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Boss DR3 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine Woth buying second hand?


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Subject says it all really. I'm thinking I can get it for £50 but I need to be quick. It works fine, I tested it in the shop.




Go for it?

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Boss DR-550 MKII is weighty!!! I've been on the hunt for one for a while. Also want to get a Yamaha RY-30 but they're a bit more pricey but its a very versatile drum machine.

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2 hours ago, BCM said:

are cuttlefish worth anything?

Depends on which frequencies they cuttle? Cuttlefish to squid is probably what Behringer is to Moog - it sounds ok if you take good care of it, but there is always some weird hum. Also you're not allowed to post bad things about cuttlefish because you can get banned.

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