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  1. https://stereolab.bandcamp.com/album/pulse-of-the-early-brain-switched-on-volume-5 https://bleep.com/release/317113-stereolab-pulse-of-the-early-brain-switched-on-volume-5 Note the Autechre remix!! Out September 2nd.
  2. Tomorrow's Harvest turns 9(!!) tomorrow as well.
  3. Little Sign bump for hump day - shoutout to psin AM for being such a godamn awesome track, one of their eeriest ever IMO.
  4. This is out in a week! A few tracks available now. Don't Tell Me (It's Ending) is especially gorgeous.
  5. I was just listening to Smokes Quantity this morning and was thinking about how underrated it is!
  6. I felt bad about complaining about the price on this so to make myself feel better about it I went and grabbed Chewed Corners on wax, which I've never owned. Great album! 2013 was such an amazing year for music. Shoutout to Rubin for the BC link, I'll pick up the digital version of Lunatic for sure.
  7. https://bleep.com/release/307517-ziq-lunatic-harness-25th-anniversary-edition Man, I love this album but to be honest the cost is hard pill to swallow. I'd for sure still buy it if the shipping wasn't $40 on top of the already premium price. Love this dude and I think the album deserves the special treatment but with 2 little ones at home this is a tough call for me to make 😞 Will still be buying this digitally if that gets offered, I guess.
  8. This totally slipped under my radar! What a treat!
  9. I never understood why some people on WATMM obsess over what's going over at Twoism. If the fandom there is too much for you, just let it go? Can get pretty odd over there at times but it's pretty harmless, especially if you, you know, ignore it.
  10. Just giving the NTS Sessions a complete playthrough back to back against eachother, which I haven't done in years, and I've gotta say... L3 Ctrl....godamn! I honestly forgot about this track. So good!
  11. I know this is dorky as hell but I love the aesthetic/design elements of the announcement. Major Ae vibes, makes seeing this tour that more enticing.
  12. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/u-ziq/goodbye The six track EP is the first in a series of releases by Mike Paradinas this year, which are all centred around the 25th Anniversary Edition of Lunatic Harness, his classic 1997 album. !!!!
  13. Nice track, looking forward to hearing the rest! One thing about Lone, the guy stays very busy. Always looking forward to his releases.
  14. Yea I thought the Moby reference was really odd too
  15. https://www.stereogum.com/2175272/boards-of-canada-geogaddi-turns-20/reviews/the-anniversary/ I love you Geogaddi, you beautiful sonofa.... Life changing album and that's not hyperbole. It literally changed me. Telephasic Workshop was the track that piqued my interest, but Geogaddi was the album that ultimately sucked me in. Hearing "You Could Feel The Sky" while driving through the Minnesota northwoods was a trancendant moment.
  16. Does this album live anywhere other than Bookmat? I can't find it. Samples sound dope!
  17. Aquarius is so, so good! I keep coming back to the Good Friday remix lately, I don't know why. I think it's the ~2 min. "outro" with the drums, it's hypnotic. Always been a fan but like milkface says about Aquarius, it's just hitting different lately. It's zenning me out in a big way.
  18. Absolutely yes to “The Tourist”. They closed with that track at The Greek in Berkeley when my wife and I saw them in 2006 and it literally brought me to my knees.
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