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Inspiration strikes at surprising moments, when the light bulb flashes, the rest is history. Listen for the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) samples embedded in this tune.



Countless, countless hours spent crafting this track. The creation of this track was a mixture of pitfalls requiring tedious compositional revisions to harmonious, inconceivable synchronicities. Even now I feel there was never a real sense of resolve with this piece, at some point I just had to stop and let it go...




Draws heavily from my "Ashland Orange Line" track, using similar drum-kit, pads and home-made fluorescent light samples. Was overall happy with the compression and equalization effects carrying this tune. Still learning.



All original tracks above created using Reason8 Essentials strictly.


Squarepusher & Project [Remix]



Just beginning to DJ using free software MIXXX.


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The first analogue synthesizer I've ever purchased was a Korg Monologue. I am infantile in my understanding of MIDI but am voracious for learning. This was my first successful MIDI to DAW dance jam! Using hardware can be so freeing and tactile, a very beautiful creative process indeed. That being said I hope you enjoy my first experiment using Analogue as well as digital musical electronic audio machines.

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My first audial exploration using the fully equipped Propellerhead Software Reason 9.5 as well as my precious KORG Monologue synthesizer. A mixture of abrasive, sharp sounds and smooth, wide samples from user18081971. If you can name any of the user18081971 samples used in this track you are more than likely a massive Aphex Twin nerd like myself, and, I will also give you a free download of this track.. Best track I've yet to conceive in my own humble opinion. In terms of musical creativity and overall EQ, my previous catalogue of tracks simply don't measure up. A deceivingly simple and illusory element in this track is the placement of the snare off of the usual 2 & 4 by a single 16th note, giving that displacement feel to the rest of the musical voices present. Golden Leaves and Light.


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