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Aleatoric/generative/algorithmic composition apps/plugins/etc


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6 hours ago, cern said:

I see that Mark Fell name everywhere.. Who is that guy really? 

It's just another one of Richard's aliases - he just shaves off his beard, sticks on some glasses and a flat cap then boots up a copy of Sonic on his broken Mega Drive and plays Spring Yard Zone for a bit.

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1 minute ago, logakght said:

A good dude. He just released a book I really want to read. https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/structure-and-synthesis

Nice, saw the announcement a month or so ago then totally forgot about it. Looks like it's now in stock on Amazon.co.uk - Adding to my 'to buy' list

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Musician Matthew Herbert explores the art of the loop and the million-dollar industry that has grown up around it, and asks whether it is setting music makers free from the constraints of traditional instruments or killing creativity.


some good wisdom in this.

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