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Luke Williams ( quinoline yellow, tatamax )


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I recently contacted him via his bandcamp page asking if he was planning on releasing any more music and yesterday I got a reply.


Hi Mick,

thanks for the email and your continued interest in my output.

I have been writing a lot of new material and I am considering my release options for said tracks.


Sadly, labels and scene interest appear to be somewhat lacking these days.

Any suggestions?





Anyone got any ideas. We need to get his music out there.

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i think sometimes people want a physical release but also want a label behind it to handle all the label stuff and promotion. a label tends to have the reach for getting reviews/blurbs/write ups and all that in places like The Wire or whatever on line thing is suitable. 


i'm all for just the files and self releasing though. if all the people into a thing post about it and pass it around the internet it helps. 


so, yeah.. gimme the files.. would love some new stuff!

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