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Nordra - I Was Meant To Live In A Garden

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Couldn't find any press for this killer new cassette so here's an older write-up from last year:



At this year's Corridor Fest at the Georgetown Steam Plant, Nordra played music of calamitous grandeur and grotesque beauty, fueled by thanatoptic-sounding drones, doomy, Demdike Stare–like atmospheres, and beats that hit like deathblows. Last October, she recorded a postindustrial electronic score for the Pylon II dance performance at King Street Station, conjuring overwhelming dystopian sensations. Passages of disturbing tranquility alternated between moments of crushing claustrophobia, as Nordra masterfully contoured the music's dynamics and textures to fit Pylon II's surveillance-paranoia theme. Adding synthesizers and foundation-shuddering techno beats to her palette, Nordra forged an unforgettable, visceral soundtrack that overshadowed the excellent dancers.

This year will also see the release of Nordra's debut album proper (out July 28 on SIGE Records) and Zen Mother's first full-length, I Was Made to Be Like Her (out this summer on Illuminasty). The latter stands as one of the most distinctively tenebrous and beautiful rock records likely to come out of Seattle in 2017. The former allows free rein to [Monika] Khot's impulse to conjure avant-garde-imaginary-horror-film soundtrackage and solemn atmosphere-mongering. It seems certain that Nordra's approach will go over well on her European tour in May and June.



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