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  1. Just picked it up for 25€. Hurray for performance patching games that I have been meaning to play that are also on sale.
  2. Eating a large amount of chocolate most days
  3. I'm enjoying Tsushima too, it looks and feels great on ps5. I have been doing a lot of side missions so I am pretty overpowered now. I have not been in a rush to finish the story, but I think Hitman 3 is out next week...
  4. Guys, did somebody’s dad taser themselves in the balls and die?
  5. Do it. There's tons of reasons not to buy an old car but if it brings you joy then why not. Best way to get a nice older car is through a mechanic.
  6. You could make friends with Banksy aka Goldie
  7. Looking forward to all the toys coming out of the pram at this rally in Georgia tonight.
  8. This one and Long Road Home by Oneohtrix are easily my faves of 2020 Edit: And this!
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