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  1. Huerco S - Plonk Michael J Blood - As Is Keith Fullerton Whitman - GRM [Redactions]
  2. "Hey we're the guys who started the IDM list" "Fuck off"
  3. Love their stuff. This was the first one of theirs I heard, either Weatherall or Tenniswood djing.
  4. I don't know what the issues were, but it seems ok to me. Was it because of the dildos? I think they patched out the dildos.
  5. Do you have the "IDM TEENZ" post?
  6. IDM was a mailing list. And a really bad one.
  7. I started playing it this weekend on PS5. Enjoying it now that I have no expectations and it was 25€ on sale. I like the story and the city looks great.
  8. Just finished watching it and enjoyed it. Huge number of ex-Wire cast members which was great.
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