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  1. Absolutely yes to “The Tourist”. They closed with that track at The Greek in Berkeley when my wife and I saw them in 2006 and it literally brought me to my knees.
  2. BoC’s 5-9-78 has always stirred me to tears. I just can’t help myself. Goldie’s Dragonfly, an unconventional choice but very personal to me. I listened to this a lot when my older brother left for college. I listened to this album a lot when I’d drive down to see him in Minneapolis. The last couple minutes when the vocals layer in over the breaks - man it overwhelms me. Late night city vibes.
  3. Just traveling/escaping with my wife and kids. Took this during my nightly walk along the sea cliffs.
  4. Kinda buzzed listening to this on the southern most shore in Hawaii. Probably not the setting this album is best suited for but I’m having a good time with it. calming, moody album. Workin for me at this point in my life. 🤙
  5. Pretty fair observation Alcofibras. Part of it is the mystique (keeps a low profile) some of it is how his music is released (unexpectedly, non-traditional format) and some of it is just old fashioned word of mouth hype. So on its own the music may not warrant the attention it gets depending on who you ask. I will say that I do think he’s talented and I find his music remarkable and unique. Like I said before it scratches an itch for me, personally.
  6. I like this a lot, Strange Neighborhood is gorgeous. if you’re coming into this expecting some revolutionary new sound or even something different from Burial you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. His core sound palette has been the same for over a decade now, and I guess you’re either on board with it or not. not sure if the analogy is apt or not but it’s like going to a Wes Anderson movie and being surprised/upset he’s stuck to his formula. He’s had the same film aesthetic for years and years. I think the dude likes to make music on his own terms using sounds he really likes himself, and is obviously comfortable with. I like it for what it is, and appreciate the niche he fills for me. Lots of imitations but nobody can do it quite like him. anyways I’m not going to change minds, just spouting off. I think this ep is excellent.
  7. Holy shit! I've been waiting for the Vignetting pressing for a looooong time now. I asked him about them coming in 2021 a while back and he gave me a nod, so I knew they'd be coming but this totally flew under my radar. Exciting to see them actually exist, the official release must be closing in.
  8. https://lone.bandcamp.com/track/boards-of-canada-roygbiv-covered-by-lone A very lovely ROYGBIV cover done by none other than Lone, a great artist in his own right. He occasionally drops by WATMM 🙂 Anyways, it’s a pay what you want track with proceeds all going to Mind mental health charity. Playing Lone hype man today for sure but this is cool. He seems like a really cool dude. Happy Holidays, here’s looking forward to new BoC tunes in 2022! (????)
  9. I like this, should hopefully sound even better within the context of the “EP”
  10. Good call! It does have some Plaid-esque sounds to it. Nothing fancy or ground-breaking, just some good ol' cozy IDM. Reachy Prints is great, my favorite Plaid album depending on the day.
  11. Nice album for sure! Reflecting on what I listened to this year and this album came to mind. It was unexpectedly good (not meant to be a slight to JO)
  12. Excited for this! He certainly goes out of his way to avoid a proper LP
  13. What a gorgeous album, it has to be heard in full to fully understand. Might be my AOTY! I’ll be chilling/decompressing to this on a regular basis
  14. Gah, that key shift at the 2:40 mark in Th Red a is :Chef's Kiss: Autechre perfection. It gets me every single time. Godamn I love this album so much.
  15. Sign turns 1 tomorrow. Listening on my drive to work on rainy and cold fall day. Despite how lush the album is, it’s a fall album through and through. Very fond memories of this time last year. I’ll be mainlining this all weekend.
  16. New excerpt from the album, lovely stuff. I like the aesthetic he's going for.
  17. New track from the album: https://www.stereogum.com/2162336/ross-from-friends-love-divide/music/ https://rossfromfriends.bandcamp.com/track/love-divide
  18. Finally getting around to hearing this. Lovely album, this is really impressive!
  19. My two favorite Radiohead albums and it isn’t really even close. I cherish ok computer but these two are on another level for me. It’s extremely selfish and subjective, I listened to them both obsessively during a couple really transformational college years. for sure ordered this. Having “Fog” on vinyl is an added bonus.
  20. This track is lovely! Can't wait to hear the rest of the record.
  21. I'm down with this - big fan of Hopkins and I dig the concept he's going for here.
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