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Turns 25 sometime this year, doesn't it?

For whatever reason, I decided to give it another listen on my evening walk today, and I had a real moment. Like porno dude in Sixtyniner.

When the name Twoism comes up here it's more often in reference to the eponymous forum than to the EP itself (or mini-album, or whatever it is). Could it be that this one is a little underrated? It's an incredible record and I'll love it forever. That is all.



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Fucking awesome record, often overlooked against the rest of their discography and perhaps rightfully so. 

I love the version of Smokes Quantity with the transition into 1986 Summer Fire (an overlooked interlude!). While I’m at it if Smokes Quantity really is the nickname of one of the brothers friends, that’s an amazing name to give somebody and I don’t even smoke.

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It was my most played Boards for a good while, in fact if I'd somehow kept stats over the past 20 years or so it might still come out on top. Back before it was reissued, I made a CD-R from a vinyl rip off Soulseek that stayed inside the boombox in my student room for weeks at a time. I don't really struggle with the current (perceived) oversupply of music, but even I have to admit I rarely listen to one thing that intensely anymore. I hung on to that CD-R for a good while after getting an official copy, still listening to it from time to time because it sounded so different. It eventually turned all bronze and ended up in the trash.

Yesterday's listen benefited from the fact that I'd sort of forgotten so many of the tracks were exclusive to this release, and not heard them in a long time, yet they still felt completely familiar. Like seeing an old friend and realizing you won't get to make that many deep friendships over the course of a lifetime.

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