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  1. I had to stop wearing crocs because my cat eats them.
  2. Most of my work is on projects at least +6 hours away. Naps are important😑
  3. Another day with 0 BOC albums. Thank fuck.
  4. Finally picked up a copy of Breath of the Wild. I don't know why I didn't play it sooner, it's amazing. I'll be perfectly happy staying in for the next month playing this.
  5. Trying to finish Ori and the Blind Forest before playing the sequel. Great game, quite hard in places.
  6. It's great, one of my favorites from recent years
  7. https://teenage.engineering/products/ob-4 €600 radio
  8. I ordered the one with the disc drive that will never be used
  9. Do they allow shoes on the gulag ship? 🛳️
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