rest in peace
  18. crispppp!! wouldnt it be cool to have a thread to post all of our TC experiments? I won´t start it coz I still havent anything to show
  19. https://web.archive.org/web/20080603214819/http://www.propellerheads.se/substance/artist-stories/index.cfm?fuseaction=get_article&article=luke-vibert
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