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  1. Yeah I like it. Best COD campaign in a long time, usually I don't even play that bit. Multiplayer is good, although the weapon stuff is overly complicated. It will probably be my go-to game for the next few months.
  2. You can turn it off on PS5, which I did almost immediately.
  3. Visually spectacular, but treads the same ground as Les Misérables (2019) - which did it better by far. Worth seeing.
  4. Russia messing with Italy's gas supply now
  5. Russia shut off the gas in August. Russia did. Not Nato/Germany/USA etc.
  6. Russia: (filling mass graves with executed civilians and launching artillery at nuclear power plants) "We better not touch that pipe in case it hurts the brand"
  7. You think the blower uppers of their own economy wouldn't blow up a pipe?
  8. Sounds like a really bad one. I hope all of our Floridians are ok.
  9. The same people claiming this was the United States doing also blamed the west when Russia invaded Ukraine.
  10. The TV series is one of my favourite things. I have watched it three times.
  11. What loadout are you using? I played a little bit this evening and I am getting destroyed. Reverting to the roller to rack up some points.
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