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  1. I have made my peace with hl3 never happening. Weird that a company which prints money couldn't get its shit together to make it. A stark warning against hippy bullshit management structures
  2. I just noticed that I have a free year of Apple+ and I want to see that show. There's another interesting one that looks like Horizon Zero Dawn with a blind Khal Drogo. I am currently watching Living with Yourself. One of those rare things I can watch with my wife that we both enjoy.
  3. I have heard your show and it is outstanding, welcome
  4. I am on Louis's mailing list too. I didn't expect a stand-up comedian whose comedy persona is that of a pathetic middle aged sexual deviant to be a paragon of virtue. I'll go see him again.
  5. Was just checking to see how long until the sun explodes and destroys the earth. Not for a while yet.
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