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  1. I guess I should watch the film about him, never saw it at the time.
  2. 300e is nothing for a decent Nagra III. I have a IVs which I got a good deal on from a retired sound recordist a few years back, I don't use it much. Just an incredible piece of engineering. Pretty sure Kudelski still service them too.
  3. I liked that game, I should try to finish it.
  4. I just learned that you can open rex files in Reaper. Doesn't work in the 64bit mac version, only the 32bit for some reason...
  5. Classic album, I have a copy already so I don't think that I will back it. Ends up quite expensive with shipping as well. Kirk probably needs to throw something else into the bargain for us old schoolers to chip in. So true, one of the best remix albums i can think of. Worth it for the Balil and Carl Craig mixes, but most of it is excellent. Seems to be easily available for a fair price on discogs however...
  6. I’m sure this guy makes a lot of money from industry to knock out this kind of drivel, blaming celebrities, renewables and greenpeace for the destruction of biodiversity etc, as if he cares. Theres always nutters who’ll believe it though. Your abusive page-long ravings speak volumes.
  7. Mummy, the man on the IDM website is ranting about nuclear power again...
  8. Enthusiast

    Brexit :(

    The snap general election after the UK crashes out is going to be 🍿
  9. It's a bit expensive but I always wanted to try out a K-Mix https://www.thomann.de/lu/keith_mcmillen_k_mix.htm?ref=intl&shp=eyJjb3VudHJ5IjoibHUiLCJjdXJyZW5jeSI6IjIiLCJsYW5ndWFnZSI6ImZyIn0%3D#
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