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Program to slow down MP3 ?


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Need an "easy to use" maybe even a freeware program to slow down mp3-files without any loss of sound quality ?


What I have in mind is to try it on all those [slo] version Mr. James is so kind to share with us.

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thanks Brisbot


If i will make the speed lets say from 100 down to 50 :




what do I set the "percent change" to ?


I´m a total novice to this program.



reduce the speed with 50%

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Woah, paulstretch is an audacity effect now? That explains the resurgence of "800% slower" songs

Yee, using Audacity 2.0.5 on Mac.


The actual paulstretch program is kind of a bitch to use (no drag and drop) so the audacity one is more straight and to the point

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